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  • Name: Alexei Karpenko ( Aleksey Karpenko )
  • Date of birth: 15 January 1982
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Belgorod, Russia
  • Activity: dancer, choreographer
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexey Karpenko: biography

    Choreographer Alexei Karpenko was born on 15 January 1982 in Belgorod. By profession he decided in childhood. Parents Alexei – choreographers, they are now teaching modern and folk dance in the Belgorod Institute of culture and arts.

    With 4 years Alex was engaged in dances in an Amateur team, which was led by parents. And in 13 years my mother picked up for him choreography College in Voronezh. In an interview, Alexei Karpenko said that this city has always been famous for its school of folk dance, and was located nearby.

    In adolescence he, like his peers, was drawn to the disco, I wanted to spend time with the girls. But my mom said that party will go nowhere, and the profession need to. Alex had one trip to school, to know that he made the right choice.

    In Voronezh teachers have it drilled like soldiers on the parade ground. Unfortunately, the training covered only folk dance. In the future, the experience helped him to learn the modern trends.

    In 2000 Alex graduated from College and moved to Moscow. He got a job in a ballet of the famous Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Today the choreographer fondly recalls the open and warm atmosphere that reigned in the team. He left the circus, when they realized that they need to move forward. First worked in show Anita Tsoy «Asteroid dance», then — in the musical «Metro». In 2002 Alexey Karpenko came to the casting of the musical «Notre Dame de Paris» – it was approved.

    In his further creative activity was the cooperation with the Russian ballet «Vozrozhdenie», the opening ceremony of the games in Astana and the Universiade-2013, large-scale dance show «Maydans» and choreography of the musical «Cabaret», «I am Edmond Dantes» and «Once in Odessa».

    Show «Dancing on TNT»

    In «Dancing on TNT» Alexey Karpenko works in 2014. For the project he was invited Miguel, a friendship that has continued for 15 years. The choreographer admits that the show takes up 90% of his time, no matter what else forces no longer remains.

    The audience loved Alexei Karpenko in the first season of the project. Especially remember them passionate dance choreographer Alina Dotsenko – the record immediately gained tens of thousands of views on Youtube.

    Karpenko regret that airtime is limited – not all interesting highlights aired of the first season. Therefore, in the second season of the dance show, he continues to realize their vision.

    Alexei Karpenko rarely works with groups of dancers – often puts the choreography for the individual participants. During the selection of participants for the second season of «Dancing on TNT», he admitted that he drew attention to the potential dancers. Those who cling to power, willing to transcend themselves, have the advantage.

    Personal life

    Alex is divorced, has a son Nikita. Now the boy is 12 years old and in my free time, Karpenko enjoys travelling with him. One of the last places for their vacation – Bali.

    The choreographer says he does not like to sit in one place, but places to travel chooses. In aesthetics he travels to Europe to satisfy the creative hunger in Israel, and disconnect from the outside world – to Asia.

    Is Alexei Karpenko and the woman is his colleague, choreographer Natalia Terekhova. By the way, a passionate dance with Alina Dotsenko helped him to put it — this is not the first collaboration between love creative tandem. They worked together on the choreography of the musicals «Cabaret» and «I am Edmond Dantes»: ibid sympathy turned into deep adult feeling, but before the wedding, the case has not yet reached.

    Karpenko loves German cars and speed. He gladly runs his «BMW».


    Alexey Karpenko

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