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  • Name: Alexey Glyzin ( Y. Glizin )
  • Date of birth: 13 January 1954
  • Age: 63 years
  • Place of birth: Mytishchi
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married Saniya Babi

    Alexei Glyzin: biography

    At the time, by Alexei Glyzin has become a symbol of an era. The singer was the idol of half of the entire USSR, and its influence on the musical tastes of a whole generation can hardly be overestimated.

    Alexei Glyzin was born on 13 Jan 1954 in the town of Mytishchi. His parents could not boast of musical skills or famous ancestors, family Glazing were ordinary Soviet officers. But this did not prevent the boy from an early age interested in music, along with his parents, he often performed various folk songs while sitting on a comfortable the terrace of the Villa. Soon the hobby grew into something more, Alex has imagined himself a famous pianist, whose concerts gather to watch from all over the country. Parents, seeing the passion of his son, sent him to a professional music school that gave Glysine the necessary knowledge.

    At the same time the young musician lit up with an unusual idea: since the money for the guitar, his family had, the guy decided to make a desired tool. But then Alex was confronted with the limitations of knowledge: 8 years of school had not given him the necessary knowledge for such an ambitious plan, and the guy decided to go to College, where he hoped to learn the necessary skills. After 3 years Glyzin got everything I wanted, and without any remorse dropped out of school. Then the guy got his first electric guitar.

    Glyzin acted in Tambov kultprosvet, where he studied at the correspondence Department, to be able to combine study and performances in your musical group. Educated, inspired Alexey went to Moscow to enter the Institute of culture. In parallel, he performed in local clubs and grandiose plans about the future, in which he saw himself as a star of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, plans had to be postponed for some time in the 3rd year of the young musician was drafted into the army. When the artist learned that they are sent to the far East, immediately in the head crept into the idea of desertion, he did not want to go so far from his native city, but eventually resigned.

    First time in the army he was pretty tight from the traditional way of life there is nothing left. Here Glyzin founded his first group «the Flight», which appeared on all military holidays and concerts. He played it on the saxophone-viola, having mastered the tool in just 3 months. After leaving the army, Alex started to implement their plans.

    Alexei Glyzin: music

    For a long time Glyzin wandered about in different bands. At the time, he was a member of the VIA «Good fellows», «Gems» and «Loyalty.» The last ensemble was the first professional team musician. From there, the young singer moved into a very promising and highly paid team of «Rhythm» that works for the Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva. Along with the diva Glyzin have traveled almost the entire Soviet Union, where at a concert he was noticed by the band «Jolly fellows», Alexander Buinov. The artist has invited the musician to work in a team, and then Alex decided to go on the advice of her «godmother» Pugacheva and try to sing along with the guys.

    Since 1979 Glyzin became a full member in «Funny people,» which made him famous throughout the Soviet Union. In its composition the musician for the first time went abroad. The guys toured Finland, where Alex saw people with real Mohawks. The ensemble has enjoyed immense popularity, and Glyzin quickly ascended to the pedestal of fame. However, it was not without incident. During a tour group in Leningrad, they lived in the same neighborhood with the American team, and once their drummer threw out a huge TV from the hotel window. The event made a lot of noise, but journalists blamed Glyzina that after the incident, some time not even allowed to enter the city, thinking. However, the popularity of the musician that had little impact, even several times invited to take part in the filming of movies, for which he also recorded a few songs.

    In 1988 Glyzin ripe for a solo career and left the Merry men, founding the group «Hurrah.» For a long time he successfully toured and participated in many gala concerts in Russia. In 1990, the singer released his first album «Winter garden», which enjoyed great success among the audience.

    Unfortunately, his fame gradually began to wane with the years, the contractor is not younger, he was replaced by a playful and a lot of young teams that could playfully dance on the stage, setting the stage for the audience. Nevertheless, glysine remained loyal fans continued to support their favorite musician even after the decline of its popularity. It is for them, Alex continues to release albums to this day, his shoulders already 7 plates, and the singer’s not going to stop his musical activities.

    Since 2007, Glyzin actively involved in many of the Russian show. He first took part in a music competition, «You — superstar!» TV channel «NTV», where he took 2nd place. A year later, the musician appeared again on screen in the show «the First squadron», and again he lacked the very small to the coveted first place.

    Alexei Glyzin: personal life

    About his first wife Lyudmila Alexey to tell you loves not, believing their marriage is a mistake. In this Union in 1975 he had a son. Then his life was one more great love affair with a beautiful girl, which, however, could not boast of any other talents. Glyzin, until that moment realized that he wants a family cosiness, was very disappointed by her reluctance to start a family and ended the relationship.

    In 1989, the musician first saw Sania Babi. The girl was one of the best gymnasts that I trained with the national team at the sports Palace «Festival». Before wedding enamoured met 3 years and only finally convinced of her feelings, and got married. To this marriage have Glyzina, a second son named Igor.

    In April 2005, Alex became a grandfather, his eldest son, a boy was born, who was named Denis.

    Alexei Glyzin: discography

    • Winter garden
    • Ashes of love
    • This is not true
    • Belated Express
    • Soul is flying
    • Legendary song
    • Wings of love

    Alexei Glyzin: photo

    Alexey Glyzin

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