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  • Name: Alexander Zatsepin ( Aleksandr Zatsepin )
  • Date of birth: 10 March 1926
  • Age: 90 years
  • Place of birth: Novosibirsk
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: composer, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: widower

    Alexander Zatsepin: biography

    10 March 2016 celebrates its anniversary of the legendary Soviet and Russian composer Alexander Zatsepin. He will be 90 years for which the great musician has managed to do very, very much for Russian and world art. A huge number of songs and instrumental compositions, written by her brother, loved by people all over the world for over 60 years.

    The future composer was born in the capital of Siberia – Novosibirsk. His parents had no attitude toward art. Father Sergey was a surgeon, but his repressed when Sasha was still at school, so the son was raised by his mother Valentina Boleslavovna, who worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature.

    Even during the war years Zatsepin entered the Novosibirsk Institute of railway engineers, but in 1945 he was expelled from University and drafted into the armed forces. Then this event was presented to the young man’s tragedy, but in fact everything turned out perfectly. In the army, he taught himself how to play musical instruments, and talent manifested itself so vividly that the ordinary Zatsepina was transferred to Novosibirsk army song and dance ensemble.

    Musical experience was not in vain, and after transfer to the reserve Alexander becomes a member of the Philharmonic orchestra. But as he was tormented by the lack of professional education, Zatsepin submits documents to the school of music. There he was not accepted by the original cause. The examination Board decided that the young man has escalated the level of secondary schools, and sent Alexander to Alma-ATA Conservatory.

    In 1956 Zatsepin defended the diploma work was the ballet «Old Hottabych», performed on the stage of the Alma-ATA theatre of Opera and ballet. Distribution he came to «Kazakhfilm» Studio and since then his career will be inextricably linked with the world of cinema and television.

    Music and songs

    The first film to which Alexander Zatsepin wrote the music, was the Comedy «Our dear doctor». Then there were about 10 soundtracks, and worked the composer in the capital of Kazakhstan, and burn the finished composition was sent to Moscow as the equipment on the ground did not meet the required standards. In the end, the head of the Moscow Symphony orchestra Victor killed the same suggested Zatsepina to move to the capital permanently.

    First Alexander in Moscow was difficult, he even worked in restaurants accordionist. But then fate brought him from gaining momentum by Director Leonid Gaidai, and this meeting was significant for both men. Zatsepin wrote a few songs for new film «Operation «y» and «prisoner of the Caucasus», with the result that literally bursts onto the musical Olympus. Since then it has been more than 50 years, and people still enjoy listening to and singing light songs «Wait, steam engine», «song about bears» and «If I were a Sultan».

    Later in the asset composer got of work on such films as «June 31», «Sannikov Land», «the diamond arm», «the Twelve chairs», «Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation». His songs could be heard not only in the movies. Them in great enough numbers, private plates issued firm gramzapisi «the Melody» and the wheels instantly swept from the shelves of enthusiastic fans.

    Not to mention the creative unions of Alexander. In 1965 he collaborated with songwriter Leonid Derbenyov. Together they wrote over 100 hits, and most of them have become so popular that the listener elementary used to see next are the names of Zatsepin and Derbenev and didn’t take one without the other. From this period it is possible to allocate a romantic song «Looking for you» from the movie «31 June» fun «Song on Cupid» from the Comedy «cannot be!» a parody of the tango «Help me» from «Brilliant hands» and many other hits.

    Another important for the history of the national stage Union happened when Alexander Zatsepin met a singer Alla Pugacheva. Their interest in each other was not random. Pugachev was already a very popular singer and working with her dream of all Soviet composers. And Zatsepin was famous not only bright melodies, but the arrangements which he had made on their own equipment. By the way, Alexander is an avid Amateur radio and all the equipment assembled on their own.

    Tandem Zatsepin/Pugacheva gave the world such hits as «Where the childhood leaves», «world», «the Wizard-educated» and many others. Their cooperation lasted until the release of the famous melodrama «the Woman who sings». The author thundered all over the country songs in this picture was Alexander, but after the film between the singer and the composer of the disagreement and how they work together to this end.

    In 1982, Alexander Zatsepin moved to permanent residence in France, then at home it began to attack. Printed publications criticized all those favorite songs that have recently skyrocketed. They were called vulgar, silly and superficial. Only at the very end of the 80s, the composer returned to Russia, and the domestic film industry. He wrote the soundtrack for the new film «Where is nofelet?», «She broom, he in a black hat», «Private detective, or Operation «Cooperation».

    Of the last works of the legendary Creator stands out the music on the war drama, «In June 41-go» and the detective series «the Red chapel». During his long creative life of Aleksandr Zatsepin has written more than 300 songs and was the author of over 120 soundtracks. For his enormous contribution to the culture of the country in 2003, he was awarded the title of people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    Personal life

    Aleksandr Zatsepin was married four times. His first wife, actress Reverol Sokolova, he met in Novosibirsk. In the family in 1954 a son, Eugene, who followed in the footsteps of his father – wrote music and poetry, at the age of 24 years young husband died suddenly. With Rimirai Zatsepin was very long, and soon married a second time to a pianist Svetlana, with whom he lived until her death in 1982. They had a daughter Elena, who now lives in Switzerland.

    After the death of the second wife of Alexander went to Paris, as he married a French artist Genevieve. But this marriage was not happy and after 4 years broke up. After returning to Moscow the composer met his last wife — Svetlana Morozovskaya, which introduced his own grandson, son of his daughter Helena. Svetlana was a piano teacher at the boy who was preparing to enter the musical College. Alexander and Svetlana had lived more than 20 years, but in 2014 Zatsepin was widowed again.


    • The song about hares
    • A wizard-dropout
    • There is only a moment
    • Looking for you
    • Where the childhood leaves
    • Love is the one to blame
    • The island of bad luck
    • A song about the bears
    • Wait, the engine
    • This world is not invented by us
    • A castle in the sand

    Selected discography

    • 1965 — Operation «y» and other Shurik’s adventures
    • 1966 — the Caucasian captive, or Shurik’s New adventures
    • 1968 — «the diamond arm»
    • 1968 — Film, movie, film
    • 1971 — Twelve chairs
    • 1973 — The Sannikov Land
    • 1973 — Ivan Vasilievich
    • 1978 — the Woman who sings
    • 1978 — June 31
    • 1981 — the Mystery of the third planet


    Alexander Zatsepin

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