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  • Name: Alexander Zadoinov ( Aleksandr Zadoynov )
  • Date of birth: 31 October 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Yaroslavl
  • Height: 197
  • Activities: member show «Dom 2»
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Zadoinov: biography

    Alexander Zadoinov — participant of the TV project «House 2», which came and went from the perimeter four times. Childhood of Alexander passed in the ancient city of Yaroslavl. It was there that he was born in a family of ordinary employees. Prosperity at home Saginovich was modest, so Sasha still in their Teens had to start working.

    However, the young man gave preference to short jobs, which brought a small but quick earnings. The longest Alexander has held the position of bartender in Yaroslavl night club. Because of the work he has not received higher education.

    TV show

    Alexander Zadoinov was not yet 23 years old when he first appeared in the TV project «House 2». In the first day, the guy expressed sympathy for Nelly Ermolaeva, but knowing that she is already in a relationship with Nikita Kuznetsov, switched on Catherine Krutilina. However, even being paired with Kate, Zadoinov was interested in other girls.

    Later he had a short affair with many participants, who as it turned out, were intended to cause jealousy and attract the attention member of Feofilaktova (Guseva). Only at the wedding, Daria Chernykh and Sergei Pintara Zadoinov managed to lure Eugene. The relationship began to build, but then like a bolt from the blue sounded unpleasant information. It turns out that Alexander Zadoinov addicted to playing online poker, and for that took money out of other project participants with their Bank cards. After this incident, Sasha was kicked out of the project.

    Six months later, the young man was allowed to return. He again began to meet Feofilaktova, and after breaking up with Eugenia had an affair with Lily Shoo. A month later Alexander was again excluded from the show for an aggressive attack on Paul Arbekova, with the result that the latter was an open wound on his head. However, in September 2012, Sasha once again back on the set of «House-2». This time he had a serious relationship with Jana Employment, along with a guy and left the show, this time on their own.

    But this parish Zadoinov on the project, was not the last. In September 2013, he returns and immediately begins to look for beautiful blonde Elina Kamiren (Karyakina). That relationship ended Elina’s pregnancy and after the birth of her daughter Sasha, along with a young mother and child left the «House 2» to educate a girl far away from television cameras.

    Personal life

    Before the advent in the TV show «Dom-2» Alexander Zagainov got married in his hometown of Yaroslavl, to get the daughter of Anastasia and leave. It was after breaking up with his wife he decided to go to build relationships in the eyes of the whole country.

    On the reality show he had serious feelings for Yana Rudova. They have gone from «House 2», I went to Yaroslavl and began to live together. The young people were able to open a small restaurant where Sasha was engaged in the administration of Affairs, and Jan worked as an administrator. Also Zadoinov was other business the tattoo parlor. The couple broke up after Alexander realized that Ian lied to him. The fact that Rudova long time assured beloved that she is pregnant from him, and it was a lie.

    The last arrival on the project, Alexander Zadoinov struck up a romance with Elina Kamiren, which even gave birth to his daughter Alexandra. Exactly a week after the appearance of the baby born, the family moved to the perimeter. Elina and Sasha were planning to get married, but just a few weeks broke up, realizing that life in the show and in reality significantly different, and to each other they absolutely do not fit.

    Zadoinov, tired of the media, of constant TV filming life in the eyes of fans of the show, went to the village near Yaroslavl, but he often comes to Moscow and visit his daughter Sasha, that loves. With Elina Alexander was left in good friendly relations.


    Oleksandr Zadoinov

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