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  • Name: Alexei Morozov ( Aleksey Morozov )
  • Date of birth: 16 November 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Height: 188
  • Activities: actor
  • Family: married Dana Abyzova

    Alex frost: a biography

    Aleksey Morozov was born in Saint-Petersburg on 16 November 1979. From early childhood, he was a romantic, he was fascinated by poetry, literature, music. Alex with undisguised pleasure visited with my parents in the theater. Perhaps the atmosphere of the Northern capital of Russia so the boy was influenced by that art became the meaning of his life.

    First acting experience Alexei Morozov received in the second grade when he played the lead role in the television play «Travel blue arrows» and earned the praise of the famous St. Petersburg Director Valery sarukhanova, directed this play. At age 14, the guy came to the casting, organized by the television drama Studio «Imagination». He passed this selection – from 1994 to 1998 he participated in productions of the youth group «Imagination». The Studio’s work showed the level of performances, which sometimes were jealous of the actors-professionals. In the period of frosts have finally decided on their future profession.

    After school, the future actor entered the Academy of theatre arts in St. Petersburg, which he successfully graduated in 2001. After graduation Alexei was taken in the Maly drama theatre — Theatre of Europe. The difficult financial situation, self-doubt forced the boy to leave the profession for some time — play on stage gave him the old emotional satisfaction.

    In 2004 Alexey Morozov went to Moscow to engage in its infancy at that time the art of PR. Soon he became the head of Russian press service by Patricia Kaas, started his own Agency for advertising and promotion. Morozov has quickly gained a reputation – collaborated with the Nemiroff brand, British American Tobacco and the other major players in the global market.

    In 2006 he received financial independence, but at this point I felt that he lacked theatre. A phone call from a Small theatre and became a turning point in his life.


    Alexei Morozov always wanted to be a TV presenter. In 2002-2004 he led the TV show «emergency reserve» on the channel REN TV.

    In 2003 he was invited to become co-host of the program «Is to capture in battle», broadcasted on the channel «Culture» — this was an artistic reconstruction of duels and card games. Alex believes that it was more acting than doing TV shows.

    In autumn 2011 he appeared on the TV channel «Russia-Petersburg» as the host of «the Protected area with Aleksei Morozov», talks about the attractions of St. Petersburg and the region.


    He came in MDT — Theatre of Europe in 2001 and immediately received roles in the legendary productions of «Gaudeamus» and «Claustrophobia».

    From 2004 to 2006, Morozov was a creative break. In the profession he returned a phone call from the theatre – he was invited to the role of the Jester in Shakespeare’s «King Lear».

    He also played in productions of «the possessed», «Mumu», «Shadow hand», «Lord of the flies», «the Portrait with a rain» and many others. Alexei Morozov and is now working at the Maly drama theatre — Theatre of Europe and collaborates with the theater «Shelter comedian».


    Roles in the movie Alexei Morozov is not so much. It is not fundamentally removed in the base films, said that film is better quality, not quantity.

    His acting career began in 2002 with the film «life safety», where he played a small role. In 2009, Director Nicholas Dryden Morozov was invited for the lead role in the film «Chapel of the angel».

    In 2011, frost played the lead role of the film «Story of destiny». One of the last works – the main role in a serial film «the cross in the circle», filmed on the novel by Dmitry Gerasimov. His hero is a journalist-historian who is forced to work as a security guard in an old hotel. The mystical story of the picture is a hint of fate, taking that person opens up unknown parts of yourself.

    Personal life

    Alex was married from his first marriage he had a son. With his first wife actor met on the Internet, soon a virtual acquaintance grew into a strong feeling. But gradually, the relationship faded.

    Then personal life Alexei Morozov has been associated with This Abyzova. The couple lived for some time together, and in January 2016 married love.

    In a recent interview Alex said that 2016-the year will meet on the set of the new film. He is the main role of the cardiologist Igor Kalinin. However, the relevance of the actor believes the best gift for any occasion.

    Alexei Morozov says that Peter is the city spirit and by birth. His passion is music: he plays guitar, piano, and drums.


    • «Report of destiny»
    • «Cross in circle»
    • «Chapel Of The Angel»
    • «Exit»
    • «Weapon»
    • «First time»
    • «Gregory R.»
    • «Cross in circle»
    • «Couture dress»
    • «Black crow»


    Alexei Morozov

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