Alexey Vorobyov

photo Alexei Vorobyov

  • Name: Alexey Vorobyov ( Aleksey Vorobyov )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1988
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Tula
  • Activities: Musician, actor, singer, poet, composer, goodwill Ambassador, UNICEF Director, producer
  • Marital status: Not married

    Alexei Vorobyov: biography

    Alexey Vorobyov was raised in a large family of head protection. Mother is a housewife, devoted her life to family and children. Vladimir and Nadezhda Nikolaevna did not pursue personal goals in the education of children and allowed to choose their own future profession.

    Alex loved football and saw their future in the career of the athlete. Played for the school team as a striker. Later plans have changed. Fascinated by the music, the sparrows realized that this is his future. However, according to the young man, the similarities between sports and the stage is not large: a way forward, the intensity of emotions, thirst for victory.

    After school Alex graduated from Berklee College profession accordionist. Participation in competitions has been won. In the biography of Alexei Vorobyov something was missing, and he decided to enroll in a College on the vocalist. Perhaps the impetus to connect his life with music became an older brother and sister who also studied at the school of music.


    The first part in a musical competition was held in 12 years. Followed by a series of Russian and international competitions, where the sparrows came back with another award. Up to 16 years of age the young talent becomes the soloist of ensemble «Delight».

    Being a seventeen year old musician, Alex managed to win a gold medal at the Delphic games in «Folk singing» in solo performance. Achievements stimulated Vorobyov to new heights, and in the same year he went to Moscow on a casting ekranizirovana contest «Secret of Success», where the final takes the third place and marks the next step in his career.

    Encouraged by the victory the young man decides to move to the capital and to continue professional growth in the school. Gnessin state musical College of pop-jazz direction. Of course, hard work and willingness to learn pays stroica. After the first year of training, the contractor enters into a contract with Universal Music Russia.

    Another achievement in the career of becoming the national anthem «Junior Eight» at the Summit in St. Petersburg, as well as a performance at the closing ceremony. Then a new stage of professional growth: Alexey Vorobyov becomes the face of MTV. Young man playing the main character of an interactive serial movie «Dream of Alice», which airs daily. Telenovela brought the actor immense popularity.

    Despite the success, he decides to continue to build professional skills and making an attempt to enter the theater UNIVERSITY. Was enrolled on the course K. Serebrennikov school-Studio of MKHAT. Active participation in various projects and preparing for competitions takes a lot of time and effort, what was the reason for discontinuation of further education. Alexey Vorobyov took the documents from the Moscow art theatre.

    Next was active shooting a movie. In 2007, Vorobyov presenting the award «Opening of MTV» at the fourth ceremony MTV Russia Music Awards.

    In 2008, the artist has earned another award, this time «Sound track» MK. In 2011, the musical career of Alexey Vorobyov was at the height of his fame: he signed a contract with a famous Hollywood producer RedOne, famous for his work with Lady Gaga, usher, Enrique Iglesias. Under the terms of the contract the contractor receives the alias Alex Sparrow that is the literal translation of the native name.

    Vorobyov movie career was no less important than the music. After Telecabine series «Dreams of Alice» followed by the shooting of the project «Cruel games», where the finals gave the second place. In the same year took part in a sports TV show «Ice and fire». The victory went to Alexei and his partner Tatiana Navka. Despite a broken arm during the grueling training, a fighter in life and on stage refused further performances, more wins.

    In March 2012 at the closing ceremony of the XII Russian Festival in Tula received the award for best male performance in the film «Suicide». Then followed the shooting of the series «Deffchonki».

    In 2014 he made his debut in the role of Director. Short film «Dad» narrated to the audience the tragic story of a crazy father who lost his mind after the tragic death of his beloved daughter. In the author’s scenario, Alexey Vorobyov took composition and installation that led to a double success. The film received the award for «Best short foreign film» in America on the festival Action On Film Festiva. Another award for short film — «Ruby Phoenix». Awarded in Smolensk for the best debut at the festival «Golden Phoenix».

    In 2008 Vorobyev joined public activities, becoming a member of the project

  • «Dance4Life
  • «. Take a proactive stance in the fight against AIDS, being a goodwill Ambassador for the UN.

    March 12, 2016 on the TNT channel launched TV show «the Bachelor,» in which Alexey Vorobyov took part. For the attention of Alexey will fight dozens of the beauties, and he must search for his soul mate.


    Old dream Vorobyov to represent Russia at «Eurovision» dream path was thorny. In 2008, the final standings of the selection of songs for «Eurovision» single, Alexei «New Russian Kalinka» occupies only the fifth position.

    The following year he made another attempt and made the final of Russian selection, but because of busy schedules and reluctance to leave other projects and was forced to withdraw his candidacy.

    Dream singer has come true in 2011 alone, he won the right to represent Russia with the song «Get You», but in the end it didn’t go as smoothly as we would like. Part Vorobyov was accompanied by unpleasant incidents. Before the start of the competition in an interview, Alex expressed a biased opinion about the sexual minorities. Next on «the Eurovision» Alexey accused Swedish artist plagiarism, as agreed, a team of Russian singer.

    At the end of the first semi-final on may 10, Alexei Vorobyov suddenly shouted live «With Day of Victory!» what has caused ambiguous reaction of representatives of the press and the jury. On the same day announced the results of the competition, being in the euphoria of reaching the final, the Russians emotionally spoke obscene language and sent to the camera lens kiss. Negative reaction followed from journalists, colleagues and friends. As a result, 77 points and only 16 place.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alexei Vorobyov was known as a Heartbreaker. First love was Julia Vasiliadi, a colleague from the number of soloists «Goodies». The relationship ended when Alexey went to Moscow and was captivated by the career. Already known as a singer and actor became fascinated with figure skater Tatyana Navka, mentor and partner in the TV project «Ice and fire». It was unrequited infatuation.

    Then the sparrows began to meet with Oksana Akinshina. In may 2011, the couple broke up, but reunited. Reconciliation was not of long duration, and in August of the same year, the young men fled. Then in the press and social networks Alexey Vorobyov and Victoria Dayneko embarked on a joint photo. The affair ended in 2012.


    • «Alice»
    • «Desire»
    • «New Russian Kalinka»
    • «Shout It Out»
    • «More than love»
    • «Wasted without you»
    • «I’ll always be with you»
    • «Crazy»


    • «Dreams Of Alice»
    • «Suicide»
    • «New year sms-ka»
    • «The three Musketeers»
    • «Three heroes»
    • «Sin city 2: a Woman is worth killing»
    • «Vatican records»


    Alexey Vorobyov

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