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  • Name: Alexander Zaldostanov ( Surgeon )
  • Date of birth: 19 January 1963
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Kirovohrad, Ukraine
  • Height: 190
  • Activity: the biker, the President of the Russian Association of bikers, the founder and leader of the club «Night wolves»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Zaldostanov: biography

    Alexander Zaldostanov, also known under the nickname Surgeon, is a Soviet and Russian biker, who founded the country’s first club «Night wolves», and later became the President of the Russian Association of bikers and Director of the Bike center and club «Sexton». Zaldostanov shows all over the country, from a favorite hobby can get not just a profession but a complete way of life that will eventually lead to success.

    Aleksandr Zaldostanov
    Famous biker Alexander Zaldostanov, nicknamed «Surgeon» | Monochrome Photography Awards

    Alexander Zaldostanov was born in Kirovograd, in the family of hereditary doctors. Father was a surgeon and passed all the Great Patriotic war. Mother was engaged in resuscitation. Also associated with medicine and the sister of a biker who works as a doctor in a Western country. In fact, following in the footsteps of parents and their son. After school, he goes to the capital of Russia and entered into the 3rd Moscow medical Institute, faculty of dentistry, where he received the specialty «maxillofacial surgeon».

    Alexander Zaldostanov in his youth
    Photo by Alexander Zaldostanov in the early years | Free

    It is from an official profession in the biography of Alexander Zaldostanov, you receive the nickname «the Surgeon.» However, a degree young man worked very little. He listened to heavy rock music was the so-called «fan» that eventually led Zaldostanov passion for motorcycles. In 1983 Alexander acquires his first two-wheeled friend of the Czechoslovak firm «Java», and later forms a youth bike group «Surgery», which had a reputation as a hard-core hooligans. Zaldostanov also many times had to deal with law enforcement, as regularly drove a motorcycle without a helmet, what broke the rules of the road.

    In addition to Biking Alexander Zaldostanov tried himself as an actor. He appeared in small roles in such films as the social drama «Crash, daughter ment,» the Comedy «Dancing ghosts» youth and film «Luna Park» is a joint Russian-French production.


    Later the guy goes to Germany, where he held the position of a bouncer in the Berlin punk-rock club «Sexton». It was there that Alexander plunges into the biker subculture and met with the group «hell’s Angels». After returning home, a young man organizes Russia’s first biker club «Night wolves» and became its Chairman. In a few years, the organization will hold the annual international bike show, which exist today. By the way, the «Night wolves» patronage of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, whom he calls his friend Zaldostanov.

    Alexander Zaldostanov and Putin
    With Russian President Vladimir Putin | InfoResist

    After the events in Ukraine related to the so-called «Maidan», the Surgeon along with actor Michael Porechenkova and athlete Yulia Berezikova and Deputy Dmitry Sablin initiated the creation of Russian movement «Antimaydan.» They consider their purpose to resist all attempts to overthrow the current government. Zaldostanov has publicly declared that does not exclude even the use of force for the opportunity to stop anti-government protests. By the way, in this regard, Alexander signed a petition on the recognition of the undesirable organizations, the other two biker clubs «hell’s Angels» and «Bandidos».

    Alexander «Surgeon» Zaldostanov | The New York Times

    In the spring of 2015 «Night wolves» led by Alexander «Surgeon» Zaldostanov was going to hold an unusual rally in honor of the 70th anniversary of Victory Day. It was supposed to be a scale rally «To Berlin!», where the bikers would cross the cities of Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Germany. But many members, including Alexander Zaldostanov, was permitted to enter EU countries, therefore the action failed. Incidentally, the famous biker is also prohibited to cross the borders of the USA and Canada.

    Open expression of his own opinion of the leader of the bikers has become customary for the Russians. However, his image of the actor and Director Konstantin Raikin, who spoke about the inadmissibility of censorship, had a great resonance in the country. For example, against the opinion of the Surgeon was made by political activist Maxim Reznik and the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov. First called controversy Raikin and Zaldostanov «discussion of Professor Preobrazhensky and Sharikov» from the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov «heart of a Dog», and the second urged Alexander to apologize, but the Surgeon has not only refused, but also said it plans to continue to fight with the freedom of creativity.

    The latest shocking project of Alexander «Surgeon» Zaldostanov is the idea to replace the national emblem of Russia. Outrageous biker invited the President to join the Imperial and Soviet symbols, adding to the two-headed eagle red star and ears, and also to reflect on the state emblem of the fact that Crimea is now part of Russia.

    Personal life

    His personal life Alexander Zaldostanov does not like to flaunt. As soon as the journalists raise the issue of his romantic relationships, «Surgeon» immediately takes the conversation to another topic. However, it is known that the biker was married to a German woman named Matilda. They met during the interview, as she was a journalist who arrived from Stuttgart for writing articles about were born in the Soviet Union, informal movements. By the way, there is a theory that Matilda was the daughter of a factory Director «Mercedes-Benz».

    Alexander Zaldostanov and his girlfriend
    With one of the many fans | Nefakt.Info

    However, along Alexander Zaldostanov and his wife lived long, but thanks to her Surgeon came to Germany and learned about the biker movement. On further wives and Alexander can only speak on the rumors, as the man himself, no affair did not confirm the information and did not comment.

    According to some journalists, in private life Alexander Zaldostanov had a relationship with the ballerina Anastasia Volochkova and TV presenter Renata Litvinova, but again – the true fact is not. The man has at least one son named George. Father tried to teach the boy to his passion for motorcycles, but failed.


    Aleksandr Zaldostanov

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