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  • Name: Alexandra Bortech ( Aleksandra Bortich )
  • Date of birth: 24 September 1994
  • Age: 22 years
  • Place of birth: Svetlogorsk, Belarus
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexandra Bortech: biography

    Alexandra Bortech is a young actress of Belarusian origin. In 2014, the year was recognized as the acting breakthrough of the year. Despite little experience in the film industry and the young age of the actress, her biography has replenished the filming of such famous Russian films as «Duhless-2» and «the Shot».

    Oleksandr Bortech
    Photos of the actress

    Alexandra Bortech was born in Svetlogorsk of Gomel region in September 1994. My parents divorced when Sasha was 3. Mother went to Moscow, leaving her daughter with grandma in Grodno. Her and Alexander have lived up to 10 years. But then my mother remarried and moved the daughter to the capital. Sasha went to one of the Moscow schools, and also enrolled in music. Both schools Alexander Bortech finished successfully. She perfectly plays the saxophone.

    At school age he was fascinated not only playing the saxophone, but was friends with bikers. The result of that friendship was the ability to drive a motorcycle and love to hard rock: Alexander enjoyed going to concerts of Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Robert plant.

    Alexandra Bortech on a motorcycle
    Motorcycle | Spletnik

    And blue-eyed girl since childhood dreamt of becoming an actress. With this aim, Alexander attended drama in the nearby Palace of pioneers. In addition to Alexandra since childhood had a great memory, she’s taught poetry and were not afraid to make a recitation in front of guests.

    The actress claims that a child weighs 75 pounds, but have been actively losing weight for the dream to become an actress.

    Alexandra Bortech mom
    Mom |

    After school, Bortech took the documents to one of the theater schools, but to do the first attempt failed. The girl went to the pedagogical Institute and has received. But survived only 2 months and left the University. To earn a living, she took a job as a waitress in a bar, and in parallel started to go for auditions for any film projects that I found.


    Debut picture actress-newcomer was the psychological drama «my name» by Nigina Sayfullaeva. At first she auditioned for a completely different project: it came to the casting in the series «Deffchonki». Samples of the young actress failed, but the casting of the girl accidentally saw the Director of the film «my name». The fair-haired girl of small stature and with a huge touching eyes immediately liked Mrs. Sayfullaeva, and the actress immediately got the lead role. With this film begins the biography of Alexandra Bortech. This tape was released in 2014 and immediately received a lot of positive reviews from film critics, and many awards, including international. The painting was awarded a special diploma of the jury of the festival «Kinotavr».

    Alexandra Bortech in the film
    In the movie «duhless 2» | film frames

    Particularly fruitful for proposals from filmmakers becomes Bortech 2015. Young actress appeared in several films, many of which won the audience award and brought fame to Sasha first. The girl starred in «duhless-2», where he played a major role. And immediately on the publication GQ managed to get in the top 9 Actresses 2015. Said Alexander and film critics, having enlisted in the list of 35 actors who could be called a breakthrough year.

    Appeared blue-eyed beauty in the painting «About Love» by Anna Melikyan. In addition to her project involved Renata Litvinova, Vladimir Mashkov, Mikhail Efremov, Ravshan Kurkova and many other famous artists. Around the film the scandal broke even before its release. In addition to famous actors to be in a movie called the representatives of modern subcultures, which later in the interview, the actors spoke rather disparagingly that offended people who genuinely wanted to help the film look realistic for all viewers who understand not.

    Alexandra Bortech at the photo shoot
    Photoshoot actress | Spletnik

    Alexander is not only feature films, but in serial films. The sister of the protagonist of the new action series «the Shot» by Alexander Bortech played brilliantly. Here the audience saw her new reincarnation and was convinced that Sasha can play in different roles. It is a wonderful story about the lives of athletes-biathletes, their fate and the will to win. Bortech was able to convey the nature and manner of a provincial girl from a small Siberian town and tries to find happiness and not afraid of obstacles on the way to it.

    Another part of the tape which was also released in 2015, is called «Elusive». This crime Thriller and the melodrama Artem Aksenenko, where Bortech has played a major role.

