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  • Name: Alexey Nilov ( Aleksey Nilov )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1964
  • Age: 52 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 190
  • Activity: the Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Nilov : biography

    Alexey Nilov was, as they say, is doomed to the profession of actor. His father Gennady Nilov remembered by the audience middle and older generation, as Stepan Ivanovich Chests named «Trunk» with the wonderful Comedy «Three plus two». Famous actor and partner for the same Comedy Yevgeny Zharikov became the godfather of Alexei, who was born in January 1964. Mother of Alexey Nilov though he was not an actress, but loved the theatre and the cinema. In his native Leningrad, she didn’t miss one of the premiere and strongly disapproved of early traction son for acting.

    But cannot the same be said about the father. He knew the actor’s «kitchen» from the inside, strongly disliked the desire of a son to follow in his footsteps. The constant stories about the «wrong side» of the profession affected. In high school Alex Nilov seriously thinking about buying another profession, more «mundane». Stopped at light industry.

    One time he even began to attend preparatory courses before entering the University. But the soul does not lay to the profession. Then Niles, Jr. began to look at other specialties, but the result was disastrous. Alex tossed and tormented. Seeing all this, the mother secretly from his father advised his son to still try their hand at theatre.

    After examining a couple of excerpts from famous plays, the guy went to take the exams. Thus Alexey Nilov did not really believe in success, although secretly hoped for success. And she came in. Soon Alexey Nilov said that he enlisted in the Union one of the best theater schools – LGITMiK. The joy of victory with the son fully shared by the mother, the father showed restraint.

    In 1985, Alexey Nilov has received a high school diploma. But are ready to take roles in one of the theaters of his native Leningrad was able only in a year. He was drafted into the army, where he received the skills of a miner-bomber. At the end of life Nilov managed to take part in liquidation of Chernobyl accident and even became the liquidator of the 1st degree.


    Biography of Alexei Nilov began in the very difficult art and time. The late ’80s and early’ 90s of the last century was marked by deep decay, which plunged as the theater and cinema. After demobilization aspiring artist 2-year stint at the new theatre «Studio-87» Vladimir Malyschitsky. But the theatre did not survive the restructuring and closed. Nilov had to look for work. But with a degree he could not find anything, so some time was interrupted jobs advertising agent, Manager, slinger, and even the janitor.

    In 1989, Alexey Nilov finally got to the theater. But not in his native St. Petersburg, and in Minsk. In the State drama theatre of the Belarusian Union he stayed until 1991.

    More successfully up the Nile with the cinema. The debut took place when Alex was only 4 years old. A cameo appearance in a filmed fairy tale «the snow maiden» was the first stepping stone in the film career of the artist. Then Neal appeared in the episodes. But the first major role he got in 1991. He played the fighter mafia Maxim in the action ribbon Vyacheslav Sorokin «Labeled».

    But the popularity of the artist came only 6 years after «Labeled.» The image of the captain of militia Andrey Larin in cult TV series «Streets of broken lights» were for Alexei Nilov truly stellar. It was a great success. Actors who starred in the movie, woke up incredibly famous. Their faces were known to the whole country watched the life of the operatives of one of the police departments of St. Petersburg.

    But there was a reverse side to the coin. The images created by the actors on the screen was very bright. Unnoticed heroes of the tape I captured these images. For example, Alexey Nilov in the role of an honest police officer appeared on the screen almost 16 years. From 1997 to 2003, he starred in «Streets of the broken lanterns». They were replaced by the series «deadly force» and «Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department».

    In 2008 on the screens out the new crime series «Foundry, 4», where Nilov played again honest operative, along with «old» colleagues on previous projects, Oscar Kucheras, Yuri Kuznetsov, Anastasia Melnikova and Eugene Dyatlov.

    A little «break» from the usual COP image Alexey Nilov has been in the films «My mother – bride,» «boomerang» and «I want you». This is a lyrical Comedy.

    New image, very different from that to which accustomed admirers, Nilov played in the series «High stakes». Alexey came in an unexpected way St. Petersburg criminal «authority», the owner of the underground casino, nicknamed «Spaceman». Fans did not recognize his idol in a few plump and hairless «Astronaut».

    Alexey Nilov said that he was quite comfortable in this image. At his age it is ridiculous to pretend he has a luxurious head of hair and athletic appearance. Of the «fresh» projects that have appeared Alexey Nilov, you can call the tape «Homicide for three», «Trap star» and «the Spaniard», was released in theaters in 2015.

    In our time, Nilov lives in Moscow and is the artist of «Lucasfilm». And he is the head of the «N-theatre» and Vice-President of public organization of assistance to development of culture and sports «Coast».

    Personal life

    The actor said that his life had 5 wives and 28 other women.

    Indeed, the personal life of Alexei Nilov was very rich. For the first time he married in his student years at the classmate in theater schools the Anne of Zamotaeva. Anna’s career in theater and film is not formed, and she worked in the music library. But the career of the actress had a daughter who was born in this marriage, Elizaveta Nilova.

    After his divorce from Anne of Zamotaeva in the artist’s life was a romance with the daughter of a Belarusian conductor Yuri Chiruca Susanna. It was a civil marriage, which was born the eldest son of actor Dmitry.

    To replace Susanna actress and singer Irina Klimova. In this relationship was born the second son of Nikita Nilov, the appearance of which did not maintained marriage: Klimova Alexey Nilov went when Nikita was barely 5 months.

    Personal life Alexei Nilov finally became constant direction in 2004, when he met his current wife Helen. She worked as a salesman in one of the fashion boutiques of Saint-Petersburg. In 2011, the couple officially legalized their relationship and even got married at St. Sophia Cathedral. Nilov wife and parishioners of this Church and good Samaritans.


    • «Bullseye»
    • «Streets of the broken lanterns»
    • «Deadly force»
    • «Opera. Chronicles of lethal Department»
    • «Foundry, 4»
    • «My mother – bride»
    • «I want you»
    • «Boomerang»
    • «High interest rates»
    • «Trap star»
    • «The Spaniard»


    Alexey Nilov

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