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  • Name: Alexei Yagudin ( Aleksey Yagudin )
  • Date of birth: 18 March 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: Athlete, figure skater, Olympic champion in figure skating
  • Marital status: Civil marriage Tatiana Totmyanina

    Alexei Yagudin: biography

    Alexei Yagudin was born March 18, 1980 in Saint-Petersburg. Mama Zoya Alekseevna worked in the Institute of Informatics and actually raised her son alone. When the boy was four years old, his father Konstantin left his family and moved to Germany.

    As a child, Alexei was often sick with colds. To improve the health of the son, Zoe Alekseevna has decided to send him to the sports section. There under the guidance of the mother Yagudin started skating. Zoya Alekseevna was a born mentor, the methods of upbringing was hard enough, but quite effective. Mom forced son in the ideal to work out every jump, not doing him any favors.

    Winter weekend young skater went skiing and in the summer performed a number of physical exercises in order not to lose shape. Rare moments of rest only came in the evenings when the whole family was gathered around the TV to watch popular TV series «Santa Barbara». For Alexei it was dinner time and resting when he could longer sit at the table and enjoy moments of leisure. At the age of ten years, Yagudin told his mother that he wants to leave figure skating, but after hearing the laconic reply Zoe Alekseevny «don’t ride» changed his mind.

    Alex graduated in 1997 with a silver medal. Accurate science always was easy for the boy, which could not be said about the works. In the same year, future skater entered the St. Petersburg state Academy of physical culture named after p. F. Lesgaft. After graduating, Yagudin became the deserved master of sports of the Russian Federation.

    Alexei Yagudin: figure skating

    The first coach Yagudin became a Soviet master of sports Alexander Mayorov. He was engaged in sports education of the boy for eight years. In 1992 Mayorov moved to Sweden, and Yagudin took coach and master of sports of the USSR Alexei Mishin. Together with Yagudin in the group was engaged in Mishin and Evgeni Plushenko. Under the guidance of coach Alexei has achieved significant success and at the age of 13 took fourth place at the world Championship in figure skating among juniors, and three years later received its first «gold» at the same competition. During the season 1996-1997 Alexei Yagudin participated in six different competitions, winning a bronze medal at the World Cup, the Championship of Russia, competition «Skate America» and «Sparkassen Cup». In the championship «Cup of Russia» skater received his first silver.

    In 1998, Alex has decided to say goodbye to his coach Alexei Mishin. On the recommendation of friends of Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko skater contacted the coach Tatiana Tarasova. At that time, one of the trainees just recently announced his retirement from the sport, and Tatiana Anatolievna readily agreed to take patronage over Mr. Yagudin. Then Alex moved to the United States for more intense workouts.

    Cooperation with Tarasova brought not only the first place in many major Championships of the 1998-1999 season, but found the artistic potential Yagudin. He became the Golden winner of six Championships among professionals. In 1999, the athlete won the world championship, receiving the highest marks for artistry during the execution of the jump «coat». However, the home of a talented skater lost the championship to his longtime friend Evgeny Plushenko. The confrontation in the first-second places in the Championships between by Yagudin and Plushenko went on for about four years. Yagudin was constantly ahead of Plushenko in world and European competitions, while Eugene never allowed Alex to «gold» in the Championship of Russia.

    Since 1999 Alexei Yagudin began to work with a major sports Agency «IMG», and its choreographer was the Moscow figure skater Nikolai Morozov. In 2000, Alex again won the world championship, becoming the first Russian three-time champion of this tournament.

    Before the world Cup 2001, Yagudin was injured, and the doctors even advised him to refuse to participate in the competition. But Alex easily got the first place for the short program, but for the first time at the world Cup lost the first place for any program to his eternal rival Evgeny Plushenko.

    In 2001, the skater took part in the competition «the goodwill Games» in Australia. Tarasova has long urged him to participate in the games, but the athlete insisted. In the end, Alex took 3rd place, which seriously undermined his morale, he began to think about retiring. But Tatiana Anatolievna managed to persuade Yagudin to participate in the Olympic games.

    That is the Olympics-2000 in salt lake city brought Alexei Yagudin tremendous success and fully reveals its potential. Short program «Winter», setting Tarasova and Morozov brought gold medal figure skater, a free program, «Man in the iron mask» became a standard of artistry and technology implementation.

    After many years of successful and intense performances of Alexei Yagudin worsened pain in the hip. During the medical investigation it turned out that the famous figure skater a congenital defect of the structure of the hip, which led to deformation of the joints. In 2003, the figure skater officially announces the completion of sports career.

    Having dealt with sports, Yagudin began career, becoming a member of various Russian projects. In 2006 took part in the shooting sports show of the First channel «Stars on ice».

    In 2007, Alex decided to have surgery to replace a hip joint. Hip pain is gone, and the skater decided to play sports again. However, due to numerous injuries Yagudin had to abandon their dreams. In the same year again took part in the Russian TV show on the topic of figure skating «Ice age». He made a pair with singer Victoria Dayneko.

    In 2009-2010, the skater was the leading late night talk show , «Good evening, Moscow!» on the channel «TV Center». Every Friday together with the leading Larisa Golubkina Alex discussed one of the topical for residents of Russia.

    In 2013, became a leading sports show «Ice age 4», which is led by figure skater Irina Slutskaya.

    Alexei Yagudin: personal life

    For a long time Alexei Yagudin was famed womanizer, he attributed novels with many well-known Russian activist show business.

    With his current common-law wife Tatiana Totmyanina Alex met at a very young age. However, relationship between Tatiana and Alexei began only in 2008. In November 2009 they had a daughter Elizabeth, and incredibly brought them closer together.

    During a tour of the parents of little Lisa lives in France with his grandmother in a 2014 the girl went to the first class. In may 2015 from friends of the family, it became known that Yagudin and Totmianina are expecting their second child.

    Alexei Yagudin: sporting achievements

    • Olympic champion 2002 in figure skating
    • Four-time world champion
    • The double world champion among professionals
    • Three-time European champion
    • Four-time silver medalist of the championship of Russia

    Alexei Yagudin: photo

    Alexei Yagudin

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