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  • Name: Alexander Zhulin ( Aleksandr Zhulin )
  • Date of birth: 20 July 1963
  • Age: 53 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Height: 176
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian figure skater, coach
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Mikhailova

    Alexander Zhulin: biography

    Alexander Vyacheslavovich Zhulin was born in Kaliningrad on 20 July 1963. He grew up in a prosperous family, where always reigned peace and harmony. Future ice-skating Olympic medallist has led the caring grandmother, the aim of which was to improve the health of the beloved grandson. On a five year old boy, kept steadily on skates, without fear of Bouncing and slides easily on the ice, the coaches immediately drew attention. The boy is very responsible attitude to the sessions without missing any. This was strictly followed Sasha’s grandmother.

    At nine years old began Moscow biography of Alexander Zhulin: the boy was sent to the capital, where hard figure skating is already at a higher level. The training took place at the stadium Young Pioneers.

    Two years later, the young skater Zhulin moved from Kaliningrad to the capital, where he lives and trains in a special boarding school for young athletes. Its preparation engaged the famous Russian coaches. From the fourth grade Sasha takes an active part in competitions and Championships and to the seventeen years acted as a skater-skater.

    Alexander Zhulin: figure skating

    At seventeen sports biography of Alexander Zhulin gets a new direction: a young skater moves to the paired statements. His partner on the ice is getting

  • Maya Usova. Soon, the pair is showing fine progress, rapidly gaining the first place at the all-Union and international competitions. Ten years a couple Zhulin and Usova holds the lead in triples winners sport, often defeating the eminent Champions of Russia and the world in pair figure skating. 1994 brought the figure skating silver medal at the Olympics in Lillehammer. This award has become a major, but the last achievement skaters. After the Olympics, Usova and Zhulin has retired from the sport.

    For four consecutive years they participate in various ice shows in the United States and Russia. But in the late nineties Alexander Zhulin finally goes to coaching. His first couple of students – Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. Young skaters under the leadership of Alexander Zhulin win at the Olympics in Turin, Italy.

    The next three years, the coach thoroughly prepares for the upcoming competitions next couple of skaters. This time they are French athletes Natalie Pesala and Fabien to burza. And then the coach achieves a remarkable result: Natalie and Fabien will win the championship in 2011.

    After another victory coach Zhulin, which account for Olympic victory, continues to prepare for the competition of other talented skaters, including Grebenkina and Azroyan, Chait and Sakhnovskiy, Mikhailova and Sergeev, skaters, ABT and Suguri.

    Alexander Zhulin: the ice show

    Biography of Alexander Zhulin is not only the brilliant results in sports figure skating. He is an active member of the popular ice show, as well as coach and head of the famous School of dancing on ice, which is based in the sports complex «Olympic». In 2007-2009, a team of skaters coach Alexander Zhulin met at the ice show with the team of Ilya Averbukh. In 2010 in the new TV show «Ice and fire» Zhulin acted as creative Director of the original rooms.

    In 2012, Alexander V. was prepared for presentation at the upgraded project «Ice age» a new team that consisted of famous stars of show business and skaters.

    Alexander Zhulin: love life

    The first serious affair in the life of a famous figure skater began symbolic. In may 1986, Alexander and partners

  • Usov became a family. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted until the early 1990-ies and in the past long before they broke up the dancing couple. In 1994 Alexander Zhulin began to train skaters
  • Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. At this time, and there was a romance with a young ward. Zhulin at the time was 30 and the Post 18. This passion led to a final rupture with his first wife Maya. In 2000, Navka and Zhulin were married. Soon they had a daughter Sasha. The family lived in new Jersey until 2006. About their high-profile breakup sounded different opinions. Some say that the cause of the rupture was novel grooves with actor Marat Basharov, while others assert about the infidelity of Alexander. As if there was not, but the couple announced divorce after 14 years of marriage.

    In 2011, the personal life of Alexander Zhulin opened a new page: the famous figure skater married

  • Natalia Mikhailova. In early 2013 they had a daughter Kate. Zhulin was introduced to the eldest daughter of Alexander with the younger Catherine. To changes in the personal life of the father of the girl reacted with great understanding.

    Alexander Zhulin: photo

    Oleksandr I. Zhulin Maya Usova

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