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  • Name: Alexander Vedensky ( Aleksandr Vedmenskiy )
  • Date of birth: 2 April 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Neustrelitz, Germany
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian film and television actor
  • Marital status: married Zoryana Marchenko

    Alexander Vedensky: biography

    The future actor Alexander Vedensky was born in April 1984 in the German town of Neustrelitz. Sasha’s father at the time he served in Germany. He was a military pilot. After the Soviet withdrawal Vedensky family moved to Saratov, where he stayed for a long time.

    Alexander Vedensky grew up in Saratov. Here he went to school, where teachers and peers first noticed artistic inclinations Sasha. All relatives and friends predicted the future boyfriend of the artist, to which he was not going to deny it. It was a cherished dream of Alexander. Although not a stranger to the boy was and sports. He made a lot of progress in the competition: athletics, swimming, shooting and rowing. And yet the sport was for him more a hobby. Whether it is theater.

    After graduation, Alexander Vedensky went to enter the theater University. For this purpose, he did not look for happiness beyond three seas, and acted in the local theater Institute. Here in the course of Gregory of Elvira and Aprelikova danilidou Vedensky several years studied the basics of acting. In 2006, he received a University diploma and began a steady climb up the career ladder.


    The creative biography of Alexander Vedenskogo began in his student years. The actor made his debut on the stage of the Saratov drama Studio. Here he played several roles in productions. The most memorable Saratov theater was the play «the metamorphosis of Piktor» and «Seagull Jonathan Livingston».

    Alexander liked the art of disguise, and he happily tried his hand in different genres. Classics, military-Patriotic, modern material or Comedy – Vedensky everywhere felt fine. These feelings were similar to those experienced by the pioneers.

    Once the game Alexander Vedenskogo on the stage of one of the theatres of Saratov saw the Metropolitan Directors. Sasha was invited to take part in projects that were shot in Moscow. So he got on television. First it was the episodes and supporting roles in the popular TV series «Univer», «Red» and «Blood». But the young charismatic artist could not long remain in the shadows. And soon he received an offer to star in his first star role that made him famous all over the country.

    Comic strip «In sports only girls», where Sasha played together with llya Glinnikov and Alexander Golovin main role, released along with the start of the Olympic games in Sochi. Comedy immediately broke records at the box office.

    Alexander Vedensky later admitted that at the premiere were shocked. After all, in the hall he saw many faces, known throughout the country. The respect of established stars to what they see on the screen is very worried about the young artist. He stilled heart was watching the reaction of the audience to the end viewer. Was able to sigh with relief only when hall responded to what he saw with laughter and applause.

    However, Sasha anyone heard, because in Comedy it was carefully made-up and dressed in women’s clothes. During filming, the makeup had gone every day for several hours. But all the suffering has paid off. The movie liked by the audience. For Vedenskogo it was a great career leap upwards. Indeed, after the release of the Comedy the Saratov artist was able to move to the capital and to the role in new projects that will see the whole country.

    In 2015, the screens came melodrama «for the Sake of love I can», where Alexander Vedensky played one of the main characters Benjamin. Another notable film of 2015 – «Inspired» – about the life of flight attendants. And in 2016, the young actor got the main role in the film «the Principle of Tallion» Lilia Trofimova.

    Theatrical biography of Alexander Vedenskogo is also not standing still. Artist appears on various stages of capital theatres. For example, in 2009, he played the doctor in the play by Yevgeny Zamyatin «We» at the theater Ruben Simonov. In 2011, this stage hosted performances of «Valentine and Valentine» and «the Magic lamp of Alladina». In the same year Vedensky played the role of Hyo in the play «Monsieur N.» in the Center of Vsevolod Meyerhold.

    Personal life

    Personal life Alexander Vedenskogo arranged waves happily. His chosen name is Zoryana Marchenko, she is also an actress known for the historical romance «While sleeping village» and its sequel «the Last of the Janissaries». The couple has a daughter, Agatha.

    Vedensky often in his native Saratov, where he spent his youth and where he made his first steps in the profession. It is a city it remains beloved and dear. Live here his family, relatives and childhood friends. Alexander admits that if he is faced with a choice — to go for a vacation somewhere far away or in Saratov, the choice he makes is always for the benefit of the beloved city.


    • «Dreams Of Alice»
    • «Champion»
    • «Red»
    • «The crime will be solved»
    • «Pyatnitskiy»
    • «The investigative Committee»
    • «In sports only girls»
    • «Rally»
    • «This love»
    • «Inspired»


    Oleksandr Vedensky

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