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  • Name: Alexey Lobanov ( Lobanov Aleksey )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1978.
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnoyarsk
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status:

    Alexey Lobanov biography

    Alexey Lobanov – Russian theatrical actor, in 2014, she starred in the Thriller «the Professional.» The future artist was born in the late 70-ies in Siberia. During his school years Alyosha showed an innate artistic abilities, and so it was no surprise his decision to become an actor.

    After finishing the 11th grade Lobanov enters the Krasnoyarsk state Institute of arts at the theater Department and after 5 years gets the specialty «Actor of drama theatre and cinema».

    The first working platform aspiring artist became Irkutsk regional Theatre of the young spectator named after Alexander Vampilov. In 2000 Alexey Lobanov at the initiative of the Director Anatoly Streltsov becomes the company of the Irkutsk academic drama theatre of a name of Nikolay ohlopkova, where he begins his ascent up the ladder of success.


    By and large, the entire adult professional life Alexey Lobanov associated with the Irkutsk drama theatre. Here, he played his best role and received their awards. One of the first roles of the actor was a large and significant role of the inspector in the play of Gogol «the Auditor». And Alex managed to go beyond all studied character and to demonstrate the psychology of the little man that is due to stupid mistakes of companies with meaningless person becomes the center of the urban elite. This role allowed Lobanov not only believe in their own strength, but also gave a huge impetus in the development of him as an actor.

    He later played in the performance «Dreams of yermolai Lopakhin,» based on a play by A. P. Chekhov «the Cherry orchard» and the stage production of «Dear Pamela or how to sew the old woman», based on plays by the American playwright John Patrick. His most favorite role, the actor called Marat from the play «My poor Marat», which was written by Alexei Arbuzov, as Lobanov like for a short time to demonstrate psychological maturation of the character, and besides, he likes the pure youthful friendship and the sense of duty which is inherent was a war generation.

    One of the works of the actor, namely the performance «Score» based on biblical stories, was highly appreciated by specialists, for which he in 2002 became the winner of the special jury prize at the theatrical festival «the Siberian transit».


    In 2014 Alexey Lobanov for the first time in his career he received the offer to star in the movie «the Professional». And he immediately got the main character – scout Andrei Zubov, who unfairly spent more than 10 years in captivity and after release enters into a dangerous struggle against a criminal system.

    Alex says that after the stage he had a short time to readjust to a different rhythm of work, to get used to and learn a lot about the specifics of the set. But thanks to the support of film Director Alan Dzotsiev and especially producer Ada Stavisky actor was able to quickly cope with all the difficulties and have a great get into character.

    After the release of Thriller on the screens, many people commented that Lobanov holds the viewer in a state of stretched strings for all 16 episodes. A film written by Maxim Esaulov called the work of an actor is impeccable and has described the impression produced by the character of the film, «the charm of the Gladiator». Was satisfied with the first canopytm and Alexey. However, he, as a modest person, tells more about those unforgettable experiences that left him the stunt team, a substitute actor in the complex doubles.

    The first action was demonstrated in November 2014, and in March 2016, with him finally able to meet and Russian cinema lovers.

    Personal life

    Sorry, about the personal life of Alexei Lobanov public knows nothing. It’s not too often talks to the press and rarely gives interviews, but even in those occasional cases when it happens, prefers to talk about his theatrical activities and the first experience of filming a movie.


    2014 — Professional


    Alexey Lobanov

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