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  • Name: Alexey Filimonov ( Alexey Filimonov )
  • Date of birth: 3 February 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Irkutsk
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Family: married Olga Smirnova

    Alexey Filimonov: biography

    Alexey Filimonov justifiably can be called the ascended star of the national cinema. He is recognizable, and in his filmography there are loud and rated projects as «Boomer-2», «Oxygen», «the Life and adventures of Teddy jap» and «Live».

    Alexey Filimonov was born in the sixth largest city of Irkutsk in Russia in February 1981. In his family no one associated with the world of theatre or cinema. Where did the guy had a desire to become an actor – is unknown.

    Immediately after graduating from secondary school Alex rushed in the only theatre school, which is in his hometown. She became famous for many of its graduates, among which the star of «Battalions» Yuri Stepanov, honored artist and a wonderful Director Vyacheslav Kokorin, actress Christina Babushkina, known for the TV series «Doctor Tyrsa» and «the diamond arm 2».

    Famous and issue Filimonov. Alex studied with the now well-known playwright and Director Ivan by Vyrypaev. After graduation Alexey Filimonov went to look for their place under the sun. He changed several theatres, having served as artist in Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg and Perm.

    But then the young actor realized that he needs to grow and improve further. So I went to the capital and enrolled in GITIS in the directing Department. Filimonov was very lucky, because to get to the course for such talented artists as Oleg Kudryashov, considered a huge success.

    In 2006, having graduated from GITIS, Alexey Filimonov was enrolled in the Studio of his mentor, where he made a successful debut in performances of «Wii», «Wheel of fortune», «grass yard» and «bullfinches».


    A cinematic biography of Alexei Filimonov began in my last year of GITIS. Debut role he got in the blockbuster «Men’s season. Velvet revolution». This small but colorful role he was offered in the sequel to the cult drama «Bumer». His hero wolf remembered by the audience. It is noteworthy that the script for the film written by his countryman and fellow student Ivan Vyrypaev. In the «Boomer-2» began a collaboration of two talented sibs.

    Critics claim that Alexey Filimonov’s career in film began Arthouse drama Yulia Kolesnik «Marking». The film was released in 2007 and has attracted a lot of attention. The young artist from Irkutsk was given the main role of the graduate of one of London universities of Denis, who returned home and realized that he is all yours. and you need to put a lot of effort to find himself. The image of a confused guy turned out to be quite complex and multidimensional. But Alex handled him perfectly.

    Sweeping success came to the actor in 2009. This year continues the collaboration Filimonov and Vyrypaev. The Director invited the fellow countryman for the lead role in his new film «Oxygen». And again complex, ambiguous character, many do not understand, but attractive. This role raised the artist and his partner in the film Carolina a Pear from a few steps up the career ladder. The tape was awarded several prizes at «Kinotavr».

    In General, the year 2009 was a breakthrough year for Alexei Filimonov. In addition to «Oxygen», he appeared in the drama of Igor Voloshin «I» where he played a drug addict, a close circle of friends which is informal and criminals «spill» dashing 90. the picture came to the competition program of the festival «Kinotavr».

    The offer to play in new interesting projects came Filimonov regularly. Viewers saw the actor in the TV series «Precinct» in the paintings «it’s All right, Mama» and «Hear the sea». The most notable films of recent years, which starred Alex can be called a «Short circuit», «Live» and «Life and adventures of Mishka Yaponchik». The latest tape, filmed by Sergei Ginzburg, brought glory to all participants. Alexei Filimonov went to one of the main roles – one jap named Izzy mayorchik.

    In our time, the actor continues to star and get on stage of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. And he is working on the script of his first movie, because the main specialization of Oleksiy – Director.

    Personal life

    Successful career of the actor did not stop him to create a happy family. Personal life Alexey Filimonov associated with his colleague and classmate Olga Smirnova. The actress known to audiences for his films «dandies» and «what the girl». Spouses often play on the same theatrical stage, so that they both at home and at work.

    In 2010, South Africa had a great event: Alexei and Olga daughter Vasilisa, even more rallied this wonderful acting family.


    • Markup
    • «Muzhskoy SEZON. Velvet revolution»
    • «Bumer-2»
    • Markup
    • «Oxygen»
    • «I»
    • «Short circuit»
    • «It’s all right, Mama»
    • «Hear the sea»
    • «The life and adventures of Teddy jap»
    • «Live»


    Alexey Filimonov

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