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  • Name: Alexei Pimanov ( Y. Pimanov )
  • Date of birth: 9 February 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 174
  • Activities: journalist, presenter, producer, Director, writer
  • Family: married Olga Pogodina

    Alexey Pimanov: biography

    Alexey Pimanov — TV journalist, producer, Director and politician. Alexey was born in Moscow. His father left the family and mother alone to raise two children. Alex always proudly speaks of his mother, who managed to bring up a family.

    As a child, Alex loved to play guitar, and he also attended sports clubs in football and hockey, even played for the second team. However, despite the love of the sport, future celebrity wanted to make a career as a historian. It’s interesting that the history teacher refused Pimanova to associate life with science and was advised to learn to be more prestigious and remunerative profession.

    After eighth grade Pimanov at College, specialty «Automatics and telemechanics», without throwing in this sports. After finishing school he entered the Moscow Institute of communications and was at a crossroads: he was considered a promising player and offered to make a career in sports but for this I had to leave the capital. The young man refused, but to finish my studies at the Institute still did not, as in the third year went to the army. Served Pimanov at the cosmodrome «Baikonur». Before him stood a task-to monitor the availability of communication before launch.

    After demobilization in 1986, Alex returned to the Institute in the correspondence Department and went to work in Ostankino, which further influenced his life.

    Alexey Pimanov: TV

    First post Pimanova in the television station – a video engineer. And, although a young worker with a football last offered the lead in the sports edition, Pimanov prefer to work in the specialty, doing hardware maintenance. Alex was the video engineer, cameraman, participated in the filming of music videos and documentaries. Three years after the start of a career Pimanov became still leading, and his first program was called «Step».

    Making his first steps in journalism, he received a corresponding education, graduating from the MSU graduate faculty. A young journalist working as a special correspondent of the company «the Kind» and then went on air with the author’s program «Behind the Kremlin wall», where was the leader and Director.

    In 1993 Alex Pimanov trusted to lead the Studio «Resonance», and in 1995 he tried himself in new role as producer of TV programs. His «first swallows» were projects such as «Man and law», «Football review», «sports news» and «Seven days of sport». At the same time, Pimanov didn’t abandon journalism and led the transfer of «

  • Man and law». The next step in the career of a journalist was his appointment to the position of General Director TK «Ostankino». Alex was in charge of the broadcaster since 1996. Currently Pimanov is co-founder of «Ostankino», and in 2013 took patronage over the largest media holding «Red star».

    Alexey Pimanov: direction

    Since 1996 Alexey Pimanov actively engaged in the creation of documentary films. In total, Alex took more than a hundred documentaries. Among his works we can highlight paintings of «Unknown blockade», «Garage for special purposes», «Svetlana Stalin. Escape from the family» «Unknown Kremlin», «the mystery of the murder of Kirov. A female scent», «Fetisov. 50 years of Fame», «the Diaries of Vlasic», «Lavrenti Beria: from arrest to execution» and others.

    In 2004, Pimanov decided to try their hand at serial movies. He not only wrote scripts and produced films, but also acted as a producer. Among these paintings include: «Alexandrovsky sad», «Zoe», «Hunting for Beria», «Gypsy», «Zhukov» and others. There are among his works in movies and films: «the Man in my head» and «Three days in Odessa».

    Alexey Pimanov: personal life

    Alexey was married three times. First wedding Pimanov has played at quite a young age, while still a student. With a girl he met in College. The future economist Valeria Arkhipova so charmed by the young man that Alex did not hesitate to offer hands and hearts. At the time Pimanov continued to serve on the football team, earning a living sporting achievements. Wife gave Alex two sons.

    With his second wife Pimanov met when they worked on the program «Behind the Kremlin wall».

  • Valentina Zhdanova was the editor of the program. When meeting Alex and Valentine were married, but office romance turned into a stable relationship. In this Union a daughter, Daria. With current wife Alex also met through work. The movie and theatre actress Olga Pogodina in 2007 was invited to the casting of the series «Alexander garden». After that Olga has starred in several films Pimanova. In 2014, the couple was secretly married.

    All children of Alexey Pimanova followed the example of the head of household and mastered the television profession. Sons were trained to be Directors and both work in the projects of his father. The youngest daughter was educated at the faculty of Humanities, building a music career and has worked as a presenter in the author’s projects on TV.

    Alexey Pimanov: TV shows

    • Degree
    • Behind the Kremlin wall
    • Man and the law
    • Football review
    • Sports news
    • Seven days of sport
    • Unknown blockade
    • Unknown Kremlin
    • Fetisov. 50 years of Fame
    • Lavrenti Beria: from arrest to execution
    • Alexander garden
    • Hunting for Beria
    • Beetles
    • The man in my head
    • Three days in Odessa

    Alexey Pimanov: photo

    Alexey Pimanov with Olga Pogodina

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