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  • Name: Alexander Volkov ( Aleksandr Volkov )
  • Date of birth: 5 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Novocheboksarsk
  • Activity: dancer, model, coach
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Volkov: biography

    Alexander Volkov is one of the most controversial members of the popular dance show «Dancing on TNT» and «everybody Dance». It is the dancer who attracts the attention not so much professional equipment, how much charisma and vivid imagery, emphasizing his own dance style fusion.

    He was born in the small town of Novocheboksarsk, which is located in the Chuvash Republic. First, the dancing boys are not interested: there was martial arts, especially kung fu, which he was doing with great interest and pleasure. But the sister of Alexander, which were serious about ballroom dancing, was left without a partner, and in small Novocheboksarsk it’s hard enough to find a guy of appropriate age, wants to learn dance, and even ballroom. Had the young Volkov to perform the brotherly duty and become a couple with my sister.

    However, and then the boy showed no eagerness to learn, tango, waltz, Paso Doble and other classic styles. The attitude changed later, when 10-year-old Sasha to compete in kung fu suffered a crushing defeat, and few days later won a prize for dance festival, almost preparing for it. The next few years, the wolves plunged into the world of ballroom dance and to 13 years and explicitly develops the level of his countrymen.

    Had the young dancer will begin to learn in the nearest big city – Cheboksary, but there he is in the course of a year could escalate to the level of the local school, and getting into the final of any competition was viewed by them as a matter of course. Then Alexander Volkov moved to Nizhny Novgorod – one, without parents, although at the time the boy was 14 years old. By the way, at the Bottom of the young man begins to attend a thought to change the style. He’s trying to do parallel jazz, modern, but ballroom dancing drop in 15 years, became a candidate master of sports.

    The next step on the path Volkova becomes capital of Russia. There he not only develops as a dancer, but also opens the first own Studio, where he performs as a teacher and choreographer. In Moscow, Alexander decides to pursue higher education. However, at the insistence of the parents chooses not choreographic College, and the mathematical faculty of the Pedagogical University named after V. I. Lenin. However, I there is a young man only one semester, after which, it is successfully passing the session, throws education for all.

    After wolves passes standards of master of sports, he goes ballroom dancing and for some time engaged in gaining the popularity of the style of contemporary dance, but soon creates its own unique direction fusion. This style Alexander constructed using the symbiosis of contempo, art Nouveau and elements of martial arts. And dance must be demonstrated under powerful sounds of heavy music, mostly in the style of industrial. Another indispensable attribute fusion is cause and even frightening images of a dancer.

    To promote a new direction and to teach everyone, Alexander Volkov in 2006 opens a new dance Studio «Te-kari» in several Russian cities, including St. Petersburg, where he moved for permanent residence. And to fugene know more people, Alexander sets off to conquer the dance TV shows.

    TV show

    First, Alexander Volkov is going to Ukraine and trying to dominate the most popular in the country show «everybody Dance». But in season 4 the success he achieved, though, and passed preliminary casting, and almost all of the additional stages of selection. But the technique of its competitors were objectively above that himself understood the flamboyant dancer. He promised the judges and the viewers that come back a year and did not disappoint their expectations.

    In season 5 «everybody Dance», Alexander was able to overcome all the additional competitions and got into the coveted top 20 dancers of Ukraine. Partner Volkov Nikolaev became a dancer Alisa Zaytseva. Unknown, distributed so the blind draw or someone specifically put them in a couple, but a famous choreographer Radu Poklitaru called their duet «just you wait»…

    For all esters, Alexander Volkov was subjected to rather harsh criticism from the judges, but due to audience votes managed to reach the Superfinal, where he finished 4th. And when in 2014, in Russia launched a similar show, «Dancing on TNT», the young man wasted no time, went there once in the 13-member team of Egor Druzhinin. In this project he has failed to repeat the Ukrainian success, as the wolves stopped in one step from the final. However, he again managed to conquer an audience of millions of viewers, and probably all fans of Alexander waiting for a favorite artist’s new show «battle of the seasons,» which starts at the end of March 2016.

    Personal life

    Alexander Volkov married years. His wife’s name is Natalia, who not only shares his passion for unusual contemporary choreography, but together with her husband, teaches a fusion style in their own Studio «Te-kari».

    By the way, these two outrageous person could not afford to have your wedding, so the outfits young was very original and daring. In 2014, Natalia and Alexander had a son, Miroslav.


    Oleksandr Volkov

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