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(biography, photo, video) Alexander Budanov

photo Aleksandra Florinskaya

  • Name: Aleksandra Florinskaya ( Alexander Budanov )
  • Date of birth: 26 September 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 181
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married to Nicholas Silicom

    Aleksandra Florinskaya: the biography

    Aleksandra Florinskaya was born in St. Petersburg on 26 September 1977. Real name Actresses – Budanov, but she decided to take the mother’s surname, as in the female line in the family formed a theatrical dynasty. Great-grandfather Gleb Andreevich Florina was an actor and worked at the Comedy Theatre. Akimova. Florinskogo daughter, Elena, was also an actress. Two old Alexandra associated with the movie: one of them was a cameraman, the other a Director. Her father Eugene Budanov was first a guitarist, then became a Director, but mother Natalia worked in the service sector.

    Childhood Alexandra Florinsky took place in the theatre, a child, she was mostly involved grandma. It’s hard to believe that growing up in such a family, the first girl not rushed to the actress. In 15 years, Sasha worked as a model and even achieved some success – at one time represented the cosmetics company, and a few years later even became a winner of the title «Vice-miss Russia».

    At the age of 16 Florinskaya graduated from high school and briefly went to the United States. When he returned, she wanted to be an art Director or Director. But for art Director required elementary art education and the faculty of directing of the girls took reluctantly. Then she decided to apply to the Saint Petersburg Academy of theatre arts on the acting Department, where a young beauty picked up on the first try. University Aleksandra Florinskaya graduated in 1998.

    Aleksandra Florinskaya: the theatre

    Alexandra Florinsky acting career started in her familiar the Comedy Theatre. Akimova. Immediately after the girl graduated, she was involved in the productions of «Lovers», «the importance of being earnest». In 2000, the actress received a role in the play «the rural woman».

    After some time Florinskaya went to the Theater Roman Viktyuk. Where she played in performances of «let’s have sex» and «My wife’s name is Maurice». In 2001, Alexander was busy in the entreprise, «I have to get the President.»

    Aleksandra Florinskaya: movies

    For the first time on screen, Aleksandra Florinskaya appeared in 1994. The actress immediately got the lead role in the film «Initiation love». Her colleague then became Egor Beroev, also played a major role.

    Next time, Florina had the chance to star in a movie just four years later – she appeared in the short film Victor Buturlin «sugar baby.» Then filmography actress was supplemented with small roles in serials «Streets of broken lanterns-2», «Turkish March», «Agency NLS», «stopping power», «Cobra» and other. In 2001 she starred in the drama «Russian beauty».

    First fame came to Alexander Florina after participation in the cult TV series 2002 «Team» in which she played the role of Anna. In that period, thanks to the appearance of the model, she mainly got the role of «sexy bitch» – that Masha in «Provincial», and Raisa in «the Listener» and Stella «thank you For everything».

    To change roles, Alexandra had been performing the role of the teacher of literature Grineva eve in the television series «Captain’s children». In the film she embodied the image of a delicate, vulnerable woman who’s waiting to meet her Prince.

    Another success in the career of the actress was the role in the movie «medicine man» in 2008.

    Now filmography of Alexandra Florinsky has more than four dozen paintings. Among recent works actress — soap Opera «Secret city» and «Mama Luba».

    Aleksandra Florinskaya: personal life

    In 1997, Aleksandra Florinskaya, a student, married a fellow student – actor Sergey Gorobchenko, who is remembered by the audience for her role in the film «Boomer». Soon the couple had a son Gleb. The couple lived together for 6 years, then broke up.

    Now the actress is happy in a second marriage with

  • Nicholas Silicom, who works as a producer and participates in the creation of television. In 2005, Alexander gave her husband a son – Nicholas-Junior. The second pregnancy coincided with the filming of the TV series «Captain’s children». Interestingly, according to the script her character was also pregnant, and the first who visited the eve Grinyov in the hospital, there was a character named George, played by Sergey Gorobchenko. In 2013, 35-year-old actress once again experienced the joy of motherhood – she gave birth to a daughter, Agathe.

    Aleksandra Florinskaya: filmography

    • «Streets of the broken lanterns-2»
    • «Cobra»
    • «Gossip»
    • Hicks
    • «Team»
    • «Heaven and earth»
    • «Kamenskaya 3»
    • «Powwow»
    • «Captain’s children»
    • «The secret city»

    Aleksandra Florinskaya:photo

    Aleksandra Florinskaya

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