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  • Name: Alexei Maresyev ( Aleksey Maresiev )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1916.
  • Age: 84 years
  • Date of death: may 18, 2001
  • Place of birth: Kamyshin, Saratov oblast
  • Activities: pilot, hero of the Soviet Union
  • Marital status: married

    Alexei Maresyev: biography

    Almost all in school read one of the most famous books about the great Patriotic war «the Story of a real man.» But not everyone knows that it was written with the real developments and the prototype of the brave pilot is a hero of the Soviet Union Alexei maresiev. After being wounded he lost both legs, but refused to be discharged and continued combat operations. Moreover, the status of the disabled person was hit almost twice as many enemy aircraft than before.

    Alexei Maresyev was born in the town of Kamyshin, located in the Saratov region. His father Peter avdeevich died when the boy was only three years. Mother Ekaterina Nikitichna alone to raise three sons – Alexei and his elder brothers Peter and Nicholas. She worked as a simple worker at the woodworking factory.

    After school Maresyev was a lathe operator and began to work at the logging plant. But in those years, the young man dreamed of the sky. Twice he applied to flight school, but both times failed on the medical Board, since childhood suffered from rheumatism. In 1934 Alex gets on the famous construction site in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. That is where the future pilot made his first flight as recorded in the local flying club.

    Military service on Sakhalin island and managed to obtain directions in the Chita military school of pilots, and from there went to Bataisk aviation school. Being a Junior Lieutenant Alexey Maresyev served in Bataisk instructor and taught the younger generation of aviation management technology.

    War and heroism

    With the beginning of the great Patriotic war Alexei Maresyev transferred to the army. The first sortie he made in the area of Krivoy Rog. By the spring of 1942 on account of the pilot there were four downed enemy aircraft. But in April, an event occurred which changed his whole life.

    4 APR 1942 Alexei Maresyev in the battle of Novgorod covered the bombers, but was shot down by a German pilot. After receiving a severe wound, the Soviet officer made a forced landing, as it turned out, in enemy territory. Almost three weeks injured pilot crawled his way to her. For 18 days he ate only berries, tree bark and pine cones that were found on earth.

    Exhausted Maresyev was discovered by villagers near the town of Valdai. And it first took over the German, and therefore not immediately assisted. Understand, the peasants took the husband into the house, but this medical intervention there was no one. Only 10 days Alexei Petrovich was in the hospital, by the time he had blood poisoning and terrible gangrene in both legs. He recalled how the pilot later in the hospital he was sent directly to the… morgue! But on the way there Maresyev intercepted Teresinski Professor, who decided on surgery to amputate both legs.

    When Alex realized that she would live, he immediately began to prepare to return to the front. He invented the exercise, allowed to fly with prosthetics. In the winter of 1943 maresiev again pursuing a sortie in the composition of the Guards fighter aviation regiment. In July, the pilot performed the feat of shooting down two German fighter and saving the lives of two of their colleagues. For this he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and the glory of the legless pilot spread across the country.

    End the war maresiev inspector in charge of universities air force. Alexey managed to make 86 missions in combat conditions, which shot down 11 enemy units equipment. Seven of them – are already flying with them.

    Personal life

    In spite of the glory surrounding him, Alexey Maresyev was always a modest man, and tried not to use any official position nor a title of hero. The exception is the only case related to his personal life. In the Main staff of the air force before the end of the war he saw a beautiful girl who was too shy to approach, first, ashamed of their disability and secondly, doubting if she is free.

    So the only time Alexey took advantage of official position, was to appeal to the personnel Department about the family fortune Olga Victorovna, which he a month later made an offer to marry. They lived a long happy life. In the family were born two sons, Victor and Alex. None of the boys in his father’s footsteps did not. The eldest son raved about the cars and became an engineer, and the youngest was a disabled child, therefore, about the sky, too, could not and dream.

    Maresiev always kept himself in perfect physical shape – was doing in the pool, ride bicycles, skate, skied. Moreover, he even swam across the Volga river, establishing a record at the time.

    After the war, the life and exploits of Alexei Maresyev was widely reported in the press. By Boris Polevoy, who personally knew the pilot was written by the legendary «the Story of a real man.» But the hero himself belonged to fame more than restraint. Famous are his words: «we Fought all. How many people where Field not found.»


    Two days before the 85th anniversary of the legendary hero in the Theatre of the Russian army was to be held a concert dedicated to his birthday. But just one hour before the start of the celebrations, Alexei Petrovich had a heart attack that proved fatal. In the end, the celebration turned into a night of remembrance began with a moment of silence.

    In memory of Alexey Maresyev installed many monuments in many cities there are streets named after him. Also not passed him by and cinema. Even when the Soviet Union released film «the Story of a real man», in which the main role was played by Pavel Kadochnikov, although the Director initially wanted to shoot the pilot. In 2005 he created the documentary «the Destiny of man».


    Alexey Maresyev

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