    Alexandra Bortech in the program
    In the program «SMAK» | Things-Dryukov

    With confidence we can say that 2015 is the year that brought Alexander popularity and new roles. The journalists even asked the actress if she was afraid that after such a sudden and rapid success in her life come a black stripe, for that said Alexander philosophically and acknowledged that without difficulty is simply not the case. However, none of what the black strip in the 2016 year to talk was not necessary. This year has brought the actress a lot of interesting projects.

    Bortech together with Alexander Petrov starred in the TV series «Police with the ruble» about the difficult routine of the fashionable district. The girl played the sister of a police officer, who distinguished himself daring style and daring antics. Also the actress participated in the filming of the Comedy series «marry Pushkin» a touching love story of a provincial philologist and Metropolitan party girl.

    Alexander began to participate in various TV shows. In December, there was a culinary program «Relish», Bortech as a guest.

    Alexandra Bortech in the film
    In the movie «Viking» | Spletnik

    At the end of the year, Sasha starred in the «Viking train» project, in which she got the role of Rogneda. This picture has added to her piggy Bank roles of girls affected by heroes Danila Kozlovsky. The film «the Viking» got very mixed reviews. On the one hand, this is a very good fighter who not only collected a huge Desk in Russian cinemas, but also on an international level.

    On the other hand, critics point out that the history of Russia in the picture shown too alternative and sometimes quite offensive to all the people. Many people are surprised by the choice of the main characters, and how to reveal their characters. Prince Vladimir is a historical character, to put it mildly, not the best moral character, but even he tried to whitewash, making crafty and Thrifty, but brave and strong-willed leader confused the boy managed robbery by the Vikings.

    Alexandra Bortech and Danila Kozlovsky
    With Danila Kozlovsky | tatler

    In any case, criticism and numerous scandals brought the «Viking» even more popular, which is clearly a positive impact on future acting Bortech.

    Now the actress is working in a new genre. Alexander got the lead role in the science fiction film «Beyond». About the picture while very little is known, but the heroine Bortech will have paranormal abilities. Also Alexander started filming in the hyped TV series «You’re pissing me off».

    Personal life

    The young actress lives in Moscow at the moment, one. The actress never likes to attend social events and prefer to communicate with their peers. The girl is my instagram, where in addition to posters and promophoto a lot of films the usual casual frame of a young girl. Alexander is not afraid to publish their photos in the morning without makeup, or on vacation in a swimsuit. The girl left his longtime fascination with motorcycles, but now prefers the scooter and skateboard.

    Bortech Alexander and Ilya Malanin
    By Ilya Malininym | Life

    It girl has long been a favorite husband – actor Ilya Malanin. Sasha met him in the movie «red dawn», where she played the heroine, is torn between three boys. One of them played Malanin.

    Sasha says that for the first time think about the family and children. Young people lived together, went on walks with Jagger. So he said that the English bulldog. In the summer of 2016 started to spread rumors about forthcoming wedding lovers. The actress herself confirmed it by posting instagram pictures with a wedding ring. But later Bortech has denied all the rumors and apologized to fans. The so-called wedding was part of the series «a police officer with the ruble», and not real life, Alexandra.

    Oleksandr Bortech for the magazine
    For the magazine «Maxim»

    At the beginning of 2017, the couple broke up. It generated a lot of rumors about his personal life Sasha. Many fans and journalists thought that her boyfriend couldn’t meet with Bortech after the release of «Viking», where the actress starred in the rape scene. On the other hand, Bortech was never afraid of Frank’s roles, and three years of relationship with Ilya appeared on the screen naked, and even drove to Moscow on a horse and «no clothes» during the promotion «Elusive.» In fact, the actress was dressed in a flesh-colored, but all the photos looked like naked. In addition, the actress took part in many photo shoots, including for the magazine «Maxim».

    The reasons for the separation remained unknown, but now Alexander calls the «love of his life» his bulldog, not in a hurry to start a new relationship and reluctantly shares the details of his life.

    Oleksandr Bortech
    Talented artist |

    The actress speaks out for tolerance. She openly says that she sees the ridicule same-sex relationships, then angry as a bull. Alexander believes that no one should be to orientation of a stranger.

    In Bortech has its own position about art. She believes that the film cannot be denied Mat. This position adheres to the actress because of the great love of profanity, and because he believes that the state should not impose conditions of creativity.


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    Oleksandr Bortech

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