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  • Name: Alexander Tyutin ( Aleksandr Tyutin )
  • Date of birth: 25 November 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Podolsk, Moscow region
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: film and theater actor, theater Director
  • Marital status: married

    Alexander Tyutin: biography

    Alexander Tyutin is one of those actors who made it to the big stage and in the cinema, way up in another profession. He was born in the Moscow region town of Podolsk. Since both parents of the boy had a technical education and worked as engineers, and her son, they were accustomed to the exact Sciences.

    Alexander knew mathematics and physics, and in high school even went to a specialized boarding school for gifted children at the Moscow state University. True, and on cultural and creative education Tyutin is not forgotten. Sasha in childhood she attended a musical school, piano class, and later I learnt to play the guitar.

    After school, Alexander easily entered the Moscow energy Institute and probably would have gone in the footsteps of parents-engineers. But it so happened that at this University was a great student theatre. Tyutin started to visit the Studio, participated in musical productions, and sang, and danced, and showed pantomime. Gradually he changed his dream and he wanted to do acting professionally.

    After service in the armed forces Alexander Tyutin, who has no special education, included in the troupe of the youth theatre «Players», and comes in drama school named after Boris Shchukin, however, the directing Department. New knowledge helped him not only to play yourself on stage, but also to put more plays in as a theater Director.


    The debut of Alexander Tyutin «Monogamous» and «it was the fourth year of the war…» was published at a time when he was still a student at the technical University. Of course, the young man was involved in the episodes, but as recalls the actor, seeing your name in the credits, he experienced a cultural shock. Most likely, after that, it was born a burning desire to devote himself to the stage and cinema.

    From the movies of the 80-90-ies is to provide, perhaps, the only crime drama «Stuff — good Stuff — bad», but in the twenty-first century Tyutin had many main roles. Particularly good it looked in the images of famous people – revolutionary Vladimir Lenin in the Saga of «My Prechistenka», a General Konstantin Telegin in the biographical drama «bugs» and other.

    The last time Alexander plays mostly or policemen («Quiet hunting», «Hunt»), or the military («the Last confession», «Stroibat») or politicians («where the homeland begins», «unavailable»).

    Personal life

    The first time Alexander Tyutin married in the beginning of 90-ies. His wife was also an actress of the theater «Players». But when the company in August 1991 he was on tour in Moscow there was a putsch, a few people from the theater, including Tatiana, have decided not to return home. So the marriage was quite short.

    Later, Tyutin met with Irina Kashirsky, who worked as a casting Director and journalist. At first they had only a professional relationship gradually turned into friendship and love. More than 10 years Irina and Alexander lived in a de facto marriage before you go to the Registrar and to formalize the relationship. Now they have been together for more than a quarter century. But the children they have.

    The actor loves to travel and has visited many countries of the world. As villas he bought property in Bulgaria and spends several weeks a year. All the familiar Tyutin Alexander noted that he is very outgoing, sociable and sincere person.


    • 1998 — good Stuff, bad stuff Alex
    • 2005 — Rope of sand
    • 2006 — My affectionate and tender COP
    • 2006 — the Last confession
    • 2008 — Hot ice
    • 2010 — hot On the trail
    • 2010 — Stroybat
    • 2009 — death struggle
    • 2013 — against all odds
    • 2014 — where the homeland begins


    Aleksandr Tyutin

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