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(biography, photos, videos) Alexandra Evanes-aasmaa

photography by Alexander Yakovlev

  • Name: Alexander Yakovlev ( Alexander Ivanes-Aasmaa )
  • Date of birth: 2 July 1957
  • Age: 59 years
  • Place of birth: Kaliningrad
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: actress, politician
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Yakovlev: a biography

    Alexander Yakovlev, whose real name Ivanes — Soviet and Russian actress, best known for his roles in such films as «the Crew», «Magicians», «Man from Boulevard des Capucines» and many others. She also excelled in the field of municipal management.

    Alexander was born in Kaliningrad. In childhood, like many girls, have you evolved creatively – went to music school, violin class, and also attended dance Studio. After school, she decides to become an actress, went to St. Petersburg and entered the State Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. It was during his studies in acting school Alexander takes a creative alias Yakovlev in honor of the grandfather of Pavel Kondratyevich who loved and respected.

    For 80 years it becomes very popular actress, but after 1993, with the decline of Russian cinema, left the profession. Alexander was invited to be Deputy mayor of his native Kaliningrad for culture and tourism. Thanks Yakovleva in the city there are several state of the art hotels, organize the entertainment, including she organized a film festival «the Amber Panther».

    In the late 90-ies of MS Salnikova even ran for mayor. After losing the election, a woman went to St. Petersburg and… goes to College! She decided to get a second degree at the Polytechnic University on the faculty «State and municipal management». Yakovlev wanted to open a construction business, but she again received an interesting offer — to head the Department of public relations of the airport «Sheremetyevo». She later worked in a similar position in the St. Petersburg airport «Pulkovo», and then was Deputy head of the Oktyabrskaya railway and the Deputy General Director of the company «Russian Railways».

    In the spring of 2016 Alexander Yakovlev decided to return to his first profession. She played in the play «Oscar» on the stage of the St. Petersburg Maly theatre of Comedy named Anna Samokhina, and also took part in the filming.


    The first artistic painting brought Alexandra Yakovleva and popularity. However, how could it be otherwise, when it was became a legendary film-catastrophe «Crew» and a partner of young actress – the Leonid Filatov.

    After that the road Yakovleva in the world of cinema was opened. She starred in the melodrama «the Scandalous incident in Brikmille», a historical series about Peter the great «young Russia», the tragicomedy «Tears dripped» children’s film «Cap of Monomakh», the family film «the least among brothers.»

    Following a stellar role Alexandra was Alenka romantic Christmas story «Magicians», which also performed such stars of Russian cinema, Alexander Abdulov, Valentin Gaft, Semyon Farada, Emmanuil Vitorgan and Mikhail Svetin. This success cemented the popularity of the actress, and she’s already a more rigorous approach to the selection of scenarios.

    In the future, filmography Yakovleva joined the sports drama «the Skydivers», action «Ordered to take alive», musical «Start again», the melodrama «the dance pavilion», » family picture «White curse» and «Looking for another life». Incredible popularity with the public was a Comedy in the style of Western «the Man from Boulevard des Capucines», in which the actress collaborated with Andrei Mironov, Mikhail Boyarskiy, Oleg Tabakov and Nikolay Karachentsovu.

    Subsequent operations will be allocated romance «is Not projected music» and a movie about football «Goal in the Spassky gate». But in General, the actress realized that the movies in the early 90s started to roll down. She tried to create her own project — «Parom «Anna Karenina», where she played a major role, and colleagues chose one successful artist — Eugene Sidikhin. But in 1993, actress leaves of profession, and at 23 years disappear from the screens.

    She returned in a kind of remake of his very first pictures of «the Crew», and played there the same woman, a former flight attendant, and now a big official in the aviation field Tamara Igorevna.

    Personal life

    The first time Alexander Yakovlev was married in his student period. Her husband was a classmate Valery Kuhareshin who later became one of the most popular actors Petersburg both the Soviet and modern period. This marriage produced a daughter Elizabeth and the son of Kondrat. None of the children of Alexandra acting career did not, although the daughter dabbled on the stage.

    After living together for five years, Yakovlev and Kuhareshin broke up. The name of the bold Actresses became associated with many of the most prominent suitors. According to some, she was married a second time well-known television journalist Alexander Nevzorov, but the artist denies this fact.

    In 1984 for the filming of the movie «the Skydivers» Yakovlev met with Estonian athlete cal aasmaa and, in her own words, fell in love at first sight. Soon, the young people combined legal marriage, and Alexander took the surname of the new husband. Since aasmaa inseparable pair, but more children Yakovleva was not. But the son and daughter four times made her a grandmother.


    • 1979 — the Crew
    • 1981-1982 — young Russia
    • 1982 — Magicians
    • 1984 — Jumpers
    • 1985 — dance floor
    • 1987 — White curse
    • 1987 — Looking for another life
    • 1987 — a Man from Boulevard des Capucines
    • 1990 — don’t shoot music
    • 1993 — Ferry «Anna Karenina»
    • 2016 — the Crew


    Alexander Yakovlev

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