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  • Name: Alexander Vorobyov ( Aleksandra Vorob yova )
  • Date of birth: 24 December 1989
  • Age: 27 years
  • Place of birth: Engels, Russia
  • Height: 188
  • Activity: Singer, the winner of the show «the Voice» season 3
  • Marital status: Married

    Alexander Vorobyov: biography

    Alexander Vorobyov is a Russian singer who gained widespread popularity in Russia after winning the show «the Voice» season 3. This vocal competition, «rumbling» in all Russian Federation from year to year, was a confirmation of vocal and acting talent Aleksandra Vorobyeva, as a powerful voice and a great acting girl noted not only the coaches show «the Voice», but the millions of viewers who voted on the final battle of the strongest members of the vocal super show on «the First channel».

    Alexander Vorobyov
    Alexander Vorobyov |


    Biography of Alexandra Vorobyova starts in Saratov Engels — there is a future famous singer was born 24 December 1989. Many fans of the winner of «the Voice-3» are inclined to believe that success in the Russian show business for Aleksandra predicted her parents as a child, having a girl on the training in music school at the age of six years. After Sasha has mastered the basics of singing, and also graduated from secondary school, she went to study at the Saratov music school. Already in his youth a girl had devoted much time to music and in addition training in this specialty has performed with the cover band.

    Alexander Vorobyov as a child (right) | woman’s Day

    In 2013, the year Vorobyov graduated from the Gnessin Academy, the school which could boast of some other members of the show «the Voice.» In Gesinski revere, she studied jazz vocals, we can say that education Sasha was as relevant and successful girl in the whole country showed that she was trained in educational institutions, the skills acquired helped the girl out the victory in the final of «the Voice 3» in the other finalists.

    The decision to go on stage was given to the girl is not easy. For a long time, Alexander was very ashamed of his appearance. Still in school, the future singer was above peers, and later rose to 188 cm and seemed to itself huge. The girl sat on different diets, to cope with imperfect figure that, as later told the artist, has affected her health. But the part in the national music competition showed how Alexander Vorobyov talented and attractive, and different media have repeatedly named her one of the most beautiful and graceful performers on the project.

    Alexander Vorobyov
    Alexander Vorobyov | Around TV

    «The voice» season 3

    «The voice» season 3 Vorobieva won, of course, not immediately. First, the girl had to work hard overcome difficulties the blind auditions, and other phases of vocal show «the First channel». The speech captured the hearts of three mentors: song Chandelier have attracted the attention and Gradsky, Dima Bilan and Pelagia.

    Despite this popularity among the coaches, the blind auditions, the singer has completed the transition to the team of Alexander Gradsky. When asked why the singer chose this mentor, Vorobyov admitted that this performer and composer like her parents, and her grandfather a musician, so she trusted the tastes of loved ones.

    Aleksandra Vorobyeva songs, sounded in the framework of the TV project «Voice-3» instantly became hits social networks — concerned viewers «captured» audio and video from television, and then almost immediately after the completion of the next stage of «the Voice» shared «creative production» with the other fans in the thematic groups of social networks. The most popular songs of Alexandra Vorobyova on «the Voice,» according to social networks, «Swan fidelity», «the Beloved, sleep!» and «the phantom of the Opera». A lot of participants SMS-voting noted that they like all the songs, that’s why they voted for this contestant.

    In the end, Alexander Vorobyov won «the Voice», the final of the TV project took place on 26 December 2014 year — according to «First channel», Vorobyov was supported by 55.4% of viewers. Second place went to no less charismatic party Yaroslav Dronov, which also had all chances to win the main prize of the show.

    After «The Voice»

    After participating in the project «the Voice» Alexander continued to sing and make songs on stage. In the spring of 2015, together with other musicians went on tour in Russia «Two hours of «the Voice», organized by Alexander Gradsky. Artists performed in 25 cities.

    After that, Gradski was offered Vorobyeva to join its open theatre. The artist agreed, though admitted that he has no acting experience, but still believes in intuition mentor.

    Alexander Vorobyov
    Alexander Vorobyov |

    Now the singer is actively working on a solo program, experimenting on the style, selects the songs and even tries herself to write. At the end of 2016, the year Alexander Vorobyov gave two solo concerts: in October in Moscow, in the town Hall and in November in Saratov.

    Personal life

    Alexander Vorobyov is not particularly tells the details of his personal life, but we know that she’s married to his concert Director Pavel Shevtsov.

    Familiarity pair was held in one of the clubs, where Alexander acted as part of the tour programme with the cover band. The girl immediately noticed the «annoying» fan, after a while they started Dating. Paul repeatedly went on tour with Alexandra, helping the girl in the workflow — the star of «Voices 3» was rated the skills Shvetsova, so soon did the future husband of his concert Director.

    Pavel Shevtsov and Alexander Vorobyov
    Pavel Shevtsov and Alexander Vorobyov | Our youth

    Journalists asked what was the future husband of the famous singer: Paul before meeting Sasha has built a successful career in banking, and they met thanks to «the Voice». Beloved Alexandra’ve never missed one of her performances in the framework of the project, tracking the progress mistress.

    How to tell the media, Alexander Vorobyov was once visited by their family and friends in her hometown of Engels (the winner of «the Voice-3» loves his hometown and tries to visit him as often as possible), but there she was waiting for an incredible surprise: at the beginning of 2015 year, Paul had arranged a date the girl in the air, rent a helicopter straight into the sky Shvetsov made Vorobyeva offer of marriage, which the singer took. This act was so unexpected that she thought at first that he had misheard, asked again and then happily agreed.

    Alexander Vorobiev and Pavel Shvetsov in Cyprus
    Alexander Vorobiev and Pavel Shvetsov on Cyprus | the Voice Show

    Wedding of Alexandra Vorobyova and Paul Shvetsov took place in the summer of 2015. The singer got married rather modestly, celebrate in a narrow family circle. But previous lovers engagement was furnished beautifully and romantically in Cyprus, just the two of us, removing a limo and dedicating this event themed photo shoot. Immediately after the wedding and the evening in the restaurant with family the young family went on our honeymoon to Paris, which Anastasia told in his instagram.

    The singer frankly admits that he wants kids, but later, in five years.


    Alexander Vorobyov in childhood

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