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  • Name: Alex Bakulin ( Aleksey Bakulin )
  • Date of birth: 31 August 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Kiev, Volgograd oblast
  • Activity: Entrepreneur, General Director of OOO GK «Volgabas»
  • Marital status: Married

    Alexei Bakulin: biography

    Head of holding company «Bakulin Motors Group», the founder of advertising Agency «Volga Service», member NP «leaders Club», former Deputy of the city Council of the city of Volga, entrepreneur and candidate of economic Sciences. And it is one and the same person, the current General Director of «Volgabas» Alexey Bakulin.

    Alexei Bakulin was born on 31 August 1975 in the city of Volzhsky, Volgograd region. Shortly after graduation, he first proved himself as a talented entrepreneur — as a second year student of Volgograd Academy of Public Service, He founded the advertising Agency «Volga Service». Just a year young company has become one of the largest agencies in the region, his clients were corporations such as Coca-Cola, Reemtsma and others.


    A young and ambitious person noticed, and two years later (in the fourth year of the Academy) was invited to the bus factory «Volzhanin» as Deputy General Director for marketing and Finance. This major turn in the biography of Alexei Bakulin when it was on the production, which will later become his life’s work.

    In 1996, the plant (and entire country) was not in the best position. However, thanks to the efforts of the new marketer he’s got a dealer network, has attracted investments in the modernization, has launched a new conveyor lines and increased production of buses by up to 400 per year. At the same time Alexey Bakulin promoted the brand «Volzhanin» in the regions and at the Federal level.

    All this flurry of activity Alexei Bakulin somehow manage to combine with education. In 1998, he finishes with honors from the Academy of civil service, and in 2001 — the graduate school at Saratov State socio-economic University, where he became a candidate of economic Sciences.

    In 2002 Alexey Bakulin became Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Director of «Volzhanin». With him, the company produces a line of new models and developing new market niches. Then starts a factory center engineering, design and certification, which is engaged in the modernisation of existing models.

    This approach has yielded fruit — the plant has developed Russia’s first 15-meter bus of high capacity. The novelty was pleasant to the authorities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, which provided Volzhanina» large orders. But it is not only the success of Alexei Bakulin — tour bus «Volzhanin-5285» became the sales leader in the segment of corporate and departmental transport. In the mid-2000s, «Volzhanin» produces another bestseller — city bus series «city Rhythm».

    Plant under the direction of Alexei Bakulin has partnered with leading foreign car and machine-building companies — Scania, MAN, Siemens and others. This allowed us to introduce in the production the most advanced technology.

    For these and other achievements Alex Bakulin in 2003 became the winner of Russian competition «Manager of the year» in the nomination «mechanical engineering».

    General Director GK «Volgabas»

    In 2006 Alexey Bakulin establishes, OOO GK «Volgabas» and becomes its CEO, and a year later the company enters the international market. The company specializiruetsya on the production of buses on different engines (diesel, gas, electric) and well-known application of innovation. Recently, the company presented a concept of Russia’s first unmanned bus — it is expected that the novelty will release on the streets of Volgograd for the FIFA world Cup 2018.

    Service experience international sporting events in the «Volgabas» Alexei Bakulin is company has become a supplier of the Olympic games-2014 in Sochi. In the capital of the winter Olympics «Volgabas» put 70 buses in a special configuration and ensured uninterrupted service and operation.

    In addition, the company participates in government program to transfer public transport to gas engine fuel. To date, «Volgabas» has already delivered over 200 buses of this type.

    Products of the holding «Volgabas» received recognition in a professional environment. She sesi-time winner of awards «Best domestic bus of the year» and «Prodvizhenie».

    Soon, however, the General Director of «Volgabas» Alexei Bakulin was close to their former site in the Volga, and he negotiates the construction of a new plant — now in Vladimir region. Industrial complex in sobinskiy district, built with a view to serial production of large quantities of buses and chassis with export potential.

    To complete the project in 2015, Alexey Bakulin creates a new business structure «Bakulin Motors Group», which, according to tradition, and heads.

    From 2009 to 2013 he was the Deputy of the city Council of the city of Volzhskiy from the party «United Russia» in which it is located.

    Personal life

    Alexei Bakulin married, has a son and a daughter. Outside his professional life he enjoys mountain climbing and tennis.


    Alexey Bakulin

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