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  • Name: Alexey Gorbunov ( Aleksey Gorbunov )
  • Date of birth: 29 October 1961
  • Age: 55 years
  • Place of birth: Kiev
  • Activities: Actor
  • Marital status: married to Irina Kovaleva

    Aleksey Gorbunov: biography

    Filmography of Honored artist of Ukraine, famous theatre and film actor Alexey Gorbunov has more than a hundred films and television series. Its a fine game captivates audiences twenty years, and the character Shiko of the most famous domestic novel «the Countess de Monsoreau» long ago entered the history of Russian cinema.

    Alexey was born in Kiev. The childhood of the future artist was held in the green island of Rusanivka, where the boy spent the day playing football with his neighborhood buddies. Teenager Alex often went to the stadium «Dinamo», to observe how practicing his sports idols. Still in school, the future artist hunted black marketeering jeans, for that one day even went to the police. However, in high school Alex became seriously interested in theater and, despite the protests of his father, who saw my son in a simple and profitable profession like repair of refrigerators, has decided to enter the theater.

    In Institute of radio and television named after Karpenko-Kary Gorbunov could not do as was not in the League. Instead try yourself in another profession, the young man a whole year before the second attempt arrivals worked in the Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka. That’s where the talent of the young Gorbunova was noticed by a famous actress

  • Ada Rogovtseva. She took Alexei with her husband Konstantin Stepankov, who at that time taught a course in the same University, where Humpbacks have tried unsuccessfully to gain the day before. The following year, Alexei still enrolled in the institution. Gorbunov graduated in 1984, and the day he was awarded the diploma coincide with the first day of filmography of the actor.

    Aleksey Gorbunov movies, theater, music

    The debut work of the actor in the movie was the main role in the customs detective Director Vladimir Popkov «no marking». Interestingly, the role of first officer Sten’ko Eugene was supposed to play Oleg Menshikov, but the famous actor had to refuse due to my busy work schedule. The first big job was followed by smaller roles in two children’s serial films: «the Makar-the Pathfinder» and the famous «Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina». Then the actor had to suspend his career for two years, as he was taken to serve in the Soviet army.

    Then came the «dashing nineties», and at Dovzhenko film Studio, where he worked Gorbunov, the crisis began. Despite the fact that Alex took on any role, practically no money was paid. So he had to earn additionally private carrying, to be able to feed his family.

    This situation lasted for seven long years, until, while Vladimir Popkov, had once discovered the talent of the graduate, «Karkara», not invited Alexis for the role of jester by the name

  • Shiko in his historical serial movie
  • «The Countess de Monsoro». Since the creative biography of Aleksey Gorbunov rushed up, the actor began acting mainly in films produced in Russia.

    At the turn of the nineties and zero actor took part in filming three action-Packed TV series with criminal bent: «Kamenskaya», «Turkish March» and «birthday Burzhuya». All these projects enjoyed great success with the public as well as meet the adventurous spirit of a bygone era of the nineties.

    In 2005 Alexey Gorbunov for the first time in registerability Mikhalkov starred in the film adaptation of the detective novel by Boris Akunin «

  • The state Counsellor». The partnership proves to be fruitful, and two years later, Nikita is again inviting the artist to participate in the filming of a remake of the judicial kinodramy 1957 «Twelve angry men», the debut work of Hollywood Director Sidney Lumet. For the role of the ninth juror, Director of the cemetery, Aleksey Gorbunov in all the actor’s «trial by jury» movie
  • «12» was awarded «Golden eagle» in the nomination «best male role». Among the later works of note is a musical «dandies» Valery Todorovsky, where Gorbunov played the role of a former saxophonist, the dramatic Thriller «One who extinguishes the light», as well as participation in the sensational blockbuster Fyodor Bondarchuk, sci-Fi action movie «Inhabited island», filmed on the eponymous novel by the Strugatsky brothers. In 2009, Gorbunov starred in the debut picture Garik Sukachev «house of the Sun», where she played the role of the artist, nicknamed «the Korean».

    Aleksey Gorbunov works closely with foreign industry: in 2013, he starred in the French action movie Roshan Eric «Moebius», where the main roles were played by such stars of world cinema like Jean Dujardin and Tim Roth.

    In addition to working in film the artist in different years was the night music show «Night alarm clock» and entertainment program «the Wonder man». Gorbunov also worked extensively on radio, was a DJ on the Crimean Radio «Dzhankoy» capital radio «Nostalgie» and «Continent».

    Aleksey Gorbunov is the organizer and frontman of the group «

  • The sadness of the pilot», which performs music in the genre of art song.

    Aleksey Gorbunov: position on Ukraine

    In December 2014, the press reported that Alexei Gorbunov decided to suspend cooperation with the Russian film because of his political views on the situation in the Donbas. Information about the visit of the actor in the Dnepropetrovsk hospital to support wounded soldiers of the Ukrainian army has caused a storm of controversial discussions in the media. Gorbunov openly stated that helping Finance the Ukrainian army.

    At the moment Alexey Gorbunov involved in the filming of the series «Guard», glorifying the Ukrainian military — combatants in the ATO area.

    Aleksey Gorbunov: personal life

    The actor was married twice. His first wife was the artist

  • Svetlana Lopukhova, who bore Gorbunova daughters, Sophia and Anastasia. Family life did not work that led to the divorce. The second time Gorbunov decided to tie the knot in 2009, his choice was
  • Irina Kovaleva. Due to the fact that the actor doesn’t like to answer questions of a private nature, the private life of Aleksey Gorbunov is basically hidden from the press. In the beginning of 2015 to the family of the artist was a tragedy: his younger brother Alexander was killed in a car accident near Kiev.

    Aleksey Gorbunov: filmography

    • Vacation of Petrov and Vasechkina, ordinary and extraordinary
    • The Countess de Monsoreau (TV series)
    • Birthday Burzhuya (TV series)
    • Turkish March (TV series)
    • Councilor
    • He who extinguishes the light
    • Hipsters
    • The inhabited island
    • House Of The Sun
    • 12
    • Mobius
    • Leningrad 46

    Aleksey Gorbunov: photo

    Aleksey Gorbunov

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