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  • Name: Alexander Ustyugov ( Aleksandr Ustugov )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 184
  • Activities: actor, Director, musician
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Ustyugov: biography

    Alexander Ustyugov – Russian actor, Director and musician. Received national recognition through the TV series «COP war». Also known as the musician’s own group «Ekibastuz».

    Biography of Alexander Ustyugov originates in Kazakhstan in Ekibastuz in Pavlodar region. As a child, Sasha has studied theatre at the national theatre «Danko», as well as 12 years of age studied at the art school of Sergey Panteleyev. But at the first career choice to go the creative way did not dare, so instead of high school-study in a vocational school in mechanic-the electrician on repair and installation of mining equipment. School Ustyugov graduated with honors, despite the fact that last year he had to work in parallel on the coal mine «Vostochny».

    Alexander Ustyugov in childhood
    A photo of the actor in his childhood|, «Alexander Ustyugov»

    For higher education Alexander went to the big city and became a student of Omsk state Academy of communications. One and a half years he studied full-time, but for financial reasons he had to be transferred to correspondence and to find a job as illuminator in Omsk theatre of young spectator. This decision proved to be crucial in the future career of the actor. Pretty soon Ustyugov with the lights, goes to an acting troupe and plays in various performances, and then tries his hand at directing, putting the play «These free butterflies». Later in his theatrical directing career will be such famous works as «the dawns here are quiet…» and «Bonobo».

    Alexander Ustyugov decides to become a professional actor. For this, he entered the Omsk regional College of culture and art on the course of Vladimir Rubanov, after which goes to Moscow and is seeking the right to study at the Theatre Institute named after Boris Shchukin at the art Director Rodion Ovchinnikov.

    Aleksandr Ustyugov
    Photo By Alexander Ustyugov | «Alexander Ustyugov»

    Certified actor makes a good impression on the leaders of the Russian academic youth theatre, and they include Ustyugov in the troupe. The walls of the theatre Alexander Ustyugov played many roles, the most striking of which is the main character of the fairy tale by Eugene Schwartz «the Shadow», for which he received a prestigious award «the Seagull» and «the Moscow debuts».

    In the play «the Idiot» | «Alexander Ustyugov»

    Another stellar performance wasn’t a performance by the drama of Dostoevsky’s «the Idiot,» for which the actor was re-awarded the prize «Seagull».

    The Films Of Alexander Ustyugova

    In the film Alexander Ustyugov was in 2002, but success came to him after 2 years, when television was launched crime series «COP war.» It’s about the lives of employees «lethal» Department of criminal investigation Department of St.-Petersburg under the leadership of Roman Shilov, which performs the role of Ustyugov. Against the background of a large number of films of similar subjects the actor managed to create the image of the policeman, who not only stands out, but looks on the screen very realistic.

    In the TV series «COP war» | «Alexander Ustyugov»

    Alexander, ready to shoot, went to the real police Department, observed not only for staff but for nuances such as gait, the way to keep the phone and even the manner of Smoking. Since 2004, came the 9 seasons multiseries film «COP war» and launched another part of the picture.

    A significant role in the filmography of Alexander Ustyugov is a famous character Yevgeny Bazarov in the film adaptation of the classic novel Turgenev’s «Fathers and sons». The filmmakers initially considered the actor as the main candidate for this role because I wanted to select a contractor, which according to its inner qualities would fit the main character of the film.

    As Eugene Bazarov in «Fathers and children» | «Alexander Ustyugov»

    In the fall of 2015 began showing the series «Plague», where Alexander Ustyugov pronounced negative role of gangster Mikhail Tabakov nicknamed «Tobacco». But the actor and then came to his character is non-trivial and was able to show the perpetrator is not from the point of view of his crimes. Artist, finding an internal reason for such an attitude to life, tried to instill in the viewer a desire if not to justify, at least to understand this man. It is interesting that in this picture Ustyugov not only removed, but also removes, as the main Director of a picture Alexey Kozlov asked him to work as the second Director.

    In addition to the «Plague» he was the Director of the television series «State protection» and the film «I Serve Soviet Union».


    Alexander in childhood she tried to enter musical school, but to no avail. In 14 years the guy appeared guitar and he began to educate himself, to play in front of friends. The idea to create a band was born then.

    And in 2015, Alexander Ustyugov managed to establish a musical group. Called «Ekibastuz», the team was named after the hometown of front-man. The first solo concert of the group took place in November 2015 in St. Petersburg club «Cosmonaut» and was a great success.

    The ensemble’s repertoire includes more than a dozen soulful songs on the most important topics in every person’s life – honor, duty, war, love, family and so on.

    Personal life Alexander Ustyugova

    During his studies at the Shchukin theatre Institute Alexander Ustyugov met a classmate, Yanina Sokolowski, whom he married a few years later. In 2007, Janina and Alexander became the parents of a lovely daughter Eugenia.

    His first wife, Yanina Sokolovskaya and daughter | Wedding.Russia

    Personal life Alexander Ustyugov at the end of 2015 has completely changed. The actor divorced, Yanina and met a new love – aspiring actress Anna Ozar, daughter of a businessman, the General Director of the aviation holding company «Sukhoi» Igor Ozara.

    By the way, second wife of Alexander Ustyugov also has a daughter from his first relationship, whose name is Kira. Her ex — husband is actor Denis Nikiforov («shadowboxing», the series «Junior»). Wedding Alexander Ustyugov and Anna Ozar played «chamber» the wedding was attended by only them. And honeymoon the couple spent in romantic places, visiting Paris, Normandy and Brittany.

    With his second wife Anna Ozar | Kiev statements

    Alexander Ustyugov is quite versatile. In addition to theatre and music, he enjoys photography, sports, especially Boxing, and racing, as very partial to the motorcycles, which loves not only to ride, but to repair them.


    • 2004-2015 — COP wars
    • 2005 — aide-de-camps of love
    • 2006 — Peter Perfect
    • 2008 — Fathers and sons
    • 2009 — Return Of Sinbad
    • 2010 — Sisters Of The Queen
    • 2012 — Snipers: Love at gunpoint
    • 2012 — greetings from Katyusha
    • 2014 — Trail of the tiger
    • 2015 — the Plague


    Aleksandr Ustyugov

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