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  • Name: Alexander Yakin ( Aleksandr Yakin )
  • Date of birth: 8 June 1990.
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth: Chekhov, Russia
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: presenter, actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Alexander Yakin biography

    Alexander Yakin grew up in the suburbs in a family of engineers and administrative employees. His childhood was no different from those who grew up in the 90s. Sasha spent a lot of time playing in the yard, visited a dance Studio, where he was noticed by the Director of children’s theatre and invited me. The boy was very capable, a few years his acting talent has made him the leading actor.

    He also did not go unnoticed. He participated in all the activities, literally lived on the school stage. Because of this, he often missed lessons, but managed to finish school without a single «three».

    The actor repeatedly said in interviews that he never thought about what profession to choose. From childhood, he played and saw himself as an actor, and this determined his future.


    Alexander Yakin participated in the filming of the movie «Lord of the pools» and «Kovcheg» in 2002. So, in the film «Lord of the pools», he participated in the mass scenes where there were a lot of children.

    First the shooting in the lead role called Director Valery Akhmadov with the proposal of the teenage role in the movie «the Greenhouse effect»: it was in 2005, the role Alexander had managed, and he received several awards. A cameo role in the movie «a Hero of our time» was performed by the actor in 2006.

    Real popularity came when the screens in 2006 came the new sitcom «Happy together» — a Russian remake of the American series of the project «Married… with children». In this series Alexander Akino got the role of a Novel Bukina – notorious, but witty boy, who lives with his crazy family in Ekaterinburg.

    Many funny moments, funny stories and jokes brought huge popularity to all the actors of this series. Alexander really liked the atmosphere of unity that prevailed on the set. He believes largely because of that show has been so long retain its popularity.

    In 2011 launched a new project «Eighties» and the actor got the main role of the student Vanya, witness the era of perestroika. The series describes the events, when already many things in the Soviet Union was not banned and if you want you could get much of the things previously easily given time. Actually about the constant attempts of the main characters to earn extra money and enjoy more free life and tells the TV series «the Eighties».


    Sasha has long feared that the role of Roma Bukin will be devastating for him, the viewers will remember him solely in this manner — such has been the fate of many actors. Yakin has tried his hand at television and came up in many programs. He participated in the filming of such shows as «Comedy Club», «super intuition», «the Battle of Psychics», «Who wants to be a millionaire», «the Bulldog-show» and many others.

    In 2014 Alexander became a leading TV program «Go to see a movie!» along with Tatiana Zibareva. The transmission can be seen on channel Carousel.

    Personal life

    Alexander Yakin refers to those stars that don’t like to talk about his personal life. Now he has a girlfriend, but he has no plans to marry soon.

    Guy interested in sports and is an ardent fan of football team «Spartak». The actor recognized on the streets, but respond in a calm, friendly, and really like him.


    • The «greenhouse effect»
    • «The ark»
    • «A hero of our time»
    • «Happy together»
    • «Three in Komi»
    • «The Prosecutor’s check»
    • «Lord of the pools»
    • «Eighties»
    • «Univer»


    Alexander Yakin

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