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  • Name: Alexey Fateev ( Aleksey Fateev )
  • Date of birth: 30 November 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Kupyansk, Ukraine
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: Russian film and theater actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Fateev: biography

    Alexey Fateev was born in the small Ukrainian town of Kupyansk of Kharkov region, on 30 November 1974. Kupyansk is called the city of railwaymen. Most men do choose to work on the railroad because of tradition and the presence of major railway junction. The same profession is first selected and Alexey Fateev.

    After high school he enrolled at one of the universities of the neighbouring Kharkiv, where he taught engineers of railway transport. Already there the artist begins to understand that he does not want to associate their lives with their chosen profession. So after graduation, Alex became a student of the Kharkiv school of culture, which chose the specialty of «Conductor-horovic». Received in school music education will be useful.

    While studying at the school Alexey Fateev takes an active part in graduation performances of the graduates of the directing faculty of the University of the arts. He enjoys playing that soon he becomes a student of this University, selecting acting Department.

    In 1999 Alexey Fateyev graduated from Kharkov University of arts and was immediately invited to work in Russian theatre named after Pushkin in Odessa.


    Biography of Alexei Fateev began here, on the stage of the Kharkov Russian theater. Here, the actor made his debut in performances, starting from the second year of University. This theater Fateev gave 9 years of his life and has played in dozens of plays, the most vivid of which «the Masquerade» (played by Eugene Arbenina), «Number 13» (George Pigden), «Jester Balakirev» and many others.

    In parallel, the artist played as a guest actor in another theatre of Kharkov – «New stage». Here he appeared in the play «Uncle Vanya» in the role of Telegin. Also played in productions of «the importance of being earnest» and «Reflection».

    In 2006, Alexey Fateev takes a decision that changed his life: he goes from Kharkov to Moscow, answering Yes to the invitation to serve in the Moscow academic theatre of a name of Mayakovsky. The first proposed role for the Fateev – chief. He plays mister Milovidova in the play «On the busiest place». The following roles are the same, Osip in the «inspector», Prozorov in «Three sisters», Arnold in «the Circle» and many others.

    Today Alexey Fateev – one of the leading actors of the troupe of the Mayakovsky theater. He plays in 8 productions and rehearsing in the 9th. In most of these performances the artist is involved in the main roles.


    Success in the theatre, brings the actor popular only in narrow circles of the theater, but the yield on the screens – the popularity across the country. So it was with Alexei Fadeevym. Millions of viewers around the country and abroad learned about this actor after his appearance in the TV series and movies.

    First, Alexey Fateev appeared on screen in small roles. He starred in the films «Dealers» to Be together», «you Go out to look for», «hot pursuit», «Furtseva» and others. But it was the role of the second plan, the actor went almost unnoticed.

    In 2012 there were two series featuring Fateev. In April, the TV channel «Russia 1» has started serial film «M. V. G.», where Alex played a prominent role, and in the summer of that year, on the First channel began airing the series «Lucky ticket», where the artist appeared in the title role, playing Ilya Dronova.

    Romance «house with the lilies» painting «Hugging the sky» brought the artist a new wave of viewers ‘ attention and respect.

    A good work of Fateev critics believe the role of investigator Andrew Rudin in the film «Smile Mockingbird», which was released in 2014. In the same year began to broadcast the multi-tape «Orlova and Aleksandrov», where Alex appeared in the form of Ivan pyreva.

    And in 2015, viewers were able to watch the game Alexei Fateev in two films — «holiday romance» and «Sprint». Both paintings have attracted the attention of millions of viewers intense scenes and great acting.

    Besides working in cinema, Alexey Fateev is often voiced of the heroes behind the scenes. It duplicates the role of foreign actors. The voice Fateeva say many characters from animated films.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alexei Fateev – the subject of his interview. He always refuses to talk about his family and relations, not even mentioning the names of their relatives. It is known that Fateeva has a wife. Together, the couple has a daughter.


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    • Furtseva
    • M. V. G.
    • The winning ticket
    • Girl in a decent family
    • House with lilies
    • The smile of a Mockingbird
    • Orlova and Alexandrov
    • Holiday romance


    Alexei Fateev

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