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  • Name: Alexei Smirnov ( Aleksey Smirnov )
  • Date of birth: 28 February 1920
  • Age: 59 years
  • Date of death: 7 may 1979
  • Place of birth: Danilov, Yaroslavl oblast
  • Activity: film and theater actor, honored artist of the RSFSR
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexei Smirnov: biography

    Alexei Smirnov was born in the Yaroslavl region in the town of Danilova. His parents Anna Ivanovna and Makar Stepanovich was also the younger son Arkady. When he was 6 years old, the family moved to Leningrad, but there they found the mountain, died suddenly head of the family and mother had to raise two boys. Until the end of life Alexei Smirnov lived in the communal apartment, which was received by his father.

    In school the boy had attended the circle of drama. Participation in staged scenes so captivated him that right after high school, Smirnov went to study at the Studio at the Leningrad musical Comedy theater, from which he graduated in 1940 and immediately became an actor of the theater. But on the stage of musical Comedy managed to take part only in the operetta «Rose Marie», as he was called up for military service, where he found the war. Alexei Smirnov served as the commander of the platoon firing, and later an artillery battery. In Ukrainian and Belorussian fronts also served as a scout, repeatedly went behind enemy lines.

    Thanks to his personal actions had destroyed many of the enemy units liberated the town of Starokonstantinov, and captured the village of Eichenried. Not once Alexey Kravchuk made feats: in order to inspire comrades, he rushed to the attack on 4 dozen of the Nazis; he escaped from the environment during exploration, and capturing the captured soldiers of the enemy; myself were transported across the river mortar.

    Valor Alexey Smirnov was awarded the order of the red Star, twice order of Glory and many medals «For courage» and «For military merit». But your rewards in later years he preferred not to talk, modestly believing that doing the same thing that other defenders of the Fatherland.

    Great victory actor met in the rank of guards Sergeant major, but left during one of the battles he was severely wounded and subsequently the reserve. After the war he returned to his Comedy. First, he looked at the minor characters in plays, but then the audience remember the impressive stature Smirnov and demanded new appearances of the actor in the image of the good-natured Bumpkin. But Alexey this role weighed: internally he was a dramatic actor, not a comedian. But not only does Comedy role in the theater he got in the play «Tobacco captain», where he appeared on stage as king Peter I.


    In the movie Alexei Smirnov appeared well-known actor through participation in productions. First he tried in the episode war drama «glory of the Baltic», it was the only Comedy role of the bourgeois in a major historical film «Kochubey». After this job offers just fell down on the actor.

    Not always, he chose the movie because of good script or cooperation with skilled colleagues. For example, in the melodrama «Roman and Francesca» Smirnov wanted to look at the refurbished Kiev, where he visited during the war.

    The first «national» roles Alexei Makarovich was sailor Knish from «Striped flight» and the ataman of the Cossacks in «Evenings on farm near Dikanki». The audience enthusiastically greeted his appearance on the screen.

    But the greatest love of the audience brought Smirnov the film directed by Leonid Gaidai. Kinonovell «the ransom of red Chief» and especially «Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures» made him a national favorite. The audience quoted characters Smirnova as if they were real people, not on-screen characters. And the filmmakers stood in line for a popular actor, as it became widely known that Alexey Smirnov is not only demanding of himself a professional, but also very obedient performer, ready to swim in icy water, contact with wild animals, falling from heights and to meet any requirements of executives movies.

    But the actor himself considered truly «his» Director Leonid Bykov, with whom he also struck up a close friendship. Together they worked in the Comedy «Bunny» heroic painting «the Scouts», and then in the legendary war drama «go To fight some «old men», which the Bulls could not imagine without the participation of Smirnoff. The Director had a natural way to fight for the mate with the Ministry of culture. Because of the role mechanics Makaritch in this film, Alexei Smirnov opened to the viewer as an outstanding dramatic actor, and the final scene at the tomb remains one of the most dramatic episodes in the Soviet cinema.

    Personal life

    Alexei Smirnov was never married. Before the war he proposed to his sweetheart Lydia Maslova, but as due to the concussion he suffered at the front, could not have children, hiding from the girl the real reason you broke off the engagement. Until the end of his life he lived in a communal apartment and was taking care of my mother who suffers from a severe mental illness.

    Alexey Kravchuk dreamed about children, even wanted to adopt a disabled child, but he was not allowed by the officials. However, Smirnov often visited the orphanage and gave the children a hand-made toy, which is expertly carved from wood.

    The actor is fond of collecting. He had a huge library of rare books, a large number of dried insects and reptiles preserved in alcohol, and also a scrapbook with clippings from the press about himself.


    In recent years Alexei Smirnov led a very secluded life. This has resulted in increased illness of his mother, who even stopped to see son, the actual ill health, and began a dependency on alcohol.

    The actor died on 7 may 1979. There are several versions of what led to the tragic ending of the life of 59-year-old Alexei Smirnov. According to the official version, he was in the hospital because of coronary heart disease and within two weeks was restored to health. On the day of discharge, he learned that a car crash killed his best friend Leonid Bykov. This was a severe blow for the actor that he couldn’t stand. In another embodiment, the he was in the hospital just after the news of the death of Bykov and did not survive this news. The third version comes from the head physician of the hospital and says that the actor secretly doctors decided to recall friend and drunk a glass of cognac became fatal for him.

    Alexei Smirnov was buried in the now familiar St. Petersburg. For years, the memory of the actor remained only in the films with his participation . About it wrote in Newspapers, the grave is almost never visited. Just as much in the 21st century people thanked a great artist and a war hero, setting him a monument in Kharkiv. The exposition represents Alexei Smirnov in the way of mechanics Makaritch from the movie «go To fight some «old men». In the new Millennium has been removed and a series of documentaries about the life of an actor, the most famous being «of the Island. Alexey Smirnov» was released in 2012.


    • 1961 — Striped flight
    • 1961 — Evenings on a farm near Dikanka
    • 1963 — Business people
    • 1964 Welcome, or no trespassing
    • 1965 — Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures
    • 1966 Aybolit — 66
    • 1967 — Wedding in Malinovka
    • 1968 — Seven old men and one girl
    • 1968 — Scouts
    • 1973 — go To fight some «old men»


    Alexey Smirnov

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