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  • Name: Alexei Batalov ( Aleksey Batalov,)
  • Date of birth: 20 November 1928
  • Age: 88 years
  • Place of birth: Vladimir
  • Activities: actor, Director, screenwriter, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married Gitana, Leontenko

    Alexei Batalov: biography

    Alexei Batalov was born in November 1928 in Moscow. Mother and father Alexei worked at the Moscow art Theater. Thanks to the parents, Vladimir Batalov and Nina Olszewski boy literally grew up on theater sets.

    In the 30 years of his parents ‘ marriage broke up, and Alexei’s mother married a second time. So boy 5 years old gets to the family of Viktor Ardov. The mother and son moved to Victor, but to live there new family was very difficult, because behind the wall lived the ex-wife of Ardova. However, after a few years the family bought an apartment and moved into a house of writers. Above the neighbors — a family of Mandelstam. Thanks to this apartment and its famous neighbors since childhood, Alexei Batalov was in the society of intellectuals. Their house had such great writers and poets as Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Joseph Brodsky and others, which fascinated the boy with his fortitude and talent.

    In 1941, ended the childhood, the war began, and Alexei with mother were evacuated to the Tatar city of Bugulma. Mother remained true to his calling even in the evacuation organized a theater. Alexey at that time was not yet fifteen. The young man helped my mom in the theater as a worker and eventually started to play a small role. Alex from birth do not doubt that will be on stage, but in the power of his talent wasn’t sure.

    After the war, the Director, has returned to Moscow. In 1950 graduates in the school-Studio MXAT. After training, the future artist three years running in the Central theatre of the Soviet Army.

    Alexei Batalov movies

    The first role in cinema Aleksey Batalov played while still a schoolboy. It was a picture «Zoe» directed by Leo Arnshtama. Following the experience in the movie appeared only after 10 years. Iosif Kheifits offered the actor a major role in the movie «Big family». The Director then created a new on-screen way of working, and helped him in this young Batalov. He later played in the movies Heifits: in 1955, the film «Rumyantsev Case», 1960 – «the lady with the dog», in 1964 – «Day of happiness». In all these tape heroes Batalov – intelligent, strong-willed people. This image like the filmmakers and the actor begins to receive new proposals.

    In 1956, the mark Donskoy invites him to play the role of Pavel Vlasov in the film adaptation of the novel Gorky’s «Mother». The following year Alexei Batalov plays a role, which became a new milestone in his career. We are talking about the picture «

  • The cranes are flying» Mikhail Kalatozov. The film became legendary, brought Batalov popularity and love of the audience. He created a unique image of a soldier returning from war. Calm, irony, courage and intelligence – how have soldiers through the game Batalov. New facets of the actor opened the screen version «Ladies with the doggie» in 1960. The artist had to cross the already established positive image on the screen. The role of Gurov asked him a lot of work, but the results are worth it. The film received many awards, including international.

    In 1962, Alexey plays in the film «Nine days of one year» the role of Dmitry Gusev, physics, who received a large dose of radiation. From Batalova need not descend into tragedy. The actor had to show the thoughts of a man, a scholar, a representative of the elite of the twentieth century, and the Director did a great job with this task. The artist in 1966 for this role, received the State prize of the RSFSR.

    Since the early 60-ies in Russia are increasingly keen on radio theater and directing. And only in the 70s again begins to appear on the screen. Directors actively use the created image.

    Also in 1975, the Director, begins teaching acting at VGIK, and in 1980 he became Professor and head of the Department. A new wave of people’s love flooded the artist in 1980, after the release of the film «

  • Moscow does not believe in tears». Locksmith gosh returned to the screens created by the actor, the character of the working-intelligentsia and became a legend of Soviet cinema. Still proud and independent «gosh, can Gogh», a skilled embodied Batalov in the Oscar-winning film Director Vladimir Menshov, is the sex symbol of Russian cinema.

    Alexei Batalov: direction

    The first directorial work Batalov «the Overcoat» by Gogol has been filmed in 1960. In 1966, he shoots the second film «Three fat men» Olesha’s book and he also plays a major role. In 1972, the artist takes a third picture. This time it is the story of Dostoevsky’s «the gambler». His directorial experience ends. The Director explains that the move from Leningrad to Moscow. The artist said that the city lost the team needed to operate, and new has not appeared.

    But a radio show played in the life Batalov special role. They appeared in a period of downtime in the movie and the desire of the actor to master the art of the word. So there are the famous «the Cossacks» by Tolstoy, «a Hero of our time» Lermontov, «Romeo and Juliet» by Shakespeare, «White nights» Dostoevsky and many others. Each of them still remains a fine example of radio play, beautifully staged, played and saved the view and character of the author.

    Since 1974, Alexei Vladimirovich is fond of voice acting for cartoons. We all heard the voice of Alexis in movies such as «the Mysterious planet», «Hedgehog in the fog», «the adventures of penguin Lolo», «Frog-traveler», «Keys from time» and many others.

    Alexei Batalov: personal life

    First love, Alexei was Irina Rotova. The young people met when they were 16 years old. Alexey and Irina fell in love with each other, but could only get married in two years. After the wedding, Irina gave birth to his daughter Nadia.

    Over time, however, Batalov more time spent on the set. The relationship began to deteriorate. In the movie «Big family,» Alex meets a belly dancer Gitana, Leontenko. A young Gypsy girl loved actor. In 1958 he divorced his wife and married a Gitana.

    The second marriage was successful. Overshadows family life Batalov the disability of his daughter Masha. She was injured during birth and was unable to get on his feet. But the girl was strong and trained as a screenwriter at VGIK.

    Alexei Batalov: filmography

    • Zoe
    • Big family
    • The Rumyantsev Case
    • The lady with the dog
    • The captivating star of happiness
    • Moscow does not believe in tears
    • Three fat men
    • Chekhov and Co.

    Alexei Batalov: photo

    Alexei Batalov

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