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  • Name: Alexey Chumakov ( Chumakov Aleksey )
  • Date of birth: 12 March 1981
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Samarkand, Uzbekistan
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: singer, composer, writer and broadcaster
  • Marital status: married to Julia Kovalchuk

    Alexey Chumakov: biography

    Today Alexey Chumakov – a well-known singer, a talented composer, exciting TV presenter and showman. Not so long ago, he increased his popularity with the emergence of popular shows Central channel of «one to One», «the Secret of success» and «the X Factor» (later renamed «factor a»).

    Alexey Chumakov was born in March 1981 in the pearl of Uzbekistan – Samarkand sultry. His mother is Lilia Avanesova worked at the local clinic as a doctor-phthisiologist. The attitude to art had father George Chumakov. He is the specialty painter-decorator. When the son grew up, Chumakov senior led the restoration of one of the Orthodox churches of the Cathedral of St. Alexius of Moscow.

    Alexey Chumakov in childhood
    Baby photo

    Suddenly emerged vocal talent noticed, when the son was 5 years old. They decided not to ruin the boy’s musical ability. So took it to one of the Samarkand music schools in the class of percussion instruments and percussion. Later, Alexey Chumakov, taught himself to play the guitar.

    At school thanks to his vocal and musical talents Alexey Chumakov became a star. At all events, and school dances, he was singing, conquering the hearts of girls. In addition, the teenager showed other talents: organized many events and led them.

    The guy did not forget about the physical form: visited sections of kickboxing and basketball.

    Alexey Chumakov in his youth
    Early years | Kpoto

    The first arrangements to the songs he wrote and sang himself, Alexey Chumakov started doing at the age of 11. One of the author’s works, he chose to speak at the Samarkand competition for children and youth «Morning star». And won.

    From a young age the boy showed a male character. He early began to earn his first money. It does not shy of any work: sold in the market vegetables and fruits, on vacation as an apprentice or handyman worked construction or painted cottages fences.

    Alexey Chumakov
    Musical talent manifested itself in early childhood | Want

    In the mid-1990s in his native Uzbekistan, was a hard and troubling times. Family Shumakovich decided to leave the country in search of a safer and more peaceful place. Moved to Tyumen. There Alexey became a student of vocal Department of the Higher College of the arts. But a year later the guy decided to transfer at the conductor-choral Department of the Tashkent College of the arts, which he graduated from in 1998.


    These years were challenging, but rich for young Chumakov. He blazed a trail in the works – wrote the music for his songs, wrote the arrangements and was making money for a living. In order to work and develop their talents, he sang in restaurants and bars. Alexey Chumakov is not considered shameful such work: on the contrary, it was a beautiful school, which, he argues, must pass each singer.

    The beginning of the creative biography of Alexey Chumakov is possible to consider the performance at the regional competition of «the Voice «Europe plus», which was held in Kemerovo. The first victory was loud and unequivocal. Alex managed to win in three categories: best vocalist, composer and arranger.

    Alexey Chumakov
    Photos of the singer | Inesco

    After this career of the musician promptly went up. For several years he was a participant and winner of the Tyumen talent show «Stage». These «steps» Alexey Chumakov up the hill, and piggy awards is rapidly filled. But the young artist was the understanding that it is not time to rest on their laurels and savor victory. He felt that this glory should pass many steps and a lot to learn.

    And Alexei Chumakov studied. He had the skills of a makeup artist, art Manager and producer. And another guy found a sponsor in the person of the businessman Stanislav Nagaeva and spent his first tour. Their debut concert was held in Yekaterinburg.

    Alexey Chumakov in the show
    In the show «people’s artist» | The-most-beautiful

    The long-awaited and resounding success came to Alex Chumakov in 2003. Samarkand, the singer participated in the popular competition «the national actor». It is noteworthy that the young man was easy going and was grasping at any chance to become a successful artist. After hearing about the casting, which was held in Perm, he immediately bought a ticket and went for the win. The jury members Anton Komolov and Larisa Dolina – trained eye immediately identified that they face a young man with considerable experience and potential. Casting Alexey Chumakov was easy.

    On the TV show, the young singer reached the finals and took third place. First and second went to his competitors Alexey Goman, Alexander and Panayotova. Alexey Chumakov conquered the audience with the romantic song «I’m losing my mind.» Attractive, with a velvety timbre and Oriental temperament a performer the audience liked. He has earned the audience award of the radio «Europe Plus»: Chumakov voted half of the listeners.

    In 2006 came the debut album of Alexey Chumakov «Dreams of something bigger». The CD includes 13 songs, among them first hit, «I’m losing my mind.» After 7 years, fans of the singer waited for his second album, called «Here and there».

