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  • Name: Alexey Faddeev ( Faddeev Aleksey )
  • Date of birth: 13 October 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Ryazan
  • Height: 185
  • Activities: actor, stuntman
  • Marital status: married Glafira Tarkhanov

    Alexey Faddeev: biography

    Alexey Faddeev — Russian film that is equally popular in film and on the stage. The audience well know him for the films «Country 03», «goodbye my lover» and «Courier train of great importance». Faddeev also known as a stuntman, and he not only performs all the stunts, spelled out the script for his characters, but also replaces other colleagues. For example, only stunt activity Alexey worked in the television series «the penal battalion».

    Alexey Fadeev
    Photo by Alexey Faddeev | Group VK

    Biography of Alexey Faddeev originates in the city of Ryazan, where he was born October 13, 1977. As a teenager he first became interested in theater, became involved in the children’s Studio at the Ryazan drama theatre, and even performed regularly on stage in a local production of the play «Threshold». Gradually, the passion for acting grew into a passionate desire to connect his life with theatre forever.

    Alexey Faddeev
    In the play «Three Sisters» Group | VK

    Faddeev went to Moscow and enters into one of the prestigious universities in the capital at the Higher theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin, where his teachers were Olga and Yuri Straw. After graduation in 1999 she appeared in the biography of Alexei Faddeev films and plays. He took in his company the legendary Maly theatre of Moscow. Among other things, on the stage, Alex started to leave in the fourth year of the Institute, fulfilling roles in the classic plays «the Forest» and «Intrigue and love».

    Alexey Fadeev
    In the play «Moliere» | Group VK

    Becoming an acting actor, Faddeev added to his repertoire a few dozen new productions. And in 2008, in a series of books «Library of the Maly theater» was published a special booklet devoted to this talented actor. The authorship of the booklet belongs to the famous theatre critic Marina Gaevskaya.


    Viewers first saw the young actor in 2002, when the television showed the films-the performances with his participation «Woe from wit» and later «Forest», «mystery box» and «Three sisters.» Alexei also appeared in episodes of the popular crime series «Return of Mukhtar» and Thriller «the Operative pseudonym». And in 2004, the Faddeev as an outstanding athlete invited to perform stunts on the set of the military drama «the penal battalion».

    Alexey Faddeev in the film
    As the operator eyes in the movie «Main caliber» | Movie-theater

    Gradually filmography of Aleksey Faddeev filled with such works as the adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky «Demons», the action-Thriller «the Main caliber», a crime film about a prison Escape, a military Thriller «Lynx» historical series «Institute for noble maidens,» and many other paintings.

    Alexey Faddeev in the film
    In the role of Lieutenant Butusov in «the Institute of noble maidens» | Movie-theater

    A large role of the chief physician went to actor medical drama «Country 03» and spy film «Courier train of great importance», he played in a pair of semen by Shkalikova two main characters. It is also worth noting this detective series Alexey Faddeev, like «Wanted,» where he wore a police uniform and appeared in the form of Lieutenant Roman Mogilina.

    Alexey Faddeev in the film
    The main character, a doctor Nikitin in the film «Country 03» | Movie-theater

    Latest projects popular actor is a criminal drama «the Money,» the detective «good-bye, darling!» and the new drama «Theatre Empress». Faddeev soon fans will be able to see your pet starring in the historical Thriller «SKIF».

    Personal life

    In 2005 on the set of the adventure film «Main caliber» first met Alexey Faddeev and Glafira Tarhanova, soon became husband and wife. The pair of them were unique in that both he and she kept saying to friends that are not going to change marital status for a very long time. But seeing each other, immediately changed the decision. Wife of Alexey Faddeev is an actress of Satirikon theatre named after Arkady Raikin, and became famous thanks to starring in the television series «Thunder». Glafira Tarhanova in one interview told that he was killed by Alexei almost after the first meeting. The fact that his appearance and inner world was fictional it still nee way likely Mr right.

    Glafira Tarhanova and Alexey Faddeev
    Wedding Glafira Tarhanova and Alexey Faddeev | VilingStore

    Wedding Glafira Tarhanova and Alexey Faddeev played a very quiet and modest. The ceremony was attended by only six people, including the bride and groom. Parents reacted to this decision with understanding and not become offended by a passage taken from wedding standards and traditions. Especially that after six months Glafira Tarhanova and her husband were married and this time they invited all the relatives, friends and loved ones. More guests convened spouses Faddeevich to the christening of their first child Korney that came to light in 2008.

    Glafira Tarkhanov
    Photos Glafira Tarhanova |

    Now Faddeev and Tarhanova have three boys. With a difference of two years were born the brothers Korney, yermolai and proud. Interestingly, unlike many stars of show business Alexey Faddeev, personal life which have changed rapidly, their children do not make in advertising. The boys are living the same life as the most domestic of their peers and not make the headlines in the Newspapers.

    Alexey Faddeev
    The actor continues to play sports | video

    Perhaps the personal life of Alexei Faddeev wouldn’t have turned out so well if the husband constantly was watching my athletic body. After all, Glafira Tarhanova has repeatedly stressed that sporty look men very important to her. But Alex used to regularly visit the gym and played sports. Man continues to be in good shape today.


    • 2005 — Satisfaction
    • 2006 — Main caliber
    • 2007 — Panther
    • 2008 — to be Continued
    • 2010 — Lynx
    • 2010-2013 — Institute for noble maidens
    • 2012 — Country 03
    • 2013 — Express special importance
    • 2013-2015 — Search
    • 2016 — Money


    Alexey Faddeev

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