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  • Name: Alexey Tikhonov ( Aleksey Tikhonov )
  • Date of birth: 1 November 1971.
  • Age: 45 years
  • Place of birth: Samara
  • Height: 187
  • Activities: skater, Honored master of sports of Russia, actor
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Maria Petrova

    Alexei Tikhonov: biography

    Alexei Tikhonov, a Russian figure skater who competes for Russia in pairs figure skating with Maria Petrova and Japan with Yukiko Kawasaki. He was European and World champion, and took gold medals in the championship of Russia and Japan. He finished his professional career in 2007 with the rank of honored master of sports. After retiring from skating, became an actor and starred in such films as «Sea devils», «Team», «Emergency», and others.

    Alex came to the children’s school of figure skating at the age of 5 years. His first coach was quite famous Vera Birbraer, which has long seen in this single athlete. At just 14 years Tikhonov for the first time stood in a pair and two years later moved to Yekaterinburg, where there were more prospects. In 1989, after paired with Irina Sayfutdinovoy made the first notable achievements – the boys took the bronze medals of the world championship among juniors.

    However, more Irina skater’t danced since I went to Moscow and became a couple with Catherine Morogova. They are about two years represented the club «CSKA», but then the partner Tikhonov wrapped up in the Amateur figure skating through the marriage. Alex was alone again, and then there’s the Soviet Union collapsed.

    Professional career

    Alexei Tikhonov had a choice – or to quit the sport, or to go abroad. He chose the latter, went to Japan and together with a former singles and Yukiko Kawasaki twice in a row became the champion of this country. On the international stage successes were more modest. Note only the bronze medal of the tournament «NHK Trophy» in 1993.

    Probably, the Russian skater will continue to have continued performances in the land of the rising sun, but in 1994, when he was on leave, he received an offer to join the troupe of the ice theater of Tatyana Tarasova «All stars». The young man agreed.

    But all the time that he was out of big-time sports Alexei Tikhonov wanted to go back. However, from the first chance to speak with Maria Petrova, he refused – I did not dare leave the theater profitable for the dubious prospects.

    But when, in 1998, the troupe broke up, he found a St. Petersburg skater, and with it already after 4 months took first place in the qualifying stage in Germany, and later became European champion. A pair of Tikhonov and Petrova have managed once again to charm fans of figure skating, not only in the framework of the Russian championship, but skating Championships of Europe and World.

    But in 2006, the year Alex and Maria were going to finish his career at the peak of fame. They were persuaded to stay for another season, which, unfortunately, brought more frustration than pleasure. At the last world Cup ranked only 11th place in the short program, and arbitrary they had and even skip, as Tikhonov was injured. After returning home from Tokyo skaters finally announced that a great sport for them left behind.

    Movies and TV shows

    In the last year Alexey Tikhonov has combined performances in figure skating with participation in show «Stars on ice», where he danced with actress Anne of bolkovoy and took third place. Then he was brought to the rating of the project «Ice age». There its wards became such stars as actress Alisa Grebenshchikova, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Alena Babenko, Kristina Asmus and singer Anita Tsoy.

    As Alexey Tikhonov became interested in acting career, once as a cameo was invited to the television series «Matchmaker». Then he has the rights of a full-fledged actor was involved in a detective «Hot ice,» tragicomedy «Putejtsy 2» action movie «Sea devils». The more serious the role went to Alexis in the short film «Business proposal» and the melodrama «the heart’s Memory». The last movie work of former figure skater was crime drama «white Lie» and the Thriller «Second sight.»

    It is also worth noting that Alexei Tikhonov have time to go on a theatrical stage in the play «Abnormal» based on the play of Hope Ptushkina. It happened in 2009 in the Vakhtangov theatre.

    Personal life

    Almost immediately after Alexei Tikhonov and Maria Petrova got a couple, broke out between them a spark. In a few years, well after the Olympics in salt lake city, they lived together.

    In 2010 the family had a little daughter, Pauline, but after the birth of her daughter Alex and Maria went for a long time to live a civil marriage, as could not decide to hold a big wedding or simply to sign.


    • 2007 — the Matchmaker
    • 2008 — Hot ice
    • 2010 — Putejtsy-2
    • 2012 — Emergency
    • 2014 — grandpa
    • 2014 — the memory of the heart
    • 2015 — Business proposal
    • 2015 — the Sea devils. Tornado 3
    • 2015 Team
    • 2016 — a white Lie
    • 2016 — Second sight


    Alexei Tikhonov

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