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  • Name: Alex Moiseyev ( Aleksey Moiseev )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexei Moiseev : the biography

    Alexey V. Moiseev was born in Moscow in June 1974. In his family of artists was not, but the movie was loved by all. When Alex was in the 8th grade, dreams about the acting profession are already present. So my aunt, after seeing a newspaper ad Studio «Mosfilm» that the painting «Lessons in the late spring» we need boys with blond hair, reported this to the nephew.

    Alexey Moiseev went to the casting, but seeing a huge crowd of fair-haired peers, I decided that the idea is useless, and left with nothing. Mom did not approve of such action of the son and explained that if he was to give in to difficulties, not even trying to overcome them, then nothing in life will not achieve. Alex went on trial a second time and passed. However, he was entrusted with the role not of the protagonist, and one of the prisoners sitting together in the camera. A Central role was given to Valery Spout, with whom fate brought Moses later, in the film «Return of Mukhtar».

    And after filming the drama Oleg Kavun «Lessons in late spring,» Alexei Moiseev was finally confirmed plans to become an artist. He began seriously to prepare for the receipt and went to the preparatory courses. But after graduation, examinations in the School-Studio of MKHAT and Shchukin school guy failed. But he was accepted into the Schepkin theatre school.

    Moses spent less than a year and realized that here he does not like. So Alex got ready and entered the Shchukin. He was on course to a wonderful mentor, Yuri Shlykov. Being a student, an aspiring actor tried his hand in the play «the Duel», which was set by the school rector Evgeny Knyazev.

    After diploma performances and graduation Alexey Moiseev was accepted into the troupe of the theatre named after Vladimir Mayakovsky.


    During the first two years after the end of «Pike» Moses appeared on the stage of the theatre named. Mayakovsky and collaborated with the Moscow art theatre named after A. Chekhov.

    A cinematic biography of Alexei Moiseyev has continued to develop in conjunction with the theatrical. He appeared in episodes of «Attention, witches!», «Love French and Russian» and several more. But the significant role he got in the film «Let’s get acquainted!», removed SAFECOM Igor and Sergey Borchukov. His character Stas was a great and memorable character. This project was a good springboard for the further career of the young actor.

    Alexey Moiseev early in his career, did not expect the big roles. He appeared everywhere where it was. Working on the main role in «Treasure of the dead», he appeared in episodes of the popular TV series «Truckers», «Moscow Saga» and «1941». It was a wonderful experience, because in these projects played the real stars of Russian cinema, to observe that on the set was interesting and informative.

    Star role that made Alexei Moiseyev recognizable and popular actor, came to him along with the TV series «Return of Mukhtar». Here the young artist got the image of the investigator OVD Shchukino Alexey Samoilov. Tape was a great success. Moses appeared on screens 3 through 8 seasons and was filming on this project from 2006 to 2014.

    During this period, the actor has appeared in other films. Viewers saw Moses in multiserial film «Family dinner», «Women’s history», «Turkish March», «the Gift of God» and «Harmony of dreams».

    Alex Moiseyev continues to play on the stage, frequently appearing in antrepriznyh performances on different stages. And he writes stories for children.

    Personal life

    In student’s years the young actor, as he admits, had many novels, and was very amorous. Sometimes these romantic adventures great was distracting him from school and put on the verge of a «departure» from the University. But this love romp lasted only until then, until he met the only woman who became his soul mate.

    Personal life Alexei Moiseyev settled. His wife’s name is Olga chereshneva. Together they are raising three children: a son Nikita and daughters Dasha and Lisa. Alex loves his children and tries to spend with them as much as possible. They inspire parents to write fairy tales.

    After participating in the TV series «Return of Mukhtar» Moses brought the shepherd. She is the granddaughter of the serial Mukhtar. Pet I love, considering him a real member of the family.


    • «Love French and Russian»
    • «Mistress into maid»
    • «The simple truth»
    • «Truckers»
    • «Treasures of the dead»
    • «Moscow Saga»
    • «Return Of Mukhtar»
    • «Turkish March»
    • «The Gift Of God»
    • «1941»


    Alexey Moiseev

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