    It is noteworthy that the artist appreciated not only compatriots, but also foreign professionals. In 2011, the Samarkand sang along with American star Michael Bolton. Their joint composition «Hold On I’m Coming» has caused a flurry of emotions from music fans. Bolton spoke warmly about a young colleague, calling him «evil», which translated means «super», «crazy».


    After the end of the TV show «people’s artist» Alexey Chumakov quickly become one of the most popular show in Russia. In 2005 he was asked to sign a contract to work in the project «Secret of success». Alex with Elena Sparrow becomes the «face» of the show. This is a Russian project – the counterpart of the British «X Factor.» He soon gets the same name.

    Alexey Chumakov in the show
    In the show «factor a» | Around TV

    Since then, the singer, musician and presenter is a regular on television. His face often and becomes recognizable to millions of viewers. But in 2011, the Chairman of the jury of the competition is Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. Changed and leading. Chumakov replaced Filipp Kirkorov, who helped Vladimir Zelensky. The project is in honor of diva of pop is renamed to «factor a».

    In the second season of the «Factor A» Alexey Chumakov returned to the project, but refused to renew the contract.

    A very eventful and busy for the ascended stars of domestic show-business are 2013. Alexey Chumakov appeared on the TV show «one to One». He amazed the audience with his transformation into Stevie wonder, Ilya Lagutenko, Boris Moiseyev, and Montserrat caballé. Chumakov managed to crawl to the project’s strongest opponents.

    Alexey Chumakov in the show
    In the look of love the assumption in the show «one to One» |

    In 2016 fans of the TV show «one to One» again saw Alex. He appeared in the new 4th season of the «battle of the seasons» where it was brilliantly reincarnated in domestic and foreign stars. Viewers saw the actor in the image of Sergei Trofimov, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Herman and Frank Sinatra.

    In may it became known that the leader of the project was that 35-summer Alexey Chumakov. But the success was somewhat tainted by rumors, the alleged results of the contest rigged. Many viewers believed that victory was to be given to Ruslan Alehno.

    Alexey Chumakov
    Participated in many musical projects | The-most-beautiful

    Offers from TV channels followed one another. Together with Yulia Kovalchuk, Aleksey Chumakov started a fun project, «Who’s on top?», which was broadcast on the Ukrainian TV channel «Yu». However, he managed to engage with Timur Rodriguez program «midnight run». In 2014, the CTC Alexey Chumakov leads of the popular show «Open up, guests!». And the following year he was invited to the project of brothers Safronov «Empire of illusion».

    Literary activities

    The talented native of Uzbekistan people is multifaceted. In 2004 he wrote his first scenario in which a friend music video Cyril Kotelnikov took a picture of the «Dirt» (in the first version of «another sunset»). This is a film in the genre of zombie thrash. Unfortunately, the picture did not appear in wide distribution.

    Alexey Chumakov and his novel
    Proved himself as a writer

    Alexey Chumakov, opening his gift as a writer, continued to write. In 2015, he presented to his fans his first novel called «looking for ghosts». This mystical novel, the writing of which Chumakova inspired the great Stephen king.

    In March 2016 Alexey Chumakov loudly celebrated its 35th anniversary. In the arena of «Crocus city Hall» held his solo concert. In the same year, the writer presented to his fans the mystery Thriller «47».

    Personal life

    This beautiful couple met back in the time when Yulia Kovalchuk shone in the group «Brilliant». Since the names of the two stars remember together. Not to say that love came to him at first sight. She was born gradually, as recognition each other.

    Closely communicate Yulia and Alexei became in the project «Dances on ice». That’s when their meetings became regular: Chumakov was invited a girl to his concerts, she called him to parties of their friends. Both began to build a career that is called «from scratch», without the patronage and strong patrons. It has brought together a couple.

    Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk
    With his wife Julia Kovalchuk | Yellow

    Personal life Alexey Chumakov and Yulia Kovalchuk was finally formed in 2009. That year they declared themselves a couple. But under the crown of the beloved singer took immediately. I think he long kept an eye on her, considering whether they are together – both with a difficult character is to exist as a family.

    Finally Alexey Chumakov decided in 2013. The couples wedding was not loud: they quietly married in a registry office and the ceremony was arranged away from the eyes of journalists and the crowds in Spain. Here the couple have their own apartments where they like to relax.

    Wedding Chumakov and Kovalchuk
    Wedding photo

    In 2014 the spouse according to the magazine «Glamour» was named the «Vapor-2014». And in 2015 they gave his fans his film – a romantic Comedy «Urgent to marry», where she starred in the lead roles.


    • «These black eyes»
    • «Dreams about something more»
    • «I’m going crazy»
    • «Extraordinary»
    • «Love is still alive»
    • «Heaven take»
    • «If you want, dream»
    • «Girl, girl, woman»
    • «Give me a chance»
    • «All will be as you want.»
    • «Here and there»


    Alexey Chumakov

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