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  • Name: Alexey Anischenko ( Aleksey Anischenko )
  • Date of birth: 1 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Barnaul, Russia
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexey Anischenko : biography

    Alexey Anischenko is a successful actor, whose career is on the rise. He was born July 1, 1984 in the city of Dyatkovo (Bryansk oblast). In his family no actors, so he in the childhood has not dreamed of a creative career.

    In the 90-ies Alexey’s father went into business, but went bankrupt. The family broke up, and the boy was sent to live with her grandmother. Grandma’s house was down the street from the parental home. Recalls Alexey Anischenko, school and sports were also in two steps. The life of the boy walked in this circle.

    Anischenko was engaged in freestyle wrestling, competing at the competitions and seriously thought about professional sports. But the closer to the end of school, the better the boy understood that an athlete’s career is short-lived, but in life need stability.

    Alexey Anischenko has considered two aspects – philosophy and direction. After school, he applied at once in three universities and received all three. Finally he stopped at the directing faculty of Oryol Institute of culture.

    Alex spent the entire semester and took the documents – he was not satisfied with the level of training. After retiring he decided to enroll in schepkinskoe school. Talented entrants took on the first try. And so began the acting career of Alexey Anischenko.


    In the fourth year of the theatre school Alex played a major role in the production of «Years of pilgrimage». Another major role he had in the graduation performance «Rehearsing Shakespeare». For the role of Romeo, the actor received the award «Golden leaf».

    Alex has repeatedly said that the students Schepkin school firmly believe in theatre, live and do this art. The modern film actor criticized, but ironically it was he who made Anishchenko known.


    In 2004, the Russian viewers saw serial film «godson». Alexey Anischenko starred together with the famous Lyubov Polishchuk and Igor Livanov.

    Two years later, Alex starred in the serial film «Secret connections», but in 2007 the project was closed. On the air he never fell.

    In 2008, the actor played the main role in the film «Life, which was not.» Then had starring roles in the films «Cruel business», «Love.GI», «Love». The popularity of the actor brought the role of Dennis in the TV series «mothers and Daughters». His hero is gallant, smart, honest, nice guy, every girl’s dream. Alexey Anischenko this image has been 100 percent. The actor believes that it was the best of the series from those in which he starred.

    Anishchenko dreaming of a serious role in a serious movie, but the filmmakers fill up his sentences in the series. The audience saw the actor in the projects «Love’s healing power», «I will come», «Dark water» and many others.

    Behind Alexey Anischenko — more than 20 roles, and now he keep up the pace.

    Personal life

    Alexey Anischenko is married and happy in marriage. His wife – actress Olga Nikonov. They met on the set of the TV series «tough business» and never parted. In 2007, Olga and Alex got married.

    Alex loves poetry and writes poetry from his youth. He says he tries to do this as honestly as possible. Anischenko has released a collection of his own poems, however, all copies were given to their friends.

    In his spare time the actor likes to travel and chat with friends, loves to be in nature, because he grew up in Bryansk region, among the forests. Small home Alexey Anischenko is not often said that his circle of communication is in Moscow.


    • «Godson»
    • «Secret communications»
    • «Brutal business»
    • «Love»
    • «Not over yet»
    • «I will come»
    • «Salute»
    • «The keys to the past»
    • «Price of life»
    • «My sister, my Love»


    Alexey Anischenko

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