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  • Name: Alexey Vorobyov ( Aleksey Dayneko )
  • Date of birth: 5 June 1970
  • Age: 46 years
  • Date of death: 13 Jun 2016
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actor, musician, poet, producer, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Alexei Daineko: biography

    Alexey Vorobyov – Russian actor, musician, poet, film Director and television personality, who gained recognition after participating in the television series «Method Laurel», «COP in the law», «Truckers».

    Alex was born on 5 June 1970 in Moscow. In his childhood he had not considered acting seriously, as he was more interested in the Sciences. The boy went to a prestigious school with physics and mathematics,but gradually his life began to enter music, and Daineko decided to study the technical side of show business.

    After leaving school he entered the faculty of sound engineering at the Moscow theater art technical school. Around the same time he began to write poetry, which later result in popular songs. In 1989, Alexey became a student of the acting Department of GITIS. The main reason for the sharp change in the direction of creativity can be considered great teachers — Lyudmila Kasatkin, Sergei Kolosov, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, which made the young man believe that he has the necessary talent.

    He received the diploma of a professional actor, Alexei Daineko started to play the Central academic theatre of the Russian army. Also the man tried himself as a broadcaster – he has appeared on screen in the «planet of communication» and later in the show «Casino «Ambassador» is». In the last project, Alex was also PR Director.

    Not abandoned Daineko and the old passion for music. He continued to write poetry, which gradually began to turn into lyrics. Alex is considered the inventor of unusual musical direction «Acid mega-rock». In the early 21st century he founded the group «Daikone», with whom he recorded several compositions that became self-titled album. In addition, on account of the musician projects such as «Elite Dance Music», «Avatara», where he sang a duet with Natalia Turquoise, as well as solo performance under his own name.


    The cinematic debut of Alexei Daineko occurred in his student days. He starred in the school drama «Publication» in 1988. A few years went romance «Suite for the General with the girl» social painting «Free men,» a historical film «Empire under blow». The two largest work of the actor in the initial period of a career is a Comedy «Cafe «Strawberry» criminal detective «Dossier detective Dubrovsky».

    In the new Millennium, BC continued to participate in the series. Notable projects include the Thriller «the Teacher in law. Return» second season of the detective «Method Laurel», medical drama «Country 03», crime series «COP in the law», «carp», «Truckers 3. Ten years later» romantic Comedy «Balzac age, or All men are bast…».

    Also fans could see their idol in the melodrama «Love and other nonsense», adventure film «Second to…», the Comedy «Smile Melomety» and «If the bride a witch», criminal detective, «the Owner of «Empire.»

    Also, Alex tried his hand at directing. In 2006 he directed the documentary «Smile of the eternity of the universe.» This work was highly appreciated by critics and audience at a film festival and even received the Grand Prix in the nomination «Documentary film».

    Personal life

    Alexei Daineko was married to Elena Logatskaya. His wife’s specialty orthodontist, for many years gave a large dental clinic. In 2015 they had a daughter, Emmanuelle, Victoria.

    The actor had children from a previous marriage. One of them, a daughter, Nina, is a very promising athlete, multiple winner of the children’s figure skating competition. Alex himself was fond of sports. He regularly visited the gym, and his success in bodybuilding was visually noticeable. On this ground he was friends with actor Efim Shifrin, who is also a frequent visitor on training in bodybuilding.


    In early June 2016 Alexei Daineko broke his leg. This trouble has reduced his movements, but could not be the cause of the tragedy. However, in the first half of the night with 12 on June 13, the actor died.

    About it on the page in social network said his wife Elena Logica. The official cause of death has not yet named, but, apparently, this question is not so simple. The wife announced that it intends to cooperate with the investigating authorities to find out the truth.


    • 1988 — Publication
    • 1992 — Free from men
    • 1997 — Cafe «Strawberry»
    • 1999 — Dossier detective Dubrovsky
    • 2010 — Love and other nonsense
    • 2011 — Rig 3. Ten years later
    • 2012 — carp
    • 2012 — Method 2 Laurel
    • 2012 — Ment in the law 5
    • 2015 — Elusive


    • 2002 — Daikone
    • 2013 — the Nine revelations, and another two
    • 2014 — I need the height
    • 2014 — my Life


    Alexei Daineko

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