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  • Name: Alexey Demidov ( Demidov Aleksey )
  • Date of birth: 24 August 1987
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Activities: actor, broadcaster
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Demidov: biography

    Alexey Demidov, a young Russian actor of theatre and cinema, host of the Sunday program «Glass of milk» the radio station «Russian news service». As a film actor Alexei viewer familiar with the works of such famous films as «the Diary of Dr. Zaitseva», «Love and romance» and «Senior wife».

    The young man was born in Nizhny Novgorod and in school don’t particularly think about their future profession. Study was given Lesha easily enough, and he could choose any specialty. But after maturity the young man decided to apply for the Nizhny Novgorod theatre school named after Eugene Evstigneev had successfully managed to pass the entrance exams and, despite significant competition from the large number of applicants wishing to become actors, was among the students who enrolled in the first year.

    In 2007, as a thesis Alexey Demidov has played the role of Figaro in the Comedy «the Marriage of Figaro» at the festival «Your Chance», and after graduation went to the Northern capital and entered the St. Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts. He was assigned to an acting workshop, which was chaired by the Vice-rector Sergey Cherkassky. But in this University Alex studied for only one semester and left the Academy voluntarily.

    Demidov went to Moscow and sought to enter into the troupe of the Theater «Commonwealth Taganka actors». Lately, Alex has focused on his film career and also tried a completely other role – at the radio station «Russian news service» he led the Sunday program «Glass of milk».


    When Alexey Demidov moved to the Russian capital, he not only managed to enter into the permanent composition of one of the theatres, but also to make his debut in the cinema. The first picture with the novice actor was melodramatic series «Red.» It’s funny that at the auditions Alex auditioned for two different roles in this film, but the Directors gave him the other actors, and then without any trial was soft, sincere and kind goshi has a keen sense of justice.

    Then Demidov has starred in several criminal and the detective projects, including «the Method Laurel», «Fellow police» and «MOORE. «Artists». The attention of a large audience, the artist has drawn on himself by filming a romantic tragicomedy medical «doctor’s Diary», where he appeared in the first two seasons.

    You also cannot ignore the crime drama «a Stranger among us». Despite the similar name, this film is not a remake of the legendary Soviet painting in the full sense of the word. Here Alex realized the talent of a dramatic actor, playing Sergey Nechayev, who took the blame the other person.

    A lot of new works of Alexei Demidov came over the last two years. Comedy «the war of the sexes» romance «Whisper», drama series «the Fifth floor with no Elevator» was a success with the spectators. In March of 2016 kicked off the premiere family melodrama «Senior wife», and at the end of the year should go to the historical film about Prince Vladimir «Viking», in which Alex plays one of the knights named Samoa.

    Personal life

    Alexey Demidov married relatively early. His wife’s name is Elena, and she has nothing to do with the theatre, neither to the cinema nor to the world of show business in General. Also, a few years ago, the young people become parents: they have a daughter called Sofia.

    The details of his private life, Alex, for obvious reasons does not open. In an interview with reporters and fans on his page in one of social networks Demidov is limited to information that Elena strongly supports all his endeavors and quite tolerant of the fact that her husband due to the nature of work often have to be absent.


    • 2011-2012 — Comrades officers
    • 2012 — doctor’s Diary
    • 2014 — a Stranger among his own
    • 2014 — Bitch wars
    • 2014 — Love and romance
    • 2015 — Cold dish
    • 2015 — the Whispers
    • 2015 — the Fifth floor without Elevator
    • 2016 — Senior wife
    • 2016 — Viking


    Alexey Demidov

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