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  • Name: Alexandra Ursulyak ( Aleksandra Ursulyak )
  • Date of birth: 4 February 1983
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexandra Ursulyak : biography

    S. Alexander Ursulyak was born into a creative family. Parents – Director Sergei Ursulyak and actress Galina Nazirli not sought from early childhood to attach the daughter to the world of theatre and cinema and raised her as a normal girl. They took her to the set, so Alexander never shares stories about growing up backstage of the theater or in my mother’s dressing room.

    Sasha, like most of his peers, attended a musical school and to the middle classes carefully studied. But as a teenager suddenly abandoned his studies and was among the main absentees and delinquents. Ursulyak was expelled from school, and she had to look for another. In the situation decided to intervene grandmother-a teacher. She took her granddaughter to herself in Biryulyovo and took over her upbringing. Alexander again began to study under the guidance of her grandmother managed to overcome all the problems and temptations of adolescence.

    After graduating from high school with good grades, Alexander thought seriously about the future. She decided to focus on the profession of actress. And although the father immediately said to her that he sees her artistic data, Sasha decided to tempt fate. She set a condition: if we fail to pass the exams on the first attempt will no longer enter the theater University. But as fate Alexander was held in the School-Studio of Moscow art theatre. Moreover, during the training Ursulyak was fascinated by the world of theatre and cinema and was among the best students of the University.

    After graduating from the theatre in 2003 Ursulyak accepted in troupe of capital theatre of a name of Pushkin.


    On the stage of Alexander Ursulyak debuted at the 1st year of high school. She put an excerpt from Shakespeare’s tragedy «Romeo and Juliet», playing the role of the protagonist. The choice of Sasha fell on Juliet that small girl with very short hair, more like a guy, no one has seen romantic and feminine Shakespeare’s heroine. Alexander decided to prove to everyone that she is a talented actress. Apparently she succeeded, because the following year, the budding actress has received an offer to play Juliet from the Director of Theatre of a name of Pushkin Roman Kozak.

    4 of course, Alexander involved in the production of «Black Prince», where he plays Julianne. The young actress was lucky to be at the rehearsal, she met with famous Russian actor Alexander Feklistovym. An experienced colleague gave Sasha a wonderful acting lesson which she will remember it forever. A month of rehearsals was replaced Ursulyak year of study at the University. For this role, Alexander was awarded the «Idol» in a nomination «Hope».

    After the «Black Prince» was set by Dmitry Brusnikina «the Misanthrope» and «God bless you, Gene!», where Ursulyak played, though not major, but striking role, after which his skill has increased markedly.

    At the graduation performance «a Few days in the life of Alyosha Karamazov» by Alla Pokrovskaya, where Alexander Ursulyak appeared in the form of Lisa Hohlakov, she received a very warm reception of the audience and appreciation of theater critics. The capital’s theatergoers have long remembered this show, admiring the playing of this young artist.

    After graduation theatrical biography of Alexandra Ursulyak has been enriched with new bright work. Sasha played the main characters in performances of «Nights of Cabiria» and «Madame Bovary», staged by Alla Sigalova on the stage of the Pushkin Theatre. Then there was the staging of «Congratulations on a weekday!», where Alexander met again with Director Roman Kozak and «the dream of the Shalom night» Nina Chusova.

    In 2013, Alexander Ursulyak has played two roles in the play «the Good person of Szechwan». She portrayed a girl of easy virtue Neck and Those of her cousin named Shui TA. For this work, the actress received many laudatory reviews from the capital’s theatre critics.


    Alexandra Ursulyak debut in the movie took place in 2003, immediately after the end of the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. She was offered the role of Larissa, the daughter of the head of the station in the multi-tape «Station», which was shot by young Director Andrei Kavun at the Minsk film Studio.

    The successful debut marked the beginning of a cinematic biography of Alexandra Ursulyak. Later Sasha every year starred in one or even two tapes. She soon played a prominent role in the TV series «Rope of sand» and the films «Full speed ahead» and «Patrol». Especially a lot of good reviews collected. Further Ursulyak appeared in the form of Wiki in the melodrama «Theatre Blues».

    Successful can be called to work in the film «the best night» and «Moscow, I love you.» In the first draft, she appeared in one of the main roles.

    In recent years Alexander is continuing to do. In 2012 she appeared in 3 films-«I’ll Give my wife in good hands», «Second revolt of Spartacus» and «Monogamous». The last picture is this melodrama Aleko Tsabadze, history of Romeo and Juliet.

    In 2013 – again the 3 pictures with the participation of Ursulyak. This action-picture «Search for evidence» and TV series «the Farmer» and «I Leave you to search-2».

    In 2015 on television started the project «How I became Russian» with the actress.

    Personal life

    With her future husband Alexander Golubev, who is known for acclaimed films «Boomer-2», «Cadets» and «piranha», Sasha met on the set of serial melodrama «Full speed ahead!». Acquaintance quickly grew into a novel. A year Ursulyak and Golubev were married.

    2006 the couple had a daughter Anna, and 2 years later was born the second girl is Anastasia.

    Shortly after the birth of her second daughter’s marriage broke up. The reason is called infidelity Alexander Golubev, who broke out a new novel for the TV show «Last of the Romans» in Malta. Former spouses did not interrupt communication. Alexander is seen with her daughters.


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    Oleksandr Ursulyak

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