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  • Name: Alexey Kortnev ( Aleksey Kortnev )
  • Date of birth: 12 October 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: musician, actor, poet, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Kortnev: biography

    Alexey Kortnev – Russian musician, actor and broadcaster, best known as the lead singer and frontman of the popular band «the Accident». Also gained fame as a film actor, starring in iomedia «election Day» and «radio Day».

    Alexey was born in Moscow, in the family of a senior employee of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Anatoly kortneva. Thanks to early training Alyosha was able to get one of the most prestigious schools of the capital, a specialized school with profound studying of English language. Mastered the foreign language Kortnev is so good that learning to play the guitar, 14-year-old began to write songs in English.

    After graduating high school in 1983 Kortnev admitted to the Moscow state University, by the faculty of mechanics and mathematics. But study the newly formed student was given not in full, and in 1987 were excluded, after which he engaged in the work. He went on stage as a musician and continues to play in Student theater MSU, where he was still a freshman. As a member of this troupe for one season played in the WHC.

    In addition, the long time Alex worked in the advertising business for the positions of copywriter and translator. It is his texts and slogans that can be seen in advertising brands such as «M&M’s», «Pepsi», «Wrigley», «Moccona» and others. As a translator Alexey Kortnev has manifested itself in musicals. He gave me the opportunity to speak in Russian the characters of the famous musical productions of «Cats,» «the witches of Eastwick» and «beauty and the beast». In establishing «the little humpbacked Horse» in 2008, which went on the stage Art theatre named after Chekhov, the author of kortneva owns all the songs in the play. This work was highly appreciated by specialists, which resulted in the theatrical award «crystal Turandot» and «Golden mask».


    Enrolling in Moscow state University Alexei Kortnev ended up in a troupe of Student theatre, where he met with another student — Valdis Pelichem, which organized the duet of «Accident». The guys first came on the scene in 2 months and performed at a concert of student performances. Soon they were joined by saxophonist Paul Mordyukov, then accordionist Sergei Chekryzhov. Subsequently, Chekryzhov was responsible for all keyboard instruments and became a full-time songwriter.

    Initially, the band had success in the student’s environment, and even went on foreign tours. As all members of the group were members of the KVN team, and the first appearance in television happened in this humorous show, where in 1988 an «Accident» sang the song «We brought the computer.»

    Studio work on the debut album lasted for 5 years and ended in 1994. The album «Electrodes Pludov» received rave reviews and was named musical discovery of the year. Hits become songs such as «the snows,» «Armageddon,» «Hey, Boy!», «Corner of the sky» and «Radio». Until today this album is considered the best work of the team.

    Inspired by the success of musicians decide to make a new disc unusual and unfamiliar for Russian audience. The album «Mein Lieber Tanz» were conceptual and decorated in a radio concert, which even sounds the announcer’s speech. To work on the album involved not only professional actors and musicians, including the orchestra Merzlyakovskiy school at the Conservatory and a popular television announcer Igor Kirillov, but also other alternative music collective – a group of «Quartet»

    In 1997, the musicians founded their own label «Delicatessen», and then my own recording Studio «House composer». All subsequent disk group came out of this Studio.

    TV and radio

    The popularity of the «Accident» was gaining momentum, and Alexey Kortnev together with a colleague Valdis Pelham, with the actor Igor Ugolnikov conceived and organized evening entertainment TV program «two-on!», which was a great success with the audience. Then Courtney worked on such programs as «Debilidad», «Blue night», «Pilot» and «Accident». In the last two facing, respectively, NTV and RenTV, he was a TV presenter.

    Radio Kortnev again in duet with Valdis Pelham first came up in 1995, creating very popular at that time, the program «Golden gramophone», which sounds in the air «Russian radio». In 2007, Alex returned to the airwaves, entering the cast of the radio play «an Ordinary miracle», where he not only read the entire text of the author, but also played the role of innkeeper Emile.

    Also the voice of a musician for a long time sounded in the Intro of the TV company ATV, and the programs «My family», «self directed» and «Those funny animals,» the audience hears the songs of Alex Kortnev in his own performance. In recent years, TV presenter Alexey Kortnev plays in the program «Dobroe Delo» and the music of the show reincarnations «one to One».


    For the first time in a feature film Alex Kortnev appeared in 1992, playing in postmodernism the movie «the Abyss», which on the background of anecdotal situations related to the horse Marshal Budenny military parade, which tells about the tragic fate of a number of people pulled into the millstone of 30 years.

    Interesting work waiting for actor in a feature film-fantasy «Branch of lilac» on the Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff. Kourtney played the role of impresario Fred Steinway and was very convincing in the role of an American.

    But the most famous cinematic works of Alex are the films «election Day» and «radio Day», which was loosely based on the performances of the troupe «the Quartet And». These Comedy in the style of farce was an instant success, and «election Day» in 2007 he won the Grand Prix at the film festival «smile, Russia!» was named best Comedy of the year.

    The popularity of these socio-satirical films resulted in the creation of a new scenario, and in 2016 comes the continuation — «election Day 2». In all three paintings Alexey Kortnev has acted not only as an actor but also as lyricist and co-author of the music. The soundtrack included many songs in his performance, and such songs as «Couplets», «the song about the ballot box», «folk» and «thieves» have become very popular.

    The actor also had the experience of scoring. In the Russian version of the animated film «the Nightmare before Christmas» in his voice talking Jack the Master of Pumpkins.

    Personal life

    Alexey Kortnev was married three times. His first wife Irina Bogushevskaya, singer and poet, gave him in 1988, son of Artemis. With his second wife, actress Julia Rutberg, Alex had no children, but after the second divorce he had a long affair with the actress Elena Lansky, who outside of marriage bore him a son, Nikita.

    Third marriage, which is still ongoing, Courtney signed with the famous gymnast Amina Zaripova. They had three children — a daughter Ksenia and sons Arseny and Athanasius.

    In addition to the versatile creativity of Alexey Kortnev known for his active political life. In 2007-2008 he was a member of political party «Civil force» as an activist he participated in many rallies, including the «For fair elections!». Several times actor and musician spoke out against homophobia, making it in his humorous way: he said that if you feel like a real man, then do you think about the lives of gay men.


    • 1994 — Electrodes Pludov
    • 1995 — Mein Lieber Tanz
    • 1996 — the Offseason
    • 1997 — Is love
    • 2000 — Prunes and dried apricots
    • 2003 — Last days in Paradise
    • 2006 — Prime numbers
    • 2010 — the Tunnel at the end of the world
    • 2013 — Chasing bison
    • 2014 — go nuts


    • 2003 — Another life
    • 2006 — the Ugly swans
    • 2007 — election Day
    • 2008 — my Daughter
    • 2008 — radio Day
    • 2009 — Autumn flowers
    • 2010 — the boiling Point
    • 2010 — was love
    • 2010 — angel on Duty
    • 2016 — election Day 2


    Alexey Kortnev

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