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  • Name: Alexander Zhukov ( Aleksandr Zhukov )
  • Date of birth: 1 June 1956.
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 186
  • Activity: the Russian state and a sports figure
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Zhukov: biography

    Alexander Zhukov is a prominent Russian senior officials, a major figure in the national sport. He occupies the responsible position of Deputy Chairman of the State Duma 6-th and 7-th convocation. He is also a member of the Supreme Council of the party «United Russia» and President of the Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation. To transfer the same public duties undertaken by the politician, difficult: dozens of them in various spheres of life.

    Zhukov Oleksandr Dmitrovich
    Alexander Zhukov |

    Born Alexander Zhukov in the summer of 1956 in Moscow, in the family of hereditary nobleman, writer, translator and prose writer Dmitry Anatolyevich Zhukov, known for his works «Habakkuk» and «Dreams Shulgin».

    But the family life of the parents did not work out, they divorced when the son was very young. Men’s upbringing of the boy took his grandfather, a retired military, father of his mother. His grandfather instilled in his grandson a love of chess, teaching him to play this challenging game in 4 years. Strict upbringing, accustomed to the discipline and the development of logical thinking have borne fruit: Alexander Zhukov studied at the elite school, where in-depth studied physics and mathematics.

    Oleksandr Zhukov
    Favorite game |

    Free time the boy had. He visited a chess club and was involved in several sports: football, hockey and figure skating.

    After successful graduation of beetles easily entered the Moscow state University, choosing the prestigious faculty of Economics. Here, in the Department of economic Cybernetics, he studied mathematical modeling and fundamentals of economic analysis.

    In his spare time played in your favorite childhood chess (he received the title of candidate master of sport), as well as preference, and football. His friend was over the course Pyotr Aven, now known statesman, a politician who maintains warm relations.


    In 1987, Alexander Zhukov received the diploma about higher education and got a job in scientific research Institute for system studies, USSR Academy of Sciences. Here he worked for two years. And in 1980 a young and promising specialist was hired in the Ministry of Finance, where he spent 11 years in charge of the trade sector and the construction of large industrial facilities abroad.

    Oleksandr Zhukov
    A successful economist |

    Political biography of Alexander Zhukov began in 1986. He was elected a Deputy of Baumansky regional Council.

    In 1991, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Alexander is in business. He left the Ministry of Finance and got a job in the foreign economic Joint stock company «Avtotraktorexport». He was soon promoted to Vice President. AO was involved in the export of tractors and Trucks.

    In the same year, Zhukov graduated from Harvard business School, becoming a qualified specialist in the sphere of currency legislation, customs and tax system.

    Oleksandr Zhukov
    Alexander Zhukov |

    Since 1993, Alexander Dmitrievich – Deputy of the State Duma. Since then, the Supreme legislative body of the country he was elected regularly. He became a member of the party «United Russia» and subsequently became part of the Supreme Council of «ER.»

    In the 1990s, the political career of Alexander Zhukov is developing rapidly. He holds a responsible position in the Supervisory Board of Sberbank and the Agency for restructuring credit institutions. Included in the Bank Council of the Central Bank and is a member of the Economic Council under the government of the Russian Federation. And in 2004, Zhukov was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Mikhail Fradkov, which friendly families since the 1990s.

    Alexander Zhukov and Vladimir Putin
    Alexander Zhukov President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin |

    A well-known love of sports has led Alexander to the fact that for many years he was engaged in various sports activities and was elected to positions of responsibility. From 2003 to 2009, Zhukov headed the Russian chess Federation. And in 2010, he was elected President of the national Olympic Committee. It was a very difficult period for the Russian sports. After the defeat at the Olympics in Vancouver, where the national team took a pathetic 11th place, required a new and effective Manager. And he was found in the person of Alexander Zhukov.

    The result was not long in coming. Already at the summer Olympics in London, the Russian team has risen on 4-e a place. And Sochi was a long awaited triumph: the national sport took on the world podium in first place. Many associate this with the name of Zhukov, who managed to solve many long-standing problems and organizational issues.

    Oleksandr Zhukov
    Alexander Zhukov |

    Important for official and statesman became 2011. Alexander Zhukov not only once again was elected a Deputy of the state Duma and first Deputy Chairman of the Supreme legislative body of the country and the Chairman of the party «United Russia». It includes a number of Duma committees. Working day policies and the official is painted on the clock, because besides all the above, it has many important public duties. Beetles included in the trusteeship of the collegial bodies of famous VGIK, the Bolshoi theatre and the Fund for support of Russian cinema.

    Oleksandr Zhukov
    Alexander Zhukov, Elena Isinbayeva and Patriarch Kirill |

    Spiritual and cultural life of the country are keenly interested in Alexander. He works in the Commission, which deals with the return of Orthodox churches from places of worship. And beetles in the science-editorial Board of the Great Russian encyclopedia: in 2017 the planned complete edition all 35 volumes.

    Personal life

    The politician was married at the age of 23. With his soulmate he met in the rest house, where he spent time after the winter session. Wife of Alexander Zhukov, Catherine was also an MSU student, but under the age of 2 courses. Today she is a successful businesswoman and managed several established it firms.

    Personal life Alexander Zhukov has developed happily. The marriage was born the only son of Petr Zhukov.

    Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka (left) and Alexander Zhukov with spouse Ekaterina
    With his wife, and Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka |

    On hearing the scandal that happened with the son of an official in 2006 in Britain. Petr Zhukov was accused of causing injuries to the inhabitant of London, for which he was sentenced to 14 months in prison and ordered to pay a fine in the amount of 7.5 thousand pounds.

    Zhukov, Jr. was paroled, after which he returned to Russia and settled in one of the Moscow firms on well-paid, but not public office.

    Alexander Zhukov with spouse
    With his wife Catherine |

    Perhaps this is the only dirt on Alexander Zhukov, who managed to find critics and opponents of the policy. It is called one of the friendliest politicians and senior officials. Hard criticism he responds with a charming smile and never slides up to the higher tones or transition to the individual. The knowledgeable it people say that politics is the steel rod, but the softness and malleability – it seems so.

    Family friendly Zhukov with the family of Nikita Mikhalkov: they are neighbours at the dacha at Nikolina Gora. Alexander was a regular guest at all events the well – known Director from the Premier of his new paintings to birthdays.


    Oleksandr Zhukov

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