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  • Name: Alexei Pushkov ( Alexey Pushkov )
  • Date of birth: 10 August 1954
  • Age: 62 years
  • Place of birth: Beijing, China
  • Activity: the Russian state and public figure, Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs, political scientist, diplomat, Honoured culture worker, journalist, broadcaster
  • Marital status: Married

    Alexei Pushkov: biography

    Alexei Pushkov, a famous TV presenter and a brilliant representative of Russian high politics, which have made great contribution to development of domestic television and for the past many years, gives valuable advice to the higher layers of the Russian government, starting from President and ending with his assistants. In addition, the analyst is a permanent expert of the World economic forum in Davos, included in the Presidium of the Council for external and internal security of the Russian Federation, heads the State Duma Committee on international Affairs and since 2012 holds the position of Vice President of the Bureau of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) sessions, which protects the interests of Russia.

    Born Pushkov, Alexei Konstantinovich 10 August 1954 in the capital of China in the family of a Soviet diplomat Konstantin Mikhailovich and English teacher Margarita Vladimirovna. Early childhood of the future Russian political scientist and diplomat took place in Beijing, but to learn it had been in Moscow, as his father was transferred to work in Russia. Alexey graduated from the special school with advanced study of the French language. In school, he differed from his peers it is difficult to study, he had a talent for learning foreign languages, which determined the main direction of its future activities.

    After successfully finishing the school Alexei Pushkov became a student of MGIMO, faculty of international relations. In 1976, after graduation, he went to Geneva, where he worked at the UN office. Not stopping there, the political scientist graduated in 1980 and became a candidate of historical Sciences, which allowed him to become a lecturer at MGIMO-University, Department of history of international relations and foreign policy.

    In 1983, cannon moved to Prague, where he worked as the editor of the international journal «problems of peace and socialism», with the post of senior assistant and consultant editor of the publication. 5 years later, returning home Alexey became a speechwriter for Mikhail Gorbachev. He wrote most of the speeches for the only President of the USSR, as already well-versed in politics and could engage the audience with their interesting and relevant statements.


    After disintegration of the USSR the biography of Alexei Pushkov has not changed its course and the political scientist continued to be active in the field of journalism, becoming a political columnist and Deputy editor of the weekly «Moscow news». However, he was in charge of all the foreign editions of the newspaper, which later became the chief editor.

    In 1993, the career growth of Vellus began to gain momentum – he became a member of the editorial Board of Foreign Policy magazine issued by the Foundation Andrew Carnegie for international peace and at the same time included in the ranks of the world economic forum in Davos.

    The next career step Pushkov became the Russian TV channel ORT, where he first served as Director of public relations and later became Director of international relations. From 1995 to 1998 Alexey was Deputy General Director of «First channel» broadcasting which is widely distributed outside of Russia and covers almost the whole world.

    In 1998, telemetr becomes a leader and presenter of the program «Postscriptum» with Alexei Pushkov. In his transfer he receives in the Studio of famous Russian and foreign politicians, figures of science and culture. The propagation program is balanced insights and assessments, the competence of the experts, the accuracy of the analyses and facts that made her widely popular among the higher political elite of Russia and millions of viewers.


    In 2011, Alexei Pushkov at the official level has entered the world of big politics. First he was elected to the state Duma according to party lists «United Russia» which member it is. After this he was appointed to the post of head of the international Affairs Committee of the state Duma, and in 2012 became Vice-President and Bureau member of PACE, has headed the Russian delegation in Strasbourg.

    Achieve Alexei Pushkov in politics is hard to overestimate – he is a clear defender of the interests of their country at all political levels throughout the world, has a clear stance on Ukraine and Crimea, and in 2014 was included in the sanctions list of the EU.

    In 2015, he proudly and coolly responded to the PACE resolution on depriving the Russian side the right to vote in the Assembly for a few months and said that Russia leaves the PACE until the end of the year, because the country does not need such a dialogue with the Assembly, which restricts the rights of the Russian Federation in any critical moments.

    In addition to policy Alexey Puchov is a well-known journalist and author of more than 300 analytical and scientific articles on the topic of external and internal policy of Russia. His work is known worldwide and many international print publications, for which he was awarded the prestigious for writers Bunin award.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alexei Pushkov happy and stable. At the dawn of his career, he met his future wife Nina, who is a graduate of the Shchukin theatre school. After the wedding took place in 1977, the favorite did not leave for the day as the wife is fluff for the sake of family happiness left the theatre, completely devoting himself to family mission.

    In the same 1977, the spouses of the Downy was born the only daughter Daria, who now lives in London, where he heads the Bureau of the TV channel «Russia Today», the clock features exclusive materials from around the world. On the 33rd anniversary of parents Daria gave jubilee granddaughter. She was born in one of capital maternity homes, making the world-famous scientist grandfather.

    Family Alexei Pushkov likes to travel — they’ve been in 70 countries around the world that were visited as part of business policy, and in the format of a tourist tour. The head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs, actively interested in sports, namely, is engaged in tennis, skiing and swimming.

    Also the gun is a well-known collector of metallic pots and pitchers, and more recently, its collection has been enriched with statues of soldiers in knightly armor.


    According to the official, Alexei Pushkov income for 2014 amounted to 20 million 650 thousand roubles and his wife – 161 thousand roubles. In the free possession of the couple has a land plot of 3,000 m2, two apartments, a total area of almost 300 m2, a house in the stage of unfinished construction area of over 1000 m2 and two cars Jaguar XJ and Mercedes-Benz E-class.


    Alexei Pushkov

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