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  • Name: Alexander Zbruev ( Aleksandr Zbruev )
  • Date of birth: 31 March 1938
  • Age: 78 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Lyudmila Savelyeva

    Alexander Zbruev: biography

    The actors reached the Zenith of glory in the days of the Soviet Union, it is often difficult to get used to the film industry what it became in the nineties and zero years. This type of people belongs and Alexander Zbruev, which, although continues to be removed, but does not hide his negative attitude to modern movies.

    Alexander Zbruev was born in March 1938 in Moscow. Unfortunately, the boy didn’t know his father. Viktor Vadim, Deputy people’s Commissar of the USSR, arrested in 1937 and shot, when the child was only a month and a half. Soon the family of the disgraced party leader was sent to the Yaroslavl region, where little Sasha is growing up to the age of five. Only in the midst of the great Patriotic War Tatyana Alexandrovna managed to return home, where he lived, her son from her first marriage Eugene.

    Young Zbruev spent much time in the company’s domestic children. Sasha went bad and loved to fool around, left somehow in the second year. He had tried hard liquor, and as a teenager was caught stealing other people’s money. About this time Alexander remembers as a turning point that has caused such strong guilt and shame that since then, the Zbruev never a stranger did not take. But paradoxically, domestic companies the actor has made more good than bad. For example, a sense of responsibility for «their» people, readiness to come to the rescue at any time and the love of the sport, as the constant danger of running into the fray forced the teen to keep themselves in shape. To stay strong, Sasha was engaged in gymnastics and Boxing.

    After eighth grade, Alexander wanted to quit school. He had not seen for themselves the future prospects that are not dreamed about any profession and going to work as a truck driver. To implement this intention was thwarted by the mother and elder brother, literally forced the young Vadim first to finish ninth grade and then file the documents at the Higher drama school named Shchukin. This unusual for the older generation the choice was due to the fact that Eugene himself had already worked as an actor at the Theatre named after E. Would. Vakhtangov, and mother long before the war was a theater actress.

    In the Shchukin school, Alexander studied under the guidance of another employee of the Vakhtangov theatre, Vladimir Abramovich Etush. Zbruev, first belonged to the acting skeptical, but under the influence of the curator and older relatives, he gradually changed his mind. The young man was serious, threw rowdy habits and old company and was soon fully immersed in training. In 1961 Zbruev graduated from College and was immediately admitted to the Theatre named after Lenin Komsomol.

    Alexander Zbruev theater

    Emotional young actor immediately caught on in the company. Two years Alexander played a secondary role, watching and learning from the experience of senior colleagues while in 1963 the theatre was transferred to the Director Anatoly Efros, who recognized at a young Zbruev great potential. So the actor had often embodying the «age» of the characters, got his first major role, young Lermontov in the play Remez and Chebotarevsky «On Lermontov…», which appeared before the public in the form of a romantic and passionate gentleman. After the premiere staging of Alexander immediately became widely known in theatrical circles.

    Another very vivid role Zbruev received two years in the play «My poor Marat», also postanovleniem Anatoly Efros. To strengthen the fame and popularity of the young Vadim contributed a brilliant Director mark Zakharov, every statement of which was collected a full house. The genius of the scene appreciated the flexibility and talent to reincarnation of the artist.

    In the theater of the Lenin Komsomol Alexander Zbruev still works. Despite the fact that there were offers from competing theatres, the actor has remained faithful to the stage that made him famous. Now Alexander is taking part in five plays, both classic (like «the Cherry orchard»), and modern.

    Alexander Zbruev: movies

    Alexander made his film debut in 1962, playing along with future Union stars Oleg dal and Andrei Mironov in the movie «My little brother». This picture was one of the leaders of Soviet film distribution in 1963, it was watched by over twenty million viewers.

    The next project, strengthened the popularity of the actor, was the film «Inch of land». Vadim adopted the role of a young Lieutenant Motovilov who has heroically to hold the Fort is a tiny but very important sector of the front. The uniqueness of this painting was that it was a very intense emotion, but wonderfully bright and kind.

    Almost every year Alexander starred in new movies. The Directors and the audience loved his mix of romance, simplicity and courage. Most often Zbrueva got the role of young military, especially that in 60-70 years came a boom in films about the Second World War. Then in Vogue of detective and spy movies, where the character Vadim was very popular. In particular, in the eighties the actor played the Navigator of the fleet in the adventure film «the Ring from Amsterdam», which received positive reviews from viewers.

    Since 1990, the less Zbruev began to appear in the movie. Now in fashion were films about crime and a beautiful life in which the actor is acting is not wanted. In all the decades Alexander only played in eleven films, mostly supporting roles. The notable works of that period worth mentioning is the drama «You at me one», where the plot was very close to the audience the theme of choosing between a chore and a potential tale, the theme of betrayal and love.

    In 2004, Alexander Zbruev said that he was going to leave the cinema. This post was a real shock to loyal fans, the actor was persuaded to stay, especially because he continued to offer the role. However, the artist was adamant. In subsequent years he twice appeared on screen as himself, but no more. Only in 2014 was filmed the movie «a Movie about Alekseeva», where the actor embodies the image of the Central character.

    Alexander Zbruev: personal life

    First wife of Alexander became his colleague at the scene of Valentina Malyavina. The marriage of the two young men lasted only four years, from 1959 to 1963. A few years after the breakup of the Zbruev has an affair with another colleague on the scene, Lyudmila Savelyeva. This novel led to the wedding, which the actors played in 1967. After some time, the couple had a daughter called Natalia. Also Alexander Zbruev has a child out of wedlock, a daughter from a short whirlwind romance with actress Elena sanonoi. The girl was born in 1993 and is now followed in the footsteps of parents, recently debuted in the theater «Lenkom».

    Alexander Zbruev: filmography

    • My younger brother
    • Inch of land
    • Two tickets to the daytime show
    • A big change
    • I do not care
    • Shot in the back
    • The house that swift built
    • A dangerous line
    • Keep me, my talisman
    • Black rose — an emblem of sorrow, red rose is an emblem of love
    • Salamander skin

    Alexander Zbruev: photo

    Alexander Zbruev

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