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  • Name: Alex Herman ( Aleksey German )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1938
  • Age: 74 years
  • Date of death: February 21, 2013
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Activity: film Director, screenwriter, actor, producer, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Herman: biography

    Alexey Herman – famous Russian film Director screenwriter and actor, people’s artist of the Russian Federation. The most popular with the movie-protracted «Hard to be God», which was released only after his death.

    Alexey Herman was born July 20, 1938 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg). His parents – Tatiana Rittenberg and well-known Russian writer Yuri Herman. After the war the father enlisted in the Navy on the North, to the small town of Polar. Alex together with my mother, meanwhile, had moved to Arkhangelsk. Yuri Herman served in the guards the ship «Rumbling», which from time to time came to Arkhangelsk, together with convoys from Murmansk.

    Alex Herman
    Alexey Herman | Teleport

    After 1944, when there was a turning point in the war and the city wasn’t constantly bombing, my father decided to take the family with him in the Arctic. They returned to Leningrad in a few months after the victory.

    Soon Alexey has developed tuberculosis, therefore mother and father decided to take him out of the city, in the village Kalamaki (later renamed to Komarovo). The family settled in a small suburban house. The future Director went to the third grade of the local school, rural children immediately found a common language with him. At this time, Alex fell passionately in love with books and began to collect his library.


    In 1948 the family returned to Leningrad. Alex Herman was fond of Boxing (went to the fifth grade), he loved to visit the theatre. Despite the love of art, directed by then become, he thought – wanted to be a doctor. With the students of the medical school he went on a pair of anatomy, gained a lot of professional books, but through Association with his father and his friends gave medicine a career as a Director.

    Alex Herman
    Alexey Herman | I’m on the movie

    In 1960, Alexei graduated from the Leningrad theatrical Institute (now known as the St. Petersburg Academy of theatrical art). He studied at the directing Department under the leadership of Grigory Kozintsev. After training the first choreographed performance of the Herman became a children’s tale «Small, but valiant», which premiered at the drama theatre of Smolensk.


    In early 1964, Herman worked at the Studio «Lenfilm» assistant chief Director in the film «working village» by Vladimir Vengerov. After a few years together with Gregory by Aronova, experienced Director, puts the film «the Seventh satellite». The writers of the film was made by Yuri Klepikov, Edgar Dubrovsky.

    Alex Herman
    Alexey Herman | Remember

    The first big film «Operation «happy New year!»». The script was based on the novel father of the same name. Shooting was completed in 1971, but the film failed to pass censorship and the screens came only fifteen years.

    Alex Herman
    Alexey Herman | Buro 24/7

    The first work by Alexei German, which saw the Soviet audience was «Twenty days without war». Shooting was completed in 1976. Key roles in the film went to Yuri Nikulin and Lyudmila Gurchenko. The candidate insisted last script writer Konstantin Simonov – Herman instead wanted to make Alla Demidov.


    During this period, as an actor Alexey Herman has participated in the following films:

    • «Sergei Ivanovich is retiring» (1980);
    • «Rafferty» (1980);
    • «Life Director» (1981);
    • Lost time (1989).
    Alex Herman in the movie
    Alex Herman in the movie «Rafferty» | Movie-Theater

    After eight years of silence came the next picture is of Herman, «My friend Ivan Lapshin» (1984). In shooting took part the famous actors of the Soviet Union Andrei Mironov and Andrei Boltnev. The film won prestigious awards: the prize «Silver leopard» and the FIPRESCI for Locarno, as well as the state prize them. Vasilyev brothers.

    Life after the collapse of the Soviet Union

    The following picture Alexei German was released in 1998 and was the last lifetime film. «Khrustalev, the car!» has received three major national prize of the Russian film critics for best film, Director and performance artists. In 2000, the work received six awards «Nika».

    Alex Herman on the set
    Alex Herman on the set | Feldgrau

    Film-unfinished «History Arkanarskoy massacre» based on the book Strugatsky «Hard to be God» took a full-time Director from 1999 to the end of his life. He never came out during the lifetime of the Director, and the final montage were handled by his son Alexei German Jr.

    In 1998, Alexei German Sr. founded his own Studio, which helped take the debut films of several young Directors at the start of a career, among which were: Alexei Balabanov, Yevgeny Yufit, Lydia Bobrova and others.

    Personal life

    The wife of Alexei German screenwriter Svetlana Karmalita – bore him a son. It is also called Alex. His son followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a film Director and screenwriter. His filmography includes the painting «the Last train» (2003), «Paper soldier» (2008), which involved Chulpan Khamatova.

    Alexey German and Svetlana Karmalita
    Alex Herman and his wife, Svetlana Karmalita | tvnz

    The last photo Alexey looked pretty sick. At the end of 2012, he was in intensive care. 21 Feb 2013 it did not. Work on the last film «Hard to be God» made up son.

    At the moment, the son of Herman working on the film «Dovlatov». The cast includes a number of star names, and the name of the lead actor until recently, kept secret. Shooting «Dovlatov» held in 2016, and the output is scheduled for autumn 2017.

    Awards and prizes

    After the collapse of the USSR Alexey Herman became a people’s artist of Russia. Also he was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» (1998) and the medal of Honor (2008). Among the many award-winning Director: «the Triumph» (1998), «Track» (1998), award of Sergei Dovlatov (1998).

    Alex Herman
    Alexey German with award | news

    A year before his death, Herman received the statuette «Golden centaur» in the framework of the festival of documentary, short and experimental films «Message to man»


    Alex Herman

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