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(biography, photo, video) Arkady Arnaut

photo Alexei Klimushkin

  • Name: Alexey Klimushkin ( Arkady Arnaut )
  • Date of birth: 2 may 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Growth: 182
  • Activities: actor, radio host, Director of theater and cinema, DJ
  • Marital status: married

    Alexei Klimushkin: biography

    The future actor was born in Leningrad, where he lived with his parents. Like many Soviet boys of that time, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut and attended regular high school.

    The family lived Klimushkin on Vladimirsky Prospekt, house number 15, just opposite of the theatre of Lensovet. In those days there was Alisa Freundlich, a young Mikhail Boyarsky, other famous actors. Alex attended all the performances, and eventually revised the entire repertoire twice benefit vouchers he got a classmate whose mom worked in the ticket office.

    Alexei Klimushkin
    Alexei Klimushkin | Aloud

    It was then in the heart of the young Alex’s dream was born to make a life with acting profession. The guy attended theater courses at the end of the school applied to the UNIVERSITY, but not enrolled. In order not to disappoint his parents, he decided to pursue higher education, long chose between University of railway transport and Maritime College, and eventually settled on the first option.

    Student years

    After studying for a year in the railway Institute, Alex realized that it was not his profession and dropped out. He got a job working in Youth theatre, where at that time the Director was. A. Malyschitsky. To the actors of the young man, of course, did not take, but he never gave up. Klimushkin had time to test everything theatrical profession, starting from the janitor and ending with the illuminator until he was drafted into the army.

    Alexei Klimushkin
    Alexei Klimushkin | Aloud

    After serving in the Navy, Alex returned home and again filed documents at the theatrical Institute. In 1987, his dream finally came true. Fourth attempt Klimushkin has entered LGITMiK. At the Institute he had the opportunity to study on a single course with Igor Lifanov and Dmitry Nagiyev. Guys are so hard to become friends, classmates even came up with their playful nickname – trio «little Red riding hood». Together they participated in student performances, skits, failing to keep the friendship, and after graduation in 1992.

    Radio host, actor, Director

    Immediately after graduation (Alex is a professional actor and Director), the actor received a role in the film «Ticket to red theater, or death of a» amurbeka gobashieva. Unfortunately, following this pattern in artist’s film career was followed by a rather lengthy nine-year hiatus.

    Alexei Klimushkin
    Alexei Klimushkin

    Friends invited Klimushkin on the radio. In those years the network of independent music and other radio stations were just beginning to develop, and one of the first stations in the aftermath of «Europe plus» began to re-open «Radio Modern». Over his programs worked Dmitry Nagiyev and Sergey Rost, Alla Dovlatov and other DJs. Alexey was aired under the pseudonym of Arkady Arnaut.

    Alexei Klimushkin
    Alexei Klimushkin | Ruskino

    After some time Klimushkin left with a «Modern» radio Nostalgie. In total, over the shoulder of Alex for about seven years radio DJ. Around this same time, Alex together with Egor Druzhinin took care of directing the dance group, the St. Petersburg restaurant «Valhall».

    In 2001 Klimushkin again invited to act in films. His second film was the film «Black crow», which was followed by other proposals and projects.

    Career in film, theater and television

    The entire filmography of the actor includes 16 roles in movies, sitcoms and television series, including «the Knife in clouds», «SWAT-2», «Worm», «Gangster Petersburg», «Wizard», «Streets of broken lamps», «Fatal similarity», «I am not», «March 8, men» and other tapes.

    Alexei Klimushkin in the film
    Alexei Klimushkin in the movie «Gangster Petersburg» | Movie-Theater

    In 2004, the actor, whose biography is at different stages continues to intersect with classmates at the LGITMiK, took part in the filming of the comic series Nagiyev, who went out on the channel REN-TV, «Caution, Zadov! or the adventures of the ensign».

    Then was the main role in «big» movie «Jolly fellows» in 2009, where colleagues Klimushkin were stars such as Renata Litvinova, Ville Haapasalo, Danila Kozlovsky, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Alena Babenko and Eugene Dobrovolskaya. Unfortunately, the movie flopped, and the critics were about the picture of a low opinion.

    Alexei Klimushkin in the film
    Alexei Klimushkin in the film «Merry fellows» | Movie-Theater

    Really good and brought enormous popularity to Alexei Klimushkin was the role of Sylvester Andreevich in the TV series «Univer» sitcom, which was released in 2013 called «I».

    The actor appears on the stage. So, together with partners in the «Univer» he’s busy in the play Theatrical Agency Lekur «Elegant wedding». Also Alexey Klimushkin plays in productions of «Our dear Madam» theater. Komissarzhevskaya and «Beloved month of August» repertory of them. Andrei Mironov. Together with a friend of his youth Dmitry Nagiyev Alexei participation in the performance of Lev Rakhlin «Kysya», which already for many years at different venues of the country.

    The popularity and future plans

    In his youth Alexey Klimushkin had 20 years to live in the St. Petersburg communal flat, and then another 20 years in the hostel. Therefore, the laws of student life and fraternity he is perfectly familiar. The same can be said about the character of the actor, which he literally copied from typical representatives of the era of the nineties, the oligarchs in red jacket with honeycomb «tubes» in an environment of broad-shouldered thugs, security guards.

    Alexei Klimushkin in the film
    Alexei Klimushkin in the movie «I» | Movie-Theater

    We can say that the actor has finally found the hero he was destined to play. He was so in character that he believes that would have behaved in life exactly the same as Sylvester Andreyevich, if he were in his place. And money, status and social position of the character in this case is not the most important. The main thing that unites the actor with comic Sasha’s father, played by Andrew Hagolan, is the warm parental feelings. He is ridiculously closely follows the life of her onscreen offspring, strongly protective and does not want to release from under the parental wing.

    Alexei Klimushkin says that on set he had a surprisingly warm relationship with all the actors, including Andrew and Tatiana Arkhipov. With Tatiana, they’ve always known, ever since the musical, which Alex was the Director, and Tanya sang with the group «Girls». With Andrew they call each other «father» and «son» even in the breaks between filming, fully sivrisi with screen images.

    Alexei Klimushkin in the film
    Alexei Klimushkin in the movie «I» | Movie-Theater

    Meanwhile, the actor said that working in serials and sitcoms require large expenditures of energy, time and creativity. Many artists disdain such proposals, considering them «dirty talking», but, unfortunately, to play hamlet or Othello is destined not for everyone. However, Klimushkin and does not deny that stage involve him, and he still wants to find «their» or BDT Lyubimov, a Director who would help him open up.

    Surprisingly, in the «Univer» Alex came quite by accident. At that moment he completely surrendered to him, plans to have about seven projects, and then called a former classmate, Czech Director Vlad the Lanna. Vlad suggested Klimushkin come to the casting of the series, he agreed and immediately felt that the comic image of lonely oligarch is his role.

    Alexei Klimushkin in the film
    Alexei Klimushkin in the film Univer | Movie-Theater

    Awareness and popularity to the actor came after the first of the series «Univer», and after some time, replica Sylvester Andreyevich quoted on every corner.

    Personal life

    Despite the sudden fallen fame, details the personal life of the artist is not known even to the ubiquitous journalists. On the personal page in instagram Klimushkin no information. Several terse lines talking about where the actor lives and how old he is, and nothing more.

    Alexei Klimushkin
    Alexei Klimushkin | In Tambov

    Alexey is photographed with fans, signing autographs, but the question about who is his wife, answers evasively. About children, two adult sons, the star of «Univer» also prefers not to extend. They say that their fees, the artist invests in the education of the heirs, but an acting career they don’t want to.


    Alexei Klimushkin

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