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  • Name: Alexei Guskov ( Alexey Guskov )
  • Date of birth: 20 may 1958
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Brzeg, Poland
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actor, producer, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married Lydia velegeva

    Alexei Guskov biography

    Alexey Guskov was born on may 20 1958 in the Polish town of Brzeg in the family of a military pilot. To six years Alex has lived in Poland, and then his family moved to Kiev. A year Gennady Guskov was killed in the line of duty. All family care fell on the shoulders of the mother of Alexei, she became the only breadwinner of the family and, as says the actor did everything that the family needed.

    Alexei Guskov
    Alexei Guskov | Teatral

    Alexei Guskov – Pomor its roots. Often the son with the mother went to Arkhangelsk, where lived the grandfather and the grandmother on the mother’s and father’s lines. Later, when Andrei became a famous actor, during a tour in Arkhangelsk he found his pedigree, drawn up on the Church books.

    As a child, Alexei was active and athletic guy. He was involved in a football school, was fond of weightlifting, rowing, basketball. To think about a career as a professional artist boy made him her teacher of mathematics – passionate fans of the theater. It was noted in sixteen-year-old Alexei a special talent and once casually advised him to try himself as an actor. Alex began to participate in various school productions, and visit extracurricular classes on theater skills.

    After finishing the school Alexei Guskov went to Moscow, where he enrolled in the Moscow Higher technical school named after Bauman. Passion for the theatre has not passed, but serious for men the profession of the actor has not yet surrendered. So Alex chose a technical College. But the scene is Manila with irresistible force. The student while studying she played in student performances and often went to the Metropolitan theatres, where he watched the game of professionals. Once Andrei got to play Alexei Petrenko. His talent so impressed Alex that he decided: in the fifth year threw Baumanku and went to the Moscow art theatre. To enroll in the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre he managed the first time. Here he began to perfect his skills on the course Victor Manukov, who played a very important role in his future.

    Alexei Guskov in the play
    Alexei Guskov in the play «Eugene Onegin» | Theatre. Evgeny Vakhtangov

    Professional biography of Alexei Guskov began in the Moscow drama theatre named after Pushkin, where he worked from 1984 to 1986. In 1986, the young actor went to the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, where he worked for two years. Three years Guskov played the scene, «Detective», and two in the theater named Gogol. Only in the late 1990s, Alexei Guskov found the place where he worked most comfortable. This is the State academic theatre named after Evgeny Vakhtangov.

    Since 1994 Andrei — President and CEO of animation Studio «F. A. F. entertainment».


    Guskova theatrical career was quite successful. But still most clearly and fully his talent manifested itself in the movie. Kinoaktera biography of Alexei Guskov is very rich and diverse, although initially it was somewhat one-sided. The fact that after a successful debut in the film «Personal file of the judge Ivanova» Guskova invited for the role of a gangster in the film «the Wolfhound». Brilliantly coped with this work, the artist became very popular. However, in such glory was the reverse: for several years Guskov was offered the role, similar to his character from the movie «the Wolfhound».

    Alexei Guskov in the film
    Alexei Guskov in the film «Wolfhound» | full MOVIE.RU

    Trying to depart a little from the boring «gangster» role, Alexei Guskov for a while even left the cinema. This change lasted until the end of the nineties. The breakthrough was the role of talented billiard player in the film classic, where the Directors finally saw Guskova in a slightly different way.

    Many fans say that the real talent of Alexei Guskov revealed in the movie «Border: taiga novel». This tape Alexander Mitta is notable because on its development Alexey also worked as a producer. The role of «villain» Nikita Goloschekin in the «Border» Guskov was awarded the State prize of the Russian Federation.

    From this point on in the artist’s career has come a sharp rise. Two thousand years became the best in his kinoaktera biography. In this period Alexei Guskov has frequently appeared in film and on television, and often worked as a producer. The most striking works of this period are the films «Scavenger», «killer’s Diary», «Enchanted land», «Turkish gambit», «He who extinguishes the light,» «the Saboteur 2: the end of the war» and many others. For his work in «Scavenger» Guskov at the Venice film festival was awarded the prize «For the best male role».

    Alexei Guskov in the film
    Alexei Guskov in the film «Scavenger» | Fast-Torrent.RU

    During his long and eventful career Guskov has played over seventy roles, each of which was in its own way remarkable and interesting. For his many years of service to the arts in 2001 Alexey Guskov received the State prize of Russia, and six years later – the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    The actor was married twice. For the first time Alexei Guskov tied the knot while still a student of the school-Studio MXAT. His wife was a girlfriend Tatiana, whom he met on the street. Tatiana had nothing to do with the art of acting, but she is perfectly joined to the company of Alex and attended all student performances. From this marriage there Guskova left a daughter, Natalia, with whom Alexey maintains warm relations.

    Second wife Guskova has for many years been the actress of the Moscow theater Vakhtangov Lydia velegeva. It’s a strong marriage that passed all the tests. In the family of raising two talented sons – Vladimir and Dmitry. Vladimir graduated from the Shchukin school, became an actor and plays in the Vakhtangov Theatre. In 2016, Vladimir and his wife gave the happy parents a granddaughter Stephanie. Dima is studying at VGIK. He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a producer.

    Alexei Guskov and Lidia velegeva
    Alexei Guskov and Lidia velegeva | The Place

    Personal life Alexei Guskov, often plays Heartbreakers and heroes-lovers, always in sight. But a closer look, the paparazzi seem to never be able to find out anything shameful and incriminating the family of Alex and Lydia. They say that the demand for Guskova and Believei in the profession is another key to good marriage. In this family both seasoned, famous people, survived the test of years of hardship, advancement, and glory.


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    • Beyond the wolves
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    Alexei Guskov

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