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  • Name: Alexander Zakharov ( Alexandra Zakharova )
  • Date of birth: 17 June 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Zakharov : biography

    Today Aleksandra Markovna Zakharova, people’s artist of the Russian Federation and the leading actress of the famous «Lenkom». But the path to recognition was not easy. After all, she looked primarily as the daughter of a famous Director and the art Director of theatre «Lenkom» Mark Zakharov. For this reason, she had to work more than others to prove their worth in the profession.

    Alexander Zakharov was born in June 1962 in Moscow. Perhaps the fate of his daughter, whose parents were solidly «mounted» in the world of theatre and cinema, have been identified. Zakharova grew up backstage. The summer she spent with her parents in tours.

    No mother is actress Nina Lapshinova nor father time checking the school had no daughter. That it’s skipping, they said later. As recognized by Alexander Zakharov, she was quite interesting to learn. In 13 years she had read the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Nikolai Berdyaev, Vladimir Solovyov and other smart books. To get how much flowed from the pipe a to pipe B, she was sad.

    As you might expect «theater» a girl after high school he enrolled in drama College. The choice fell on the Shchukin school. In 1983, Alexandra Zakharova, who graduated, was offered a job once in 5 Metropolitan theaters. But it has long been sick of» Papa’s «Lenkom», behind the scenes, which grew and perceive it as a house.


    To avoid confusion, mark Zakharov, before taking the daughter to the troupe led them to the theater, held a secret ballot. Alexander took. For a long time she had to go on stage only in the extras. But the artist is not just tolerated – she was happy from each exit to the stage, because of «Lenkom» she dreamed for a long time.

    The breakthrough came when the «Lenkom» came Gleb Panfilov, decided to put on the stage his «hamlet.» The role of Ophelia he trusted Alexandra Zakharova. Only after this work, and the father began to give her daughter a significant role. She appeared in productions of «Memorial prayer», «Seagull», «Crazy day or the Marriage of Figaro», «the Barbarian and heretic,» «Jester Balakirev».

    Today Aleksandra Markovna rightfully occupies a place among the leading actors of theatre «Lenkom». And even her demanding father acknowledged that she was able to prove the randomness in the profession.


    A cinematic biography of Alexandra Zakharova started blockbusters father «the House that swift built», where she played Esther, and «Golden» Comedy «Formula of love». Fimka performed by Alexandra unique, and it is recognized by even the strictest critics.

    But the real fame to Zakharova came after the release in 1988 of the psychological detective «Criminal talent». The role of Sasha Roukoyatkina instantly turned the young actress into a star. Learned it on the streets and asked for an autograph. The image of a charming adventuress Alexandra Zakharova entrusted Director Sergei Ashkenazi. The actress was more than justified the confidence of the master. Moreover, it is demonstrated that can easily transform into diverse characters. In the film she played the whole range of feelings, forcing to empathize with her character to millions of viewers.

    1988 was a year of breakthrough actress in cinema. In addition to «Criminal talent» on the screens out the film is a parable Zakharov «Kill the dragon». Daughter of the Director was entrusted with the role of Elsa, which she played flawlessly.

    Of recent cinematic works by Alexandra Zakharova you can highlight as the most brilliant Comedy «a Thin thing» TV series «Detectives», «another life» and «you are my Happiness», where she played the main character.

    Personal life

    If in the profession, Alexandra Zakharova took place, with the personal life it was much more difficult. Many actors courted her father, so each person arising from Zakharova, was seen more than closely. Both the Alexandra and all the others. Of course, this could not affect the relations with the opposite sex.

    In the Shchukin Alexander Zakharov fell in love with classmate Edward Toman. He came to conquer the capital of Kharkiv and was a very shy guy. To speak about their feelings blonde beauty, and even the daughter of Mark Zakharov, he hesitated. Somehow Edward blabbed about this roommate. The rumor instantly spread throughout the school. All immediately decided that he need not Sasha, a Moscow residence permit and protection of the father Zakharova. Alexander, after listening to such assumptions, reacted to the Toman wary. He retreated.

    Later, when Edward Toman was held in the profession and became artistic Director of Russian dramatic theater in Tallinn, he made a second attempt to win Sasha’s love. But, apparently, the same river twice is really impossible to enter.

    Personal life of Alexandra Zakharova has always been under scrutiny. And when she broke novel with Director Sergei Ashkenazi, it immediately started talking loudly. But these feelings did not stand the test of time.

    Then there was a brief affair with Andrei Sokolov, which quickly dried up.

    Married Alexander Zakharov visited once. She became the wife of Vladimir Steklov, when she was 30 years old. Unfortunately, children in this 9-year-old marriage has not appeared.

    Not so long ago, people from the inner circle of the actress talking about her new novel. Rumor has it that the man who today near Alexandra Markovna does not apply to artistic circles.


    • «The house that swift built»
    • «Formula of love»
    • «Kill the dragon»
    • «Criminal talent»
    • «The hostage»
    • «Grey wolves»
    • «The fall»
    • «Detective Bureau Felix»
    • «The master and Margarita»
    • «Netinka»


    Oleksandra Zakharova

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