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  • Name: Alexey Goman ( Alexey Goman )
  • Date of birth: 12 September 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Murmansk
  • Growth: 183
  • Activity: singer, poet, composer
  • Marital status: Divorced

    Alexey Goman: biography

    Singer, poet, composer and just «Russian guy», who in a moment learned the whole country, was born on 12 September 1983 in remote Murmansk. Alexey Goman – the youngest son in the family, he has an older brother. Their parents were simple people, his father worked as a mechanic, then as an electrician, mother is in the military. However, in youth to have Homan graduated from music school and Conservatory, so good vocal and the potential youngest son noticed right away.

    Once in an interview Alex said that he was grateful to my parents for what they subtly instilled in him a love of music. Mom did not insist on training in a music school, she taught his sons to play the guitar. Free time the guys spent in the yard playing.

    Alexey Goman lost his parents early. He was 15 when her father and 3 years later my mother died.

    After 9th grade he left school, because learning was unbearable, and entered the school. He then worked in the depot, repaired rolling stock. There Alex realized that this was not the dream and think seriously about their prospects. He enrolled at the Murmansk pedagogical University, within the walls of this University, and began his singing career.

    Musical career

    Brother Alexei decided to put the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», but the selection of performers approached responsibly — was offered the role only to those students who were highly trusted. Party Gringoire went to Alexey Goman. The audience was enthusiastic over the musical, and Alex realized that his future was on stage.

    He was vacationing in Sochi, when she accidentally saw the announcement of casting for the project «people’s artist». With the rest the young man went to Moscow and participated in the selection, passed it. During the show, Alexei Goman not once doubted their abilities, I was not sure that I will go to the finals. Even entering the top three, he still wasn’t sure of his victory. The audience supported talented guy and voted for her song «Russian guy». After winning the «people’s artist» in 2003 about Alexey Goman learned the whole Russia.

    Three years later he was invited to the festival «Slavic Bazaar», where he acted as a participant. The Grand Prix received, but took the 3rd place. Three years later, in 2009, Goman began performing solo with his own musical collective. The music and the words to the songs he writes himself.

    In 2004, Alex recorded his first album «Russian guy» two years later, he released his new album «Beam of the sun gold» and in 2008 the third album, called «May».

    In 2010 Alexey Goman was awarded the orders of «Young talent» and «Service to art». Very Diva appreciated the talent of young talent, and in August 2014 he was awarded the medal «For merits before Fatherland».


    After winning the «people’s artist» Alexey Goman frequently appears on television as a participant in talk shows and projects. In 2006 he participated in the project «Dancing with the stars.» His partner on the floor was the world champion Lyudmila Chegrinets. For 3 months Alex had to learn to dance. He did so, a pair of Chegrinets-Goman took 3rd place in the project.

    After participating in the «people’s artist», the singer was invited to the movies. He starred in small roles in the TV series «Thank God you’re here», «Love – not show business» and «the Joker».

    In 2014 Alexey Goman appeared in the project «Ice age». His partner was Yana Khokhlova. The pair looked so organically that they attributed the novel. Unfortunately, to the finals they reached. Alex said that the «Ice age» became the most difficult challenge in his life. He had never been ice-skating and ice understand how difficult this is.

    Personal life

    The project «people’s artist» was a turning point in the personal life of Alex Homan. There he met a contestant Maria Zaitseva, flashed sympathy. However, I admired Mary more than he is on TV. After the contest, the pair started to see each other more, and after a few months of living together.

    Their relationship was perfect, but the marriage came only after 6 years. The wedding was celebrated modestly, checked the relationship in normal clothes. A magnificent celebration was decided to postpone until the wedding.

    28 Dec 2012 Alex became a father. The long-awaited daughter named Aleksandrina. With her birth the family started the disorder, the relationship quickly cooled. The couple decided to leave. In 2013, Alexey Goman moved into a separate apartment. He now maintains friendly relations with Mary, writes songs for her, cares about her daughter. Officially Goman and Zajtseva the divorce was issued, but to live together but not anymore.

    The singer said that the enjoying the single life and the next 5 years, at least, is not going to tie the knot hymen.


    • «People’s artist»
    • «May»
    • «A ray of sunshine gold»


    • «Thank God you’re here»
    • «Love – not show business»
    • «The Joker»


    Alexey Goman

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