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  • Name: Alexey Venediktov ( Aleksey Venediktov )
  • Date of birth: 18 December 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 168
  • Activity: a Russian journalist, editor in chief, co-owner and presenter of radio station «Echo of Moscow»
  • Marital status: married

    Alexei Venediktov: biography

    Alexei Venediktov was born in December 1955. Two weeks before his birth, tragedy struck: his father, graduated from the Higher naval school of diving in Riga and served as a Lieutenant on one of the submarines of the Northern fleet, was tragically killed off the coast of Kamchatka.

    Venediktov says that in his childhood was left to himself. All the adults worked. Mother Eleanor Abramovna DYKHOVICHNY worked as a radiologist in the hospital. Grandma Nina Abramovna DYKHOVICHNY — Honored Builder of Russia. It is the brainchild of hotel «Ukraine» in the capital: she’s like the engineer designed the engineering design of the building.

    Alexei Venediktov in his childhood
    In childhood |

    Despite what all the adults in the family busy love, Alexei Venediktov, too, began to seek their place under the sun. First he graduated from high school, where in-depth studied French. Then he became a student of the pedagogical Institute, where he chose the Department of history.

    In his student years the guy worked, not wanting to «sit on the neck» from his mother. At first he found himself a place of laboratory assistant in one of the universities. Then got a job as a postman who delivered mail to the house where lived aliens. Thus the young man got the opportunity to read what is published in foreign journals, and to compare written with what was printed in the Soviet media.

    Alexei Venediktov
    Has made himself |

    In the army the young man took – he was too poor eyesight (minus 10).

    After graduation in 1978, a young historian went to school. He taught the subject to children for 20 years and has achieved success in the profession, becoming an excellent student of national education of the Russian Federation.


    In 1990 appeared in the capital radio «Echo of Moscow». The creators are the friends of Alexey Venediktov, Sergei BUNTMAN, Sergei Korzun and. They invited the teacher of the historian as a correspondent and newspaper columnist. Pretty soon aspiring journalist «rose» to a political observer. Knowledge of the history and reading the foreign press in his student years helped him in the formation.

    Alexei Venediktov and Mikhail Gorbachev
    With Mikhail Gorbachev. |

    In the mid-1990s, Alexei Venediktov took the chair of Director of information service «Echo» and the winter of 1998, he was elected editor-in-chief is rapidly gaining popularity radio.

    The journalist is proud of the fact that in the 1990s helped to get out of the Chechen captivity of 14 Russian military. For this act he was awarded the medal of Russian Security Council. As a journalist, Alexei Venediktov often in other «hot spots.»

    Alexei Venediktov in his youth
    In his youth |

    Career and biography of Alexei Venediktov has developed rapidly. Retaining the post of chief editor of «Echo of Moscow», he became the head of the TV company «Echo-TV». The idea of its creation appeared in the early 2000s, after the closure of TV-6. Then many professional journalists left without a job. The «backbone» of the new TV company made up they.

    Alexei Venediktov
    With colleagues |

    In the same time period Alexei Venediktov acquired station «Arsenal» as a «safety net» in case the closure of «Echo of Moscow». He also headed a new radio.

    In 2006, Alexei tried himself as a TV presenter together with Svetlana Sorokina he led the transfer of «circle of light» on the channel «Home» had high ratings.

    And next year megazvezda becomes a member of the Board of Directors of radio station «Echo of Moscow», having in its ownership of 18 % of the shares.

    Alexei Venediktov
    Megazvezda |

    Well-known journalist believe the opposition. He often criticizes the government, which has become a cause for conflict with its representatives, including senior managers. President Vladimir Putin has defined Alexei Venediktov as the enemy. Once in conversation with him he said, «the Enemies right in front of you, you are at war with them, then a truce, and everything is clear. The traitor must be destroyed crush. You know, Alex, you are a traitor. You are an enemy».

    However, the Russian President congratulated the journalist with 50 years of anniversary and wished success.

    Vladimir Venediktov Vladimir Putin
    With Russian President Vladimir Putin |

    Alexei Venediktov, a permanent member of the Russian delegation at the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. And he is one of the authors of the Declaration «the Moscow Charter of journalists.» A journalist and many awards, including the medal of the order «For merits before Fatherland», the French Legion of honor, and the award «Best feathers of Russia».

    He is well known as the presenter. In his Arsenal of some author’s programs, the rating of which is «No middleman», «the Echo of week», «Direct speech», «48 minutes» and «Anarchy».

    Alexei Venediktov and Maria Gaidar
    Maria Gaidar | ESO.MK.Gee

    In the winter of 2014, the Russian journalist visited the Kiev Maidan. He said that released on the protest of Ukrainians European integration is a dream. And the President Viktor Yanukovych this cherished dream stole and betrayed his people, for which he received a people’s revolt.

    Alexei Venediktov stood on the side of Ukraine and predicted the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula to the Russian Federation. And «painted» such a scenario for several areas of the South-East of Ukraine.

    Personal life

    He was recognized for «corporate» style: plaid shirt, a beard and lush curls that make him look like a «dandelion». The journalist is constantly in the spotlight. Personal life Alexei Venediktov – including.

    Alexei Venediktov son
    With his son Alex | ESO.MK.Gee

    In 2011, a lot of fuss about his scandalous interview with «Maxim» in which he admitted that, as a teacher, had a sexual relationship with an underage high school girls. Piquancy of the situation added that He did not consider his actions somewhat reprehensible. After all, he was older than the girls in some 5-6 years. And they deceived him supposedly they do.

    It is known that the TV star since April 1998 in a legal marriage. His wife Elena Sitnikova – Muscovite. She is a graduate of Moscow state University: graduated from faculty of computational mathematics and Cybernetics. But since 1993 she works on «Echo of Moscow».

    The couple’s only son, Alexei, who was born in 2000.


    Alexei Venediktov

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