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  • Name: Alexander Yatsko ( Aleksandr Yatsko )
  • Date of birth: 13 June 1958.
  • Age: 58 years
  • Place of birth: Minsk
  • Growth: 183
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theater and film actor, Director, Honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: divorced

    Alexander Yatsko : biography

    Today only some of the fans don’t know the actor Alexander Yatsko. I think his face is familiar to most of us for a long time. Although fame came to this great artist only in the 2000s when he began acting in the series.

    Alexander Yatsko was born in the summer of 1958 in the capital of Belarus. In Minsk he spent his childhood and teenage years. In the family of Jacko, nobody has been associated with the art world. And Alexander himself did not dream about acting. He was preparing to become an architect.

    After graduation, Aleksandr Yatsko as planned, he entered the Polytechnic Institute. In 1980 he received the diploma and the specialty of the architect. But, as sometimes happens, the work of which he dreamed in his youth, more was not interested.

    In his student years Jacko was fond of the theater. He made his debut on the stage of the Minsk theatre «Coliseum» and realized that this work is his true calling. Now Alexander even thought I do not represent that it can do something else. He went to Moscow and the first try arrived in School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre named after Maxim Gorky. In 1985, he received a second diploma of higher education. This time the theater.


    The creative biography of Alexander Jacko began at the Taganka theater. The young actor had to dive into the difficult atmosphere of theatrical squabbles and scandals. He came to the Taganka in that difficult time when the change came, Alexander Lyubimov, Anatoly Efros. The troupe was split in two. In such a turbulent situation Jacko managed to play a few major roles. In «Master and Margarita», he entrusted the image of Pilate. In the play «the Misanthrope,» the actor brilliantly portrayed Alceste. Premiered in 1986. This was the last production staged by Efros. In 1987, the Director did not.

    In 1993, Alexander received an invitation from the theater Mossovet, immediately agreed and changed the scene. The stage became his family. He now steps up on that stage. On account of his many excellently played roles. «Chopsticks,» «Jesus Christ superstar», «the Ladies ‘war», «Cyrano de Bergerac» and «Topsy-turvy» is only a small part of the performances staged in the Mossovet theatre, in which he played Jacko. But perhaps the best is his work in the staging of Gogol’s «the Inspector», where he brilliantly portrayed the mayor.

    Admirers of talent of Alexander Yatsko appreciate the game in its depth and absolute honesty. The art of transformation this actor is, that sometimes it seems like he is the person portrays on the stage.

    In the mid-1990s Jacko put two of their own play «Richard II» and «Henry IV». And it became the film of the play «A. P.» in the works of Mikhail Bulgakov «Alexander Pushkin».


    The road to success in cinema for Alexander Yatsko has not been rapid. First he was offered the scenes or supporting roles in films that were not successful. Accordingly, the name of the artist for a long time was known only to a few Amateurs. But in the early 2000s, when the domestic film industry began to mass produce TV shows and melodrama, the situation has changed.

    Jacko started to get offers from film Directors in greater numbers. Especially after the release of such popular projects as «Turkish March», «Kamenskaya», «Detectives-1», «the Young Wolfhound», «Adventurers» and others.

    Today filmography of Alexander Jacko is very large. To name only some, of the highest rated TV series in which he starred: «On the corner near the Patriarchal», «Drongo», «Poor Nastya», «Officers», «Euphrosyne» and many others. Even the list of known projects is a huge place.

    Of the last series, whose ratings hit record, highlighted «Closed school» and «Kitchen». In recent Alexander Yatsko appeared in the form of a new chef Anton Vladimirovich.

    Personal life

    With his colleague in the theater Mossovet by Elena Valyushkina Alexander Yatsko met in the best traditions of the profession: on the stage. Together they played in the play «One day last summer.» Broke novel. At that time Helen was married, but her marriage was unraveling. Alexander was not married and open to new feelings.

    They began to live together. Soon quietly signed. And all would be well if not for the terrible verdict of doctors: Elena will never be able to become a mother. Several operations, the long grueling treatment and all the associated issues they have experienced together. When both dropped his hands, a miracle happened. Their first son Basil was born in 1997 contrary to all laws of medicine and doctors. And after 4 year she got pregnant again. And again it seemed unbelievable miracle. But the birth of his daughter Masha was very difficult and painful, associated with long months of lying to Elena in the hospital and subsequent recuperation.

    Probably all experienced problems and difficulties, domestic troubles, accumulated and destroyed it before a happy marriage.

    Personal life Alexander Jacko is no longer associated with Elena Valyushkina. But he has two wonderful children and, of course, the scene where a favorite artist waiting for his loyal fans.


    • «Turkish March»
    • «Kamenskaya»
    • «The Young Wolfhound»
    • «On the corner near the Patriarchal»
    • «Drongo»
    • «Poor Nastya»
    • «Officers»
    • «Euphrosyne»
    • «Closed school»
    • The «kitchen»


    Aleksandr Yatsko

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