Alexander Zaitsev

(biography, photos, videos) Aleksandr Zaytesev

photo by Alexander Zaitsev

  • Name: Alexander Zaitsev ( Aleksandr Zaytesev )
  • Date of birth: 16 June 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activities: skater, coach, Honored master of sports of the USSR
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Zaitsev biography

    Alexander Gennadiyevich Zaitsev is an outstanding athlete, figure skater won the hearts of figure skating fans in the country and abroad. The most popular, speaking in tandem with Irina Rodnina is one of the most talented skaters of his time. The legendary Duo became two-time Olympic champion and the first in the world to get the highest score – 6:0.

    Future famous figure skater was born 16 June 1952 in Leningrad. Children’s fascination with skating is not accidental. The young skater had an incredible talent, requires implementation. At the time there was no indoor artificial ice rinks, and opportunities for self-training. Spring and summer classes were held on the tennis courts and athletics halls.

    Alexander Zaitsev in his youth
    Alexander Zaitsev in youth | Ruspekh

    A confident skater in 1972 saw Stanislav Zhuk. Famous coach asked Zaitsev to train with Irina Rodnina, who at the time was still riding with Ulanov. Skating technique is different from the steam room technology, so Alexander quickly had to readjust. A gifted, purposeful and persistent athlete did it. The couple has been endorsed and approved by management.

    Duet Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina

    Alexander was not embarrassed by the popularity of Irene, he was a talented, well-built, he had a remarkable growth and he had a great physical preparation. From the first days of the skaters, coaches and spectators the impression that, together, Irina and Alexander for many years. And yet, the first year was for Sasha is very heavy, but effective. Strict mode, waking up at 6 in the morning, exhausting workouts, from which the feet took, were not in vain.

    Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina
    Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina | VladTime

    Simple and very capable young man Stanislav Zhuk has forged a highly technical skater. After all, the only equipment – true criterion for objective assessments. If artistry is a subjective concept and can be evaluated each in their own way, the technique can be seen: either it’s there or not. Alexander Zaitsev, have mastered it to perfection, was a figure skater from God. Live performances were universally admired, pairs one after the other won the European and world Championships and Olympic games.

    The first and most memorable was the victory in the 1973 world Championships in Bratislava (Czech Republic). During their presentations there was a short circuit, which stopped the music. Skaters did not panic and continued to ride. Ended the speech with thunderous applause and victory! It was later revealed that the music was cut off specifically to prevent the victory of the Soviet skaters.

    With Tatiana Tarasova

    In 1976, skaters has a new coach Tatiana Tarasova. In 1978 at the world championship in Ottawa, the world saw the famous «Kalinka-Malinka». At the 1980 Olympics in lake placid victory predicted American athletes, as Rodnina and Zaitsev in 1979 were not for the birth of the child. There were a lot of posts all with one voice declared that the Soviet gold pair does not Shine.

    Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina
    Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina with coach Tatiana Tarasova | CSKA

    The speech of the Americans was a failure, in contrast to our skaters that worked brilliantly. Performance at the Olympics-80 was the best in the history of a talented Duo. Athletes has given his all, the audience gave them a standing ovation. Photos and video depicting a tears Irina on the podium, continued to be of concern today.

    The main achievements of Alexander Zaitsev:

    • 1973 – the title of honored master of sports;
    • 1976 and 1980 – Olympic champion in pair figure skating in Innsbruck and lake placid;
    • 1973-1978 – six-time world champion in pair figure skating;
    • 1973-1978 years – seven-time European champion in pair figure skating.

    Personal life

    Joint training, performances and friendship brought Irina and Alexander. In 1975 they got married. A great sense of humor Sasha, said even Zhvanetsky, his easy nature helped smooth out the rough edges in sports and in family life. In 1979, Irina Rodnina became pregnant and gave birth to son Sasha. During this year, the pair Rodnina-Zaitsev did not speak, but just two months after giving birth, Irina came out on the ice.

    Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina with her son
    Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina with her son | Movie-Theater

    After the Olympics of 1980, Alexander and Irina stopped joint statement, collapsed and the family. The divorce between the spouses took place in 1985, but they still remain friends. Their son became an artist. Lived first in America, then moved to Moscow. Married, kids. After Rodnina Alexander had another woman. It was the figure skater Galina Karelina.

    Galina Karelina
    Galina Karelina, wife of Alexander Zaitsev | Movie-Theater

    After finishing his sports career Zaitsev worked in the sports Committee. Within five years, tired of the sport, he wasn’t skating. Later worked as a coach at the Moscow «Dynamo». His charges were talented athletes of all ages. The work was interesting, but with the advent of perestroika, everything changed. Funding stopped, the sponsorship was not enough and everything fell apart.

    Alexander Zaitsev today
    Coach Alexander Zaitsev today | Scoopnest

    We went to shows, the ballet, traveled abroad. So figure skating Dynamo ceased to exist. Alexander Zaitsev after the departure of the disciples also had to find occupation and income in America. Today, the famous skater back on the coaching work that gives sustenance and pleasure.

    Their invaluable experience former athlete shares with skaters from different countries and continents. The geography of his movement around the world is impressive. Often in America, trains are not only athletes, but also fans from toddlers to seniors. From time to time there and in Moscow


    Alexander Zaitsev in his youth

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