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  • Name: Alexei Veselkin ( Aleksey Veselkin )
  • Date of birth: 15 August 1990
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 179
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: married

    Alexei Veselkin: biography

    Aleksei Veselkin is a young Russian actor, known to the public thanks to the television series «Fartsa» and children’s the role of Cedric in the family drama «the joys and sorrows of little Lord».

    He was born in Moscow, in the family of hereditary artists. His father Alexei Veselkin-senior – a famous Soviet and Russian actor, who became famous as the presenter of the child and adolescent programs «Before 16 and older», «king of the hill», «50×50», «Alarm clock». Mother Tatiana Veselkina (Osmania) – actress of the Russian academic youth theater. Grandparents — pop dancers who worked in the «Mosconcert». Interestingly, giving the son a proper name, Veselkin, Sr. continued the family tradition, because at the time it was named in honor of his father.

    From early childhood, Alyosha saw himself only as an artist. In the 12th birthday, he debuted on the stage of the Youth theatre in the play «Erast Fandorin», where the main role was played by his father. He later participated in several productions and a full-fledged member of the troupe of this theatre Alex was in 2013, when he graduated from the acting Department GITIS, where she studied on the course of Alexei Borodin.


    In the movie, Veselkin, Jr. made his debut at the age of 13, playing Prince Constantine, the youngest brother of Tsar Alexander, in the historical series «Poor Nastya». In the same year he had the opportunity to take part in the film adaptation of the famous children’s novel by Frances Burnett «Little Lord Fauntleroy,» which in the movie was called «Sadness and joy little Lord». The critics and the audience highly appreciated the work of a young actor spoke about his game, how about organic and natural. Praise the boy more honorable that he was able to show their talent amid such legendary performers as Stanislav Govorukhin and Nikolay Volkov.

    In 2014, in the Comedy «fool’s Day» Veselkin created the image of a young boy who wants to get everything at once without putting much effort. He climbs not only loans, but also in the Scam, which can be considered as a modern version of Gogol’s «the Inspector General». Interestingly, initially in the role of scapegrace Vanka was approved by a completely different actor, but two days before shooting began, he announced that there will be able to participate. He was replaced by Alexios Veselkina, who had to start work almost from scratch.

    In the spring of 2015 on the First channel started showing youth series 60-ies «Fartsa». The storyline is built on the friendship of four young men, ready to give their lives for each other. One of them, Konstantin Germanova, nicknamed «Spike», and plays Alexei Veselkin. The actor recreated the image of a timid loser who, ironically, is the boy-major, the son of a Ministerial official.

    To successfully enter into the role, Alex asked a lot of questions his grandfather, who not only remembered those times, but he, being an entertainer and often when visiting a foreign city, and was engaged in black marketeering, however, legal – handed brought the goods in consignment shops. The show was a great success with the audience, so the organizers of the project decided to continue shooting. In their plans to make multiple sequels and bring the storyline to 1991. Alexei Veselkin has already agreed to participate in the second season of the TV movie.

    Personal life

    While studying in high school theater, Alexei Veselkin, Jr. met with Alina Chysovoy, also a student of GITIS, who was a student a year behind. They have long been met, and on the last day of September 2015 were married.


    • 2003 — Poor Nastya
    • 2003 — the Joy and sorrow a little Lord
    • 2005 — multiplies the sadness
    • 2012 — Far from the war
    • 2013 — Last summer
    • 2014 — fool’s Day
    • 2014 — Chernobyl: the exclusion Zone
    • 2015 — Fartsa
    • 2015 — And we have in the yard
    • 2015 — kings can do Everything


    Alexei Veselkin

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