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  • Name: Alexandra Daddario ( Alexandra Anna Daddario )
  • Date of birth: 16 March 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: new York
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexandra Daddario biography

    Alexandra Daddario is an American actress, fame that brought the series about Percy Jackson, and the TV series «True detective.»

    She was born in new York in a family of lawyers. Her mother, Christine worked as a lawyer, and his father Richard held a position of the Prosecutor and headed the police Department for the fight against terrorism. Also in the family brought up two children – Matthew, who also became an actor, and Katherine.

    Alexander attended a private secondary school for girls «Brierly», but at age 16 moved to new York professional children’s school, where he was specialized class with a theatrical leaning. She then studied acting in College «Marymount Manhattan».


    About the career of actress Alexandra Daddario dreamed of with 11, but the set was able to get only 16 when she was invited to appear as a victim of teenage cruelty Laurie Lewis in the daytime soap Opera «All my children». Later in his career was a long break, associated with education. Later Alexander took part in the filming of many popular TV series such as «Law and order», «Life on Mars» and many others.

    The breakthrough came in 2009, when Daddario in the way Kate Moreau, the lover of the protagonist, played by Matt bomer, appeared in a serial film «White collar». This role brought the actress a great popularity, but here it was noticed by the leaders of the new fantasy film project and invited Alexander to play a daughter of Athena-Annabeth chase in the youth adventure film «Percy Jackson and the lightning thief». For his work Alexander daddario was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, which went to the other actress, but she Alex became world famous.

    After 3 years she took part in the sequel film «Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters», which confirmed the popularity of the actress. She says Daddario about this role as sufficiently important. She was glad she could be involved in a project that inspires Teens.

    Also in 2013, she starred in the horror movie «Texas chainsaw 3D», which is a continuation of the painting in 1974. Alexandra Daddario not watched the previous series, so I do not like movies of this genre, they scare her. But, by accepting the role, she had to find them and she found them fascinating. However, looking at the final edited version of the film, the actress still felt fear, even knowing that it is the shooting, in which she participated.

    Has become very popular neo-Noir psychological Thriller «True detective,» in which Daddario played Lisa, Trenette, the mistress of one of the main characters. The actress is proud to participate in this multi-part tape, as she believes that she learned a lot in cooperation with Matthew McConaughey and woody Harrelson.

    Now the actress is working on a new adaptation of the Nicholas sparks novel «the Choice», which will appear on screens in 2016. In addition to feature films, Alexander is involved in other projects. So, it can be seen in the music video for the popular American indie rock band Imagine Dragons» song «Radioactive».

    Personal life

    Alexandra Daddario is pretty strict parents who forbade her from Dating boys until she turned 18. First boyfriend of the girl became an actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. Their relationship lasted 3 years, but the gap was so severe that Alexander prefers not to think about Jason, only once allowing himself to mention him in the interview.

    Lot of talk cause relationship Daddario with her partner on a Saga «Percy Jackson» Logan Lerman. Young people often see together since 2011, they appear at parties, spend time together on leisure activities, also together go on vacation and travel, but continue to argue that their is a friendship.

    In 2015, the actress became the face of Swiss brand «Movado», one of the largest companies in the production of watches.


    • 2002-2003 — All my children
    • 2009-2011 White collar
    • 2010 — Percy Jackson and the lightning thief
    • 2012 — always Sunny In Philadelphia
    • 2013 Texas chainsaw massacre 3D
    • 2013 — Percy Jackson and the Sea of monsters
    • 2014 — True detective
    • 2015 — The Fault Of The San Andreas Fault
    • 2015 — the Last man on Earth
    • 2016 — the Choice


    Oleksandr Daddario